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Learning Spanish over Christmas in Buenos Aires

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 8:08

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If you came in Buenos Aires learning Spanish and that this is your first time spending Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, the first thing that will stands out is the heat. It’s summertime in Argentina and the days are getting hotter and hotter, so say goodbye to your christmas sweaters, blankets and hot cocoa by the fire. You will definitely want to opt for your swimsuit and pool time after having walked throughout the city.

 Photo blog Learning Spanish over Christmas in Buenos Aires

The guide to spend a traditional Christmas in Argentina while learning Spanish :

Before Christmas :

You will start hearing some Christmas vocabulary as people in the street, stores or even in spanish class start talking about all the preparation and plans. Being around Buenos Aires at this time of the year when learning spanish really allows you to immerge in the culture and tradition of the country as well as improving a specific vocabulary about Christmas season and celebrations. Before the D-Day people usually celebrate Christmas with friends and coworkers. For example, here at Expanish we organize a Christmas party and as there are a lot of different nationalities, it is a good way to learn about other Christmas traditions while practicing your spanish.  

24th of December :

On the 24th people gather with their family. At Expanish, a lot of our students take the opportunity to practice their Spanish by choosing a homestay. This allow our students to spend Christmas with a local family and get a traditional experience of a typical Argentine Christmas. Usually everyone brings something to eat. As it is summer, it is more common to eat an asado and cold dishes, rather than the hot dishes and Christmas hams you may be used to. When midnight rolls around everyone will have toast, drink cider, eat pan dulce and commence opening gifts! Christmas celebrations usually end around 2AM but it wouldn’t be a proper Buenos Aires party without the younger generations heading to the “boliches (clubs) to dance until the sunrise. Argentines truly like to party!

25th of December :

On the 25th most Argentines gather again in the afternoon (everyone needs a good sleep especially the ones that went clubbing) and eat either the leftovers from the night before or have an asado. Be aware that most public transports will not run on Christmas day, so my advice would be to plan in advance. If you choose to live in a homestay, this will allow you to meet even more people and practice your presentation skills in Spanish, by the end of the Christmas celebration you should be an expert and feel more confident talking in Spanish.

New Year’s Eve :

While in other countries it may typically be a night out on the town with friends to ring in the new year, New Year’s Eve in Argentina is a very family centered holiday. Argentines gather with their family once again to have an asado and drink Malbec. It’s always best to have a friend or family member that has a rooftop host the New Year’s Eve party so that you can enjoy the fireworks at midnight, so don’t hesitate to ask around to your local friend if they have a “terraza”. Again, it wouldn’t be a true party without the younger generation heading off to the boliches with their friends after midnight while the older crowd heads out to parties with their friends and family.

Activities and places to go to during Christmas in Buenos Aires as a foreigner learning Spanish :

  • Play the lottery and maybe treat yourself to a big money prize. Every year, Argentina organizes a Christmas Lottery called “Gordo de Navidad” where you could win this year 15.000.000 pesos!!!
  • For Christmas dinner : La Dorita in Palermo (Humboldt 1892) is a “parilla” restaurant with one of the most complete menu and famous for it’s high quality. It offers a great variety of meat such as a 400g piece of “Bife de lomo” (Beef tenderloin).
  • Christmas party : Kika Club in Palermo (Honduras 5339) is one of the most famous boliches in the city, there is no doubt you will have a good time there and maybe meet some new Porteño friends as this is a very popular social spot! This could be a good opportunity to learn slang called “lunfardo” which is used a lot by the young generation.
  • New Year’s dinner : If you want celebrate the New Year in style, Casa Cruz in Palermo Viejo (Uriarte 1658) is the place for you. For more than 10 years, Casa Cruz has offered a wide variety of meat cuts and sides dishes as well as a very wide choice of wines, in an upscale yet cozy atmosphere. Another option could be to catch Tango Shows, many of which offer special dinner and show packages.
  • New Year’ Eve party: Club Shampoo, located in the heart of Recoleta and one of Buenos Aires’ most exclusive nightclubs is a great place to ring in the New Year. If nightclubs are not your thing, you can head to Palermo Hollywood where the streets are filled with local block parties with djs and bands playing music, Porteños hosting asados and people enjoying the warm summer night to dance all night long until sunrise.

Expanish wishes you a “Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo” !


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10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 12:11

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There is an endless list of things to do in Buenos Aires, you definitely will not get bored, it is a city that never sleeps-it is said to be the Paris of South America. Buenos Aires is packed with fun filled activities that enables you to emerge yourself into our rich culture and experience life as a true Porteño. Here is a list of fun filled activities you can occupy yourself with.

The markets (las ferias)

1532921 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

With no doubt, depending where you are in Buenos Aires there will be a market in a plaza! But these aren’t just any normal markets, these market stalls take up the hole plaza and streets, are filled with vibrant music, Argentinian food and of course an endless selection of gifts! There are various types of markets, from the typical authentic markets in San Telmo and Recoleta to the Buenos Aires Market (organic food market) to the many cultural markets/festivals held throughout the year, your sundays will constantly be filled up by our ferias!

Wine and Dine

gambino asado parrilla abasto 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

Argentina is known for having the best meat in the world and also for having pretty good wine from our famous Mendoza region. So as you can imagine we have some of the best restaurants that will highly likely be the best meat you ever try in your life. And that’s no understatement there! Meat in Argentina is never far from you, from restaurants to street food-you can’t go wrong! However to make sure you have the best meat experience, it is highly recommended that you go to a restaurant that is recommended by Argentinians and has a great reputation. A tip that will get you far, if you ever see a restaurant with a large line in Buenos Aires, that means it’s really good and cheap! Just to mention a few highly recommendable restaurants, Las Cabras, Don Julio, La Cabrera and the list goes on! If you’re not drooling by now, you definitely will be amongst your arrival!

Tango Shows

show de tango 1024x447 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

This is definitely an unmissable event that you must see when in Buenos Aires! Tango is our cultural staple that both defines and is defined by our beautiful country. The tango shows are a great way to immerse yourself into the Argentinian culture, eat some great meat and of course enjoy our beautiful, traditional and romantic dance. There is an endless list of places you can enjoy Tango shows. A word of advice, before choosing a tango show, have a quick check on google for a tango guide that will reveal the best Tango shows in Buenos Aires.

Gaucho Day

Estancia horses 1024x682 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

Buenos Aires can get pretty busy being a big city that it is and a gaucho day is the perfect way to soak up the tranquility and beauty of the Argentine country life and also learn about the gaucho culture and history. Gauchos (cowboys) are the most iconic figures in the Argentinian culture that have been around for more than three centuries. Argentina is home to many estancias (ranches) that are just a short drive from Buenos Aires. A trip to our estancias is a must, just like the tango it is part of our culture, this authentic experience will definitely be unforgettable!

Mate in the park

DSCN0190 1024x768 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

Those lazy sundays usually consist of drinking mate in the park with friends! Drinking mate is a popular everyday social drink in Argentina.  ALL (well most) Argentines drink mate, popular places you see Argentinians drinking mate are in the park, at work, the beach, at home whilst listening to music, talking to family and friends, getting some sun, reading a book and the list goes on! At first trying mate may be a strange experience for some but after a couple of mate sessions you will likely fall in love with mate and the social context of drinking mate with friends. Not to mention mate has numerous health benefits, is a natural product and is a caffeine packed beverage-meaning it’s a great source in energizing and waking you up!


Buenos Aires   Palermo   Malba 1024x678 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

Museums are always are very important aspect of traveling, you get to learn about the culture and art of the country however let’s face at times museums can be a tad boring however this is definitely not the case in Argentina. Argentina has some pretty amazing museums! The museums are full of rich history and thriving arts scenes that showcases the heritage of Argentina, historical figures and the strong love and passion Argentina has for arts. Many of our museums are locally situated, being in Palermo, San Telmo, Puerto Madero and other easily accessible suburbs.  Popular museums that are highly recommended and visited are MALBA (history and temporary exhibitions of 20th century, Museo Nacional De Arte Decorativo, Evita museum and the list goes on!

Nightlife in Palermo and San Telmo

10639589 723275777751183 2327169384847413678 n 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish


If you are a party animal or just enjoy having a glass of wine in a chilled environment well Bueno Aires is perfect for you! Buenos Aires by far has some of the best bars and nightclubs to offer! They say New York never sleeps, this also applies to Buenos Aires! The nightlife plays an important key role in the lives of porteños, but be mindful nightlife here starts at 2:00am and ends around 7-8am or later, this city was designed for the nights owls! But first you must make sure you have the previa (pre-drinks) at a friends house and then you will be ready for the long, adventurous night ahead! You will find all types of nights clubs, from reggaeton, electronic, dance and many other types of music-you definitely won’t go wrong!

Day in Tigre (Delta del Río Paraná)

Tigre 1024x683 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

This beautiful town only an hour from Buenos Aires is a great place to visit during your stay. Tigre has a lot to offer, it has the river, many activities available you can take advantage of such as kayaking, the tourist boat and bus that goes around the town, great cafes and restaurants. This beautiful tourist attraction sits on an island created by several small streams and rivers and was founded in 1820, hence it is definitely worth a visit as you can learn about the history of Tigre and see its natural beauty. A word of advice, you can take the train from Retiro to Tigre and buy tickets for the bus and boat cruise in Tigre train station.

Free events

1204 buenos aires market g7 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish


Every week without doubt Argentina has free events. From musical orchestras, yoga in the park to free festivals there is a great selection of activities to choose from! If you’re short on money you definitely won’t be deprived of some form of entertainment. Agenda Cultural is a fantastic government organisation that is constantly providing Argentina with free things to do. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of these great activities, practise your spanish speaking while diversing and meeting locals!


1. 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

There are many opportunities in Argentina in completing volunteer work, not just in the capital but also outside of Buenos Aires, for example Cordoba. Volunteering is a great opportunity in travelling and getting to know parts of Argentina. Volunteering has numerous benefits, to mention a few, it opens up careers opportunities, you learn and develop new skills, immerse yourself into the Argentinian culture and practise your spanish speaking skills, creates a sense of motivation, determination and appreciate for life and opens up doors in meeting people from all walks of life. Being a volunteer is not only a great way in immersing yourself in our culture but also showing respect towards our beautiful country.

Fútbol Match

F6 1024x768 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

As you have already been told, Argentinians are fútbol crazy and that is no understatement. Whenever a fútbol match is on, wherever you are in Argentina you will definitely hear the outburst of passionate expressions from an Argentinean, it is highly likely your neighbour will wake you up in the middle of the night barracking for their team. If you love soccer then a fútbol match is a must go to event, the atmosphere is priceless and full of passion and enthusiasm for the teams playing. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience but take into account that tickets are at times hard to get as they sell out very fast like hot cakes!

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Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires: International Book Fair in Buenos Aires!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 9:01

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feria del libro 300x199 Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires: International Book Fair in Buenos Aires!

Come April 23 – May 11, the international book fair of Buenos Aires is here!

This annual event is one of the most important literary events for the Spanish speaking world, with over a million people attending each year.

Throughout the 20 days of this event, there will be conferences, readings, workshops, and presentations. Also, because this is an international event, readers and writers from all over the world come each year. Just some of the authors that have come to this fair include Ray Bradbury, Isabel Allende, and Wilbur Smith. Stretching over 45,000 square meters, with over 500 exhibitors and 4,800 publishers, this event is a must-go for all book lovers!

While this all sounds amazing, the real question is when to go. The fair is open Mondays to Thursdays from 2 to 10 pm and Fridays to Sundays from 1 to 10 pm, but the best time to go is always when it’s free, right? So, how does one get in for free? Well, from Mondays to Fridays, the fair is free to all students, teachers, and retirees, but you’ll need proof, of course. Also, if you have a SUBE card, be sure to come Monday, April 27 with your SUBE ready for free entry! If neither of these are options for you, then go on Friday, April 24 after 8 pm, where entrance is free to everyone in order to celebrate the Noche de Ciudad en la Feria!

If you do end up having to buy a ticket, don’t fret, they’re only AR$35 from Monday to Thursday and AR$50 from Friday to Sunday! And they can be easily purchased online!

Bonus: Buying a book at this fair is a great way to find a new, interesting read and practice your Spanish at the same time!

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Feria Masticar: Food Fair in Buenos Aires

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 11:04

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feria masticar Feria Masticar: Food Fair in Buenos Aires

Are you looking to experience some of the best food in all of Argentina? Well, look no further because the annual Feria Masticar is almost here!

What is it?

This is an annual food fair that hosts some of the most important chefs and restaurants in all of Buenos Aires. There is the opportunity to taste some of the best regional foods in Buenos Aires, learn from top nutritionists through various classes and lectures, taste premium wines and beers from the bodegas of Argentina, and even participate in cooking classes!

Learn more about what the fair offers, which restaurants, chefs, and bodegas are participating, and what classes are offered each day here.  Also, if you want to check out some mouthwatering pictures of the food that will be at the fair this year, be sure to check out the Feria Masticar facebook page.

When is it?

It starts this Thursday, April 16 and goes until the Sunday, the 19 of April. On Thursday, April 16, the fair is open from 2 pm – 11 pm. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it is open from 12 pm -11 pm.

Where is it?

It will be held at the Fairgorunds El Dorrego, which is at Zapiola 50.

Where do I get tickets?

Buy tickets here! Tickets start at just AR$60!

This is a great way to try the delicious food and drinks in Buenos Aires all at once and for an amazing price! So pick a day (or all the days) and get tasting!

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BAFICI: Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente

Thursday, April 9, 2015 13:51

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What is BAFICI?

It is one of the most important film festivals in all of Latin America. For one week every year, you can view some of the best national and international films in various locations across the city.

When is it?

April 15 – 25.

The schedule is online and shows which films are playing each day, how much it costs to attend, the trailer for the show, and where the screenings will be held.  A lot of the screenings that will be held are free, so be sure to catch at least one of them!

Where is it?

There are various locations for the film festival all over the city. However, “Open Air BAFICI” will be held in the Anfiteatro de Parque Centenario. “Open Air BAFICI” has free screenings throughout the week which are held outside in the park. Another option for a taste of both BAFICI and some beautiful scenery are the screenings at the Planetario Galileo Galileo. Not only will the Planetario have screenings and work from famous Argentine artists and designers, but it will also feature a live music show from a techno-pop band.

How to buy tickets?

Tickets are for sale now! An additional bonus is that they can be purchased online in just a couple minutes!

ac2d c970bafici2014 BAFICI: Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente

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Antonio Berni at MALBA

Monday, February 23, 2015 11:49

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Currently on view at MALBA, the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, is a huge collection of works by 20th century Argentine multi-media artist Antonio Berni. The show focuses on two characters invented by Berni that have been canonized into the realm of folk icons — Juanito Laguna, a boy from the slums (villas miserias) of Buenos Aires, and Ramona Montiel, a seamstress who is lured by luxury into the life of a prostitute. Through these archetypal characters, Berni explores and critiques socio-economic conditions in Latin America.

another pic 300x225 Antonio Berni at MALBA

Including prints, collage, relief, and paintings and sculptures incorporating found objects, the show is massive and overwhelming. I visited on Wednesday, when entrance is free for students and seniors, and discounted for all — the museum was completely packed with families, students, and groups of friends. Berni’s works appeal to all ages and stations of life — they capture the imagination with creative use of materials while offering provocative commentary on relevant social issues.

I was excited to see so many people passionately engaging with the artwork, discussing with their friends, and explaining to their children. What a welcome change from the often oppressively quiet and serious art museums I have visited — the themes of Berni’s works are serious, but they invite commentary and open space for discussion in a way that is playful without losing gravity or departing completely from reality. As Berni himself said about his character Juanito: “es un chico pobre, pero no un pobre chico” (he is a boy who is poor, but not a ‘poor boy’).

Antonio Berni: Juanito y Ramona is on view at MALBA from October 31, 2014 until March 1, 2015.

Guía de Milongas

Monday, May 5, 2014 12:48

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milonga th 2 Guía de Milongas
La milonga es un género musical, cuyas letras suelen ser graciosas. La milonga es como un tango, pero más rapido y muy divertido.

Es también el lugar donde los amantes del tango nos reunimos a bailar tangos, milongas, valses y samba.

Las milongas pueden ser bares, salas de fiesta, clubes, donde hay una pista central y mesas colocadas alrededor y hay todo un código a la hora de bailar y comportarse en la milonga.

Tradicionalmente es el hombre el que invita a la mujer.

taNGO PREIMA20140312 0161 32 Guía de Milongas

Hay un guía con todos los lugares que se puede tomar clases y bailar en Argentina.

¡Disfrute del momento más apaisonado de Argentina!

La Bomba de Tiempo

Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:27

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la bomba mejor equipo 300x89 La Bomba de Tiempo

La Bomba de Tiempo or “The Time Bomb” is one of the hottest musical acts here in Buenos Aires.  It is held every Monday night, so after you finish your classes here at Expanish, head on over to the show.

knex La Bomba de Tiempo

The show is hosted at the Konex Cultural Center in the Abasto neighborhood of Buenos Aires.  La Bomba de Tiempo es unique because it is a large (almost twenty member) percussion performance.  For those of you who have had the pleasure of seeing the Blue Man Group live in Europe or the United States, the show is something along those lines.  However, La Bomba de Tiempo focuses more on the rhythms and music of Latin and South America.  They also specialize in “chacera” which is a type of local folk music native to Argentina.  They utilize all major types of percussion instruments in their show, including bongos and cymbals.

WA baactivitiesLabomba2 300x200 La Bomba de Tiempo

The show starts around 8pm in the Konex Center.  Close to 2000 people attend the weekly show.  Beer and food is on sale by the Konex Center.

Since recording an album in 2007, the group has become a staple of the Buenos Aires cultural scene.  Make sure to get to show on time because (unlike many things here in Buenos Aires) the show ends relatively early at 10pm.

La Bomba de Tiempo will also be playing at Lolla Palooza, coming to Buenos Aires in April.

labombadetiempo 300x205 La Bomba de Tiempo

Important Information:

Time and Location: Mondays at 8pm at the Konex Cultural Center

Cost: ARG 50 pesos

Address: Sarmiento 3113

Transit Directions from Expanish: Take the Subway Line B to the Carlos Gardel.  Get out and walk approximately four blocks.

bomba de tiempo 300x166 La Bomba de Tiempo

Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1-2, 2014 in Buenos Aires

Thursday, January 9, 2014 12:34

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logo ar 300x68 Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires


One of the best things about living in Buenos Aires is the cultural scene.  Musicians from around make it a priority to stop in Argentina’s capital city.  Music festivals have been held here consistently and 2014 is proving to be no different.

One major international music festival that is coming to Buenos Aires is Lolla Palooza.  The festival will be held on April 1-2 of this year.  It is one of the biggest festivals worldwide, featuring the top artists from every major type of genre.  This year will be the first time that the festival will be hosted in Buenos Aires.  The venue is the San Isidro Hippodrome.

I am very excited for the lineup of bands that will be playing at Lolla Palooza.  If you are an expat here in Buenos Aires, you will have a chance to see some of the most famous bands in the world for a price that is significantly cheaper than what you would find in Europe or the states.

The early bird tickets started at ARG 550 pesos for the two day event.  The starting price right now, however, is 900 ARG pesos for the two day pass and 2900 ARG pesos for a two day, VIP pass.

It is easy to get to the Hippodrome via mass transit from Expanish and the city center.

LOL2014 Footer BG AR 300x179 Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires

Check out some of the many notable artists that are in the lineup:

axwelldownload Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires


dowchillinload Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires

Red Hot Chili Peppers

ielliemages Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires

Ellie Goulding

downcudiload Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires

Kid Cudi

arcade fire1 Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires

Arcade Fire

imagine Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires

krewella Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires


nine inch Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires

Nine Inch Nails

vampire Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires

Vampire Weekend

soundgarden Lolla Palooza Music Festival: April 1 2, 2014 in Buenos Aires


Get over those Thanksgiving Expat Blues – A Gringo’s Guide to Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 14:50

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thanksgiving turkey 300x234 Get over those Thanksgiving Expat Blues   A Gringos Guide to Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires

As an American who recently moved down to Buenos Aires, I have a lot to be thankful for here.  I will be here for the next six months, just in time for the Argentine summer.  While my friends and family back in the states are dealing with the beginning of what looks like a brutal winter storm Boreas, I had the luxury of soaking in 85 degree sunshine this past weekend.

One thing, however, is making me want to be back home this week.  Thanksgiving, one of the biggest national holidays in the United States — and my personal favorite — is basically non-existent here in Buenos Aires.  Although porteños and Argentines in general are the world’s leading consumers of beef per capita, turkey, or pavo as it is called here, is hard to come by.

Determined to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I did some research on how expat Americans celebrate the holiday here.  In my conversations with expats on the streets of Buenos Aires, the consensus seems to be that most people invite friends and family over their apartments for an improvised Thanksgiving dinner.  People bring different dishes together to have a “potluck” dinner.  While some are lucky enough to score some turkey and mashed potatoes, others have improvised over the years.

asado Get over those Thanksgiving Expat Blues   A Gringos Guide to Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires

One kind of this improvisation is what has been dubbed “Steaksgiving.”  Some American expats have replaced the classic American stuffed turkey with a centerpiece of assorted Argentine asado steaks.

For those seeking a traditional Thanksgiving meal and not wanting to go through the hassle of hours of cooking, certain restaurants and bars in Buenos Aires are offering specials for Turkey Day 2013.

The following is a short list of possibilities to celebrate Thanksgiving 2013 in style this November in Buenos Aires.

– The American Club of Buenos Aires has an annual luncheon beginning at 12pm.  They are located at Viamonte 1133.

Kansas Grill offers traditional Thanksgiving fare at their restaurant located at Libertador 14800.

Sugar Bar will be having a Thanksgiving themed party with Thanksgiving food served until 9pm.  The normal DJ fueled party will take over afterwards.  Their address is Costa Rica 4619.

sugarbar 300x158 Get over those Thanksgiving Expat Blues   A Gringos Guide to Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires


Sugar Bar, Palermo

From everyone here at Expanish, have a great Thanksgiving!



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