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LA Semana Santa (Easter Week) In Buenos Aires

Thursday, March 14, 2013 15:05

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My first Easter in Argentina is coming up, and while the thought of being away from my family for a religious holiday is a little sad, I will participate in as many events this city has to offer. While learning Spanish here, I´ve learnt there are plenty of great people to share this upcoming weekend with and how to somewhat understand what will be said in a church service. Good luck to me on the rest!

La Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is the week leading up to Easter. In Argentina La Semana Santa is one if not the most significant festivities as 85 % of the population are Roman Catholic and celebrate all Christian festivals. This year there will be even more excitement as yesterday the Argentine pope was announced. In general this week is full of celebrations that can be enjoyed whether you’re religious or not. The following are the religious and surrounding holidays in Argentina for 2013:

Thursday  March 28  Maundy Thursday

Friday          March 29  Good Friday

Saturday    March 30

Sunday        March 31  Easter Sunday

Monday      April 1             

Tuesday     April 2

Holidays Easter Christ is risen  015779  150x150 LA Semana Santa (Easter Week) In Buenos Aires

Jesus Christ

You may find that the city of Buenos Aires is slightly deserted during the holy weekend as many Porteños take advantage of the 6 day-in-a-row holiday, predominantly in Mar del Plata, Uruguay or Tandil. Despite this, the majority of cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas and museums will remain open (with the exception of Good Friday) and of course the San Telmo Fair will still be on. If you are adamant on visiting a certain museum or restaurant on or around this weekend however, I would call ahead to confirm as businesses here are subject to change.

As many people participate in Lent here for the 40 days before Easter, a huge emphasis is placed on Easter Sunday feast. However, putting the religious part of La Semana Santa aside, this occasion would seem to be one of the most favourite for families and friends as they gather to celebrate Easter delicacies. Typically, there is a huge asado (barbecue) prepared so people who have taken part in Lent can really indulge. (Did you know that the annual consumption of beef per capita in Argentina in 95kg?!!) Argentinians usually take a few hours during this feast to eat, then rest, eat again, then digest. Once the Easter meal is digested, people give “huevos de Pascua” (chocolate eggs) to one another. Traditionally, a bread ring called Rosca de Pascua topped with sprinkles, candied fruit, pastry cream and/or chocolate drizzles is also served. This is most probably the week where the Argentinean people eat the most amount of chocolate (I’m sure the annual consumption of sweets here is quite impressive also given the amount of ice cream, dulce de leche and chocolate I see being eaten around the place).

Roscas de Pascua con peras glaseadas y crema pastelera00019.jpg thumb 150x150 LA Semana Santa (Easter Week) In Buenos Aires

Rosca de Pascua


2637007836 be2eced188 150x150 LA Semana Santa (Easter Week) In Buenos Aires



dark milk chocolate easter egg img450001l 150x150 LA Semana Santa (Easter Week) In Buenos Aires

Huevos de Pascua

What events are happening during La Semana Santa in Buenos Aires?

No matter your faith or religion, Semana Santa is a great time to be in Buenos Aires and provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the year so far so relax and enjoy the unrecognizably calmer Buenos Aires.

The Buenos Aires Via Crucis is held every year on Good Friday where a procession (starting at 8:30pm) including a choir and a multitude of lit candles will start its way from the Congresso building and making its way down to Plaza de Mayo, finishing at 10pm at the Buenos Aires Cathedral.

6a011169000929970c01347fa7dcbc970c 320wi 150x150 LA Semana Santa (Easter Week) In Buenos Aires

Via Crucis Buenos Aires

Tierra Santa Religious Theme Park, Av Rafael Obligado Costanera +54 11 4784-9551

¨At first we were a bit cynical about the idea of a religious theme park. But then something happened, as we entered a spiritual cloud swept over us and we were teleported back in time to ancient Jerusalem it was like Jesus was walking beside us.¨ – Obviously this won´t be everyone´s cup of tea but it sure does sound interesting.

dknqdvkc 1281927109 bg 450x337 150x150 LA Semana Santa (Easter Week) In Buenos Aires

Tierra Santa

If you would like to attend Catholic Easter mass in English you can go to the Parroquia Madre Admirable near Retiro at 10am. Otherwise, the Christian United Community Church in Acassuso, in the suburbs of the city, offers services in English. Of course, the Archbishop does a special mass on Easter Sunday in the main cathedral in Plaza de Mayo as well.

For something outside of Buenos Aires, during this week thousands of Argentinians make a pilgrimage to the city of Tandil, where 14 groupings of stone sculptures depict the Stations of the Cross.

images1 150x150 LA Semana Santa (Easter Week) In Buenos Aires

Pilgrimage to Tandil


 Where to eat in Buenos Aires during La Semana Santa?

Having been eating like a cheap foreigner for a few months now while learning Spanish, I´ve decided I will splash out this Easter which I´m incredibly excited about. Traditionally during the holydays of Semana Santa, many people refrain from eating meat and instead choose seafood. In a meat loving city such as Buenos Aires, finding an extensive seafood menu can be quite the task. However, here I’ve noted 3 top seafood restaurants to try in Buenos Aires:

Puerto Cristal, Alicia Moreau de Justo 1082, Puerto Madero +54 11 4331-3309

With a special Easter menu including lobster, mussels and rainbow trout, treat yourself to the succulent flavours of fish and accompany it with a fine glass of champagne for the perfect evening in the elegant docklands of Puerto Madero.

Crizia, Gorriti 5143 Palermo Soho +54 11 4831-4979

The restaurant has an impressive menu with seared red tuna with lime vinaigrette and an oyster bar just to name a couple of the most popular dishes in this modern and elegant Mediterranean restaurant in the chic area of Palermo.

Osaka, Soler 5608 Palermo Hollywood  +54 11 4775-6964

An interesting mix of Peruvian with Oriental food, this restaurant is for the more adventurous palates. The contemporary yet relaxed restaurant has some of the finest sushi in Buenos Aires and is located in the cool and elegant neighbourhood of Palermo.

Here are 2 cheaper options:

La Pescadoria, Humboldt 1905 Palermo Hollywood +54 11 4773 0070


Montego Bay, Fitz Roy 2203 Palermo Hollywood +54 11 2072 3757


3 places to buy your Easter eggs:


Compañia de Chocolates, Beruti 4634 +54 11 4776 4614

A boutique chocolate shop located in Palermo, it sells the richest and most delicious milk chocolate (35% cocoa); dark chocolate (65% cocoa) and white chocolate (32% cocoa) Easter eggs.

Persicco, many joints around town

One of the best ice-cream joints in Buenos Aires and this year, Persicco has got into the Easter by selling delicious chocolate Easter eggs to extremely pleased customers.

Bonafide, many joints around town

This charming coffee shop has a range of Easter eggs for you to enjoy. From the classic milk chocolate Easter eggs to, bitter mint chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate almond Easter eggs.

patagonia chocolate 150x150 LA Semana Santa (Easter Week) In Buenos Aires

Beautiful easter egg displays


I hope you find plenty to do during that week in Buenos Aires. In case you haven´t seen the last post, it is about short getaways from Buenos Aires which could also interest you during this time. Happy Easter!


New Year’s Eve 2012/2013 in Buenos Aires

Thursday, December 20, 2012 9:54

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fireworks New Years Eve 2012/2013 in Buenos Aires


There is always pressure to have a good time on New Year’s Eve, but don’t worry, you WILL! Celebrating the beginning of 2013 in Buenos Aires will be unforgettable regardless of whether you decide to spend a low-key night with friends and recently met fellow travellers, or if you decide to splash some cash on a glamorous gala, or a fancy tango show and dinner.


Below you will find few ideas on where to spend the last moments of 2012 and welcome 2013 in the “Cultural Capital of South America”. First I have to warn you: even though Buenos Aires is one of the most bustling cities in the southern hemisphere, surprisingly during summer when the heat wave comes, porteños leave the busy capital and enjoy the sun in one of many beach locations in Argentina and Uruguay. Therefore, as it also applies to New Year’s Eve, it results in the city being vastly deserted. It is also worth noting out that, unlike in Europe, most locals tend to spend that day with their families and friends at home, and start to go out very late at night. For some, who prefer less crowded places it might be an advantage, others might find it disappointing. Nonetheless, Buenos Aires has a lot to offer for the New Year’s Eve celebrations!


The most natural option for spending the last night of the year in Buenos Aires is at the Tango Show. Most of the tango houses prepare unique shows especially for that occasion, during which not only do you get to enjoy watching some brilliant tango performances while sipping Champaign, but also you can delight in some exquisite food. Prices vary depending on the complexity of service from USD$250 for a show at El Viejo Almacén to a premium price of USD$690 for an unforgettable gala at the Faena Hotel in Puerto Madero. Those who can’t afford this price tag, but have passion for tango and rather than watching the professionals prefer to show off their own moves on the dance floor, there is nothing better than milongas. As many places close down for public holidays, it is crucial to check the availability in advance.


Another alternative to those who like to party are various nightclubs (boliches). Check out Crobar Club, which puts up a special New Year’s show and hires some of the best DJs (entrance to John Digweed’s gig will set you back by AR$300) or Niceto Club which organizes “la Fiesta de Piso Compartido Edicion Especial Año Nuevo” for as little as AR$60.


Whichever options you choose don’t forget to step outside at midnight and enjoy a beautiful display of fireworks that will illuminate the skies above Buenos Aires. Make sure you organize your transport in advance as buses and tube tend to be very unreliable and taxis are in such a demand, that it is almost impossible to catch one (especially around 1am). As there is not much time left, try to book everything as soon as possible, as tickets tend to sell out very quickly!




Tuesday, December 11, 2012 14:39

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If you found yourself in Buenos Aires during Christmas, you miss your family and friends, and you struggle to get into the Winter Wonderland spirit in 30 degrees heat, dont panick! These few ideas might help you….

15th December 2012 – 9.15pm

Head to Avenida de Mayo and Bolivar where Zamba Quipildor, a popular Argentinian singer from Jujuy, will be performing Argentine folk music. You will have an opportunity to listen to the “Navidad Nuestra”, as well as the parts of the famous “Misa Criolla” by the Argentine composer Ariel Ramirez.

zamba quipildor1 CHRISTMAS 2012 IN BUENOS AIRES

16th December 2012 – 7pm / 8.30pm

Go to one of the 10 Christmas concerts organized simultaneously in various parishes and Evangelical Churches spread throughout the city featuring choirs and local vocal groups.

  • Catedral Primada de Buenos Aires – 7pm
  • Basílica Santa Rosa de Lima – 8.30pm
  • Parroquia Ntra. Sra. Madre de los Emigrantes – 8.30pm
  • Iglesia de Jesús Sacramentado – 8.30pm
  • Parroquia Ntra. Sra. de los Dolores – 8.30pm
  • Parroquia Niño Jesús – 8.30pm
  • Parroquia San Vicente de Paúl – 8.30pm
  • Iglesia Cristiana Evangélica – 8.30pm
  • Iglesia Transparente – 8pm
  • Iglesia Cristiana Evangélica de la Puerta Abierta – 7pm
  • Parroquia Ntra. Sra. del Rosario – 7pm


22nd of December 2012 – 8pm

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see an amazing ballet show by the Obelisk! The complete Nutcacker by Peter Tchaikovsky will be performed by Argentine dancers. It will also be the last show of Argentina’s most acclaimed principal dancer – Eleonora Cassano who is ending her career as a classical dancer. The show will be accompanied by a live orchestra.

cassano audicion CHRISTMAS 2012 IN BUENOS AIRES


Until 24th December 2012 –  Mon to Fri  from 12pm to 8pm / Sat & Sun from 10am to 8pm

Enjoy the festive spirit in Buenos Aires Christmas theme park in Thays Park in Recoleta (Avenida del Libertador and Callao)! Visit Elves’ village, where you can make donations of toys to underprivileged children, Toys factory where children can create their own toys, and Santa Claus’s Cabin, where Santa plans the distribution of the toys and where he keeps all the letters. Even though this venue is created with children in mind, everyone who loves Christmas will enjoy this place regardless of age!


Holy Land theme park – Fridays to Sundays and Holidays from 4pm to 12am (Entrance fee $50)

For those who are open-minded and want to see something different, visit the one of the two world’s Christian themed parks, where you can see 36 events from Jesus’s life among which a full size nativity scene!

Crib scene at Argentinas 007 CHRISTMAS 2012 IN BUENOS AIRES


Above all enjoy the beautiful sunny weather! Take advantage of the fact that most locals flee the city and discover less crowded Buenos Aires. Try some traditional Christmas treats like Paneton (sweet bread with raisins) and Sidra (cider). Enjoy the fireworks that will illuminate the whole city in the midnight on the Christmas Eve. I hope these few different ideas will help you find the Christmas spirit in Buenos Aires!

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest III

Thursday, July 26, 2012 12:45

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Keeping up the Olympic Uniform Contest! In the last part of this series, have a look with Expanish at the Olympic outfits of Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, and USA.


Best Sports: Athletics, Gymnastics, and Wrestling

Medal Total: 316

Total Games Appearances: 7

Russia OKAY 300x200 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest III

Russia’s uniform is a simple sporty shell coat, featuring a stylized, swirling print, which designed by the Russian Giant Bosco.


South Africa:

Best Sport: Boxing, Athletics, Swimming, Long Jump

Medal Total: 70

Total Games Appearances: 17

South africa small 195x300 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest III


The uniform of South Africa comes from Leigh Schubert, an African fashion designer who born and raised in Durban. She was inspired by the symbol and dynamic colors of their national flag.

South Korea:

Best Sport: Combat Sports, Archery

Medal Total: 215

Total Games Appearances: 15

 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest III

South Korea’s ceremonial uniform inherits the style of old uniform (which was worn in 1948), sailor scarves and striped t-shirts make the uniform qualify as cool and fashionable.


Best Sports: Sailing, Cycling, Tennis, Soccer

Medal Total: 115

Total Games Appearances: 21

SPAINJERSEYSS 300x238 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest III

Saúl Craviotto, a Spanish gold medal-winning canoeist, tweeted a pic of himself with the uniform, “En casa probándome la ropa de los JJOO!yo mejor no opino, os lo dejo a vosotros…”  (trying on the clothes for the Olympics! I better not comment, so I’ll leave it to you…”)

Poor Spain, due to the economic crisis, Spain outsources their uniform to the Russian company Bosco, however, when Spanish people choose affordability over the design itself, they get what they pay for. The whole country complained about the look of the outfit, and joked the uniform looks like ketchup and mustard had a terrible fight.



U.S.A :

Best Sports: Athletics, Swimming, Shooting, Diving, Boxing, Basketball and Gymnastics.

Medal Total: 2291

Total Games Appearances: 25

ralph lauren usa olympic closing uniform 300x216 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest III

Ralph Lauren takes the US uniform to an elegant level; it features the typical navy blazer with white pants or skirt, and a beret, very American! US Congressmen was upset by the fact that the uniforms were made in China. “Put them in a big pile and burn them”, said by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and a Chinese press replied with “The Olympics spirit is all about separating sports from politics, but these U.S. Politicians are going too far and trying to force a political tag onto the uniforms”. With the 2012 presidential elections draw closer, the word “made-in-china” becomes more and more sensitive to the U.S. election candidates.



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2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest II

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 11:19

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Expanish will introduce you the uniforms of France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan and New Zealand. Personal opinion, Most fashionable uniforms in the game! Let’s get the second round delegation group fashion parade started NOW!


Best Sports: Athletics, Cycling, Fencing

Medal total: 637

Total Games Appearances: all 26 summer Olympic Games

 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest II

France took the classic blazer and pants or skirt for girls, and added a bit more of a modern twist. It’s truly where fashion started, no matter what they wear; the rest of the world follows their lead.


Best Sports: Athletics, Canoeing and Equestrian

Medal Total: 1260 (Combined medals of modern Germany,East Germany,West Germany and the Unified Team of Germany)

Total Games Appearances: 23

Germany 300x218 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest II

Germany presents with shiny plastic blue and pink jackets, printed colored scarves. The uniform is collaboration between Sioux and Bogner.


Best Sports: Swimming, Cycling, Water polo, Field hockey and Rowing

Medal Total: 248

Total Games Appearances: 24

Holland 300x210 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest II

Holland’s uniforms incorporate a vintage look while proudly displaying the traditional Dutch Orange (Orange is the color of the Dutch Royal Family), SuitSupply is the company that designed this bold and distinctive look.


Best Sport: Fencing, Cycling and Athletics

Medal Total: 522

Total Games Appearances: 25

Italy 300x200 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest II

Italy invites famous designer Georgio Armani for its fashion status. The simple athletic look is very impressive, and the lyrics of Italian National Anthem on the inside of the jackets are another bonus!



Best Sports: Running track

Medal total: 53

Total Games Appearances: 15

Jamaica 300x200 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest II

Jamaican’s uniform is designed by Bob Marley daughter Cedella Marley, there is no doubt that her dad will be proud. The bright color combinations and fine cutting fresh up the Olympic air.


Best Sports: Judo, Gymnastics, Swimming and Wrestling

Medal Total: 360

Total Games Appearances: 20

 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest II

The red and grey blazer, white single pleat pant brings Japan a lot of sharpness.

New Zealand:

Best Sports: Swimming, Sailing, Rowing and Equestrian

Medal Total: 86

Total Games Appearances: 21

New Zealand 300x200 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest II

Rodd & Gunn’ s collection forNew Zealand inherits the vintage look in late 40’s and early 50’s. Hats off to this lovely uniform line.

Part III is coming up on Thursday, stay in tune!

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San Telmo – Un barrio encantador en Buenos Aires

Monday, June 11, 2012 15:30

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En Buenos Aires hay un mercado muy famoso por la Plaza de Mayo entre la calle Defensa y la plaza Dorrego. Este Mercado se llama la Feria de San Telmo. Cada domingo va mucha gente de todo el mundo para comprar artesanías, probar algunas comidas típicas o explorar el barrio. Para almorzar hay un lugar muy lindo con música en vivo donde las personas se pueden sentar y relajar. En este lugar se puede comer asado: Choripan,  Lomo o beber algo. Durante la noche las calles reflejan un luz adorable   también hay una Milonga que se llama “Milonga del Indio”que siempre comienza a las 8 de la noche y está al aire libre.

Markt San Telmo 300x225 San Telmo   Un barrio encantador en Buenos Aires
Durante la semana San Telmo también tiene lugares interesantes para visitar. Por ejemplo el Zanjón  donde se puede hacer una visita guiada en Español o en Inglés durante una hora. Allí se puede aprender mucho sobre la historia del barrio y del desarrollo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires con la ayuda de un guía, de pinturas y mapas viejos.

chorizofoto 300x223 San Telmo   Un barrio encantador en Buenos Aires

También hay una gran variedad de Iglesias antiguedades, tiendas de moda y anticuarios. En San Telmo se situan Restaurantes y una Farmacia muy atractiva. La Farmacia (Defensa y Alsina) es muy linda con una báscula y óelos en los paredes. Es una buena idea caminar por toda la calle Defensa y muy cerca de dicha calle está la Calle “Pasaje San Lorenzo 380” donde se puede ver la casa minima que es tambien muy común en Buenos Aires.


milonga plaza dorrego1 300x225 San Telmo   Un barrio encantador en Buenos Aires

Milonga del Indio

San Telmo fue un barrio con una población bastante rica y ahora se pueden ver las riquezas en las calles,  con  una gran cantidad de museos. Pero después, de la epidemia de fiebre amarilla, la gente adinerada se mudó a otros barrios como por ejemplo Recoleta. Hoy en día la riqueza de San Telmo se  presenta de manera más cultural y con gran variedad artística.

farmacia 300x192 San Telmo   Un barrio encantador en Buenos Aires



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Guia de conciertos internacionales en Buenos Aires para abril y mayo

Friday, March 30, 2012 13:20

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Gustavo Pelogia
Marketing Assistant

Buenos Aires y otras ciudades importantes de Argentina son parte de las giras mundiales de muchos artistas internacionales. Si estás por acá durante abril y mayo, preparamos una lista con algunos de los principales conciertos. Si te gusta Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Bob Dylan, Justice, Lenine, Roxette, Carl Barat y otros más, leé abajo todo lo que necesitás saber para conseguir una entrada

foo fighters 300x199 Guia de conciertos internacionales en Buenos Aires para abril y mayo

3 y 4/4 – Quilmes Rock
El festival tiene como atracción principal a Foo Fighters en dos fechas. Arctic Monkeys, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, MGMT y Tv on the Radio también harán conciertos (distribuidos en cada día). Un dia extra, 7 de abril, fue agregado para los artistas nacionales como Charly García, Fito Paez, Las Pelotas y otros más.
Estadio Monumental de Núñez (River Plate)
de $180 hasta $1030 (un abono para los dos días sale $650 en el campo)
Como comprar:

Janes Addiction 300x200 Guia de conciertos internacionales en Buenos Aires para abril y mayo

10/4 – Jane’s Addiction
El festival Loolapalooza no viene a Argentina, pero su idealizador sí. El cantante Perry Farrell llega con Jane’s Addicion para presentar oficialmente las canciones de su nuevo álbum de estudio “The Great Escape Artist”, de 2011 y hacer un repaso por los temas clásicos de la banda.
Donde: Estadio Malvinas Argentinas (Gutenberg 350)
Como comprar:

Gipsy Kings 300x212 Guia de conciertos internacionales en Buenos Aires para abril y mayo

3/4 – Gipsy Kings
¿Te acordás de los sucesos “Bamboleo” y “Volare”? Con más de 25 años de carrera y 14 millones de discos vendidos, una de las mayores bandas de flamenco llega por primera vez a Buenos Aires.
Donde: Gran Rex (Av. Corrientes 857)
$200 hasta $450 (los tickets de $150 están agotados)
Como comprar:

lenine2 300x216 Guia de conciertos internacionales en Buenos Aires para abril y mayo

25/4 – Lenine
Ganador de diversos premios Grammy, el cantante y productor brasileño llega por segunda vez en Buenos Aires. El carismático artista tiene un espíritu libre y desde hace algunos años viene oxigenando el aires de la Música Popular Brasileña.
Donde: Gran Rex (Av. Corrientes 857)
$90 hasta $300
Como comprar:

Dylan 300x172 Guia de conciertos internacionales en Buenos Aires para abril y mayo

26, 27, 28 y 30/4 – Bob Dylan
El mayor cantante folk vuelve a Buenos Aires por cuatro noches en el teatro Gran Rex (muy a cerca de Expanish!) para tocar sus principales temas. A cuatro años de su última visita al país, con un concierto en el estadio de Vélez Sarsfield, vuelve ahora para un encuentro más íntimo. Las entradas para el primer día están agotados.
Donde: Gran Rex, (Av. Corrientes 857)
de $170 hasta $900
Como comprar:

demi lovato 300x300 Guia de conciertos internacionales en Buenos Aires para abril y mayo

28/04 – Demi Lovato
La chica Disney nos deleitará con todos sus éxitos. Luego de su visita junto a los Jonas Brothers en 2009, regresa a nuestro país el ícono pop del momento.
Donde: Estadio Malvinas Argentinas (Gutenberg 350)
de $300 hasta $500 (VIP)
Como comprar:

justice 300x200 Guia de conciertos internacionales en Buenos Aires para abril y mayo

5/5 – UMF
El festival de música electrónica de Miami (EUA) desembarca por primera vez a Argentina y tiene como headlines el dúo francés Justice. Otros nombres como Mix Hell, Kaskade, John Digweed, Christopher Lawrence, Andy Moor y Jochen Miller están en el lineup del festival, que tiene más de 25 atracciones.
Donde: Costanera Sur, España 2230
$250 o $400 (VIP)
Como comprar:

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Año Nuevo según los Argentinos

Thursday, December 29, 2011 11:04

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La costumbre principal en Argentina para celebrar el Año Nuevo es juntarse con los seres queridos. Primero, para comer, toda la familia asiste a una cena en la casa de algún pariente que sea espaciosa. Ahí, cada familia dentro de la gran familia lleva alguno de los típicos platos fríos que no faltan jamás en una cena argentina de fin de año:

el vitel tonné, la pavita rellena, sándwiches de miga, ensalada rusa  y piononos. Si el espacio lo permite, y si es que algún familiar disfruta de cocinar un gran asado (y en toda familia argentina siempre hay alguien así), este prepara un gran banquete a las brasas con tira, colita, chorizo, morcilla, y un buen lomo. Todo esto acompañado con bebidas alcohólicas para los adultos (mayormente vino tinto, cerveza o Fernet) y con gaseosas para los más jóvenes, quienes suelen tener una mesa propia, la “mesa de los chicos”.

Para el postre nunca faltan  los turrones, Mantecoles, frutas secas, y el siempre presente “Pan dulce” (una especie de bizcochuelo denso, obviamente dulce, con pedazos de almendras y nueces y frutas abrillantadas).

pan dulce1 287x300 Año Nuevo según los Argentinos

Pan Dulce

Además de la comida, que es lo que asienta el clima de la noche, esta fiesta es importante porque es cuando la familia se junta y se pone al día.

A la medianoche, se brinda con sidra o champagne y, sobre todo en los barrios, se suele salir a la calle a tirar pirotecnia y brindar con los vecinos.

Los fuegos artificiales son un condimento especial y muy típico; antes de la medianoche, pero sobre todo luego del cambio de año, los más chicos acompañados por sus padres salen a las calles o a sus patios para disfrutar de los más originales juegos de luces y sonidos (lamentablemente son también comunes los accidentes causados por el mal uso de la pirotecnia).

champagne 300x225 Año Nuevo según los Argentinos

A la medianoche, se brinda con sidra o champagne

En la madrugada, los jóvenes tienen la costumbre de juntarse con sus amigos, celebrando en alguno de los tantos boliches que preparan fiestas especiales para la ocasión.

Como la celebración, en el hemisferio sur, ocurre durante el verano, se ha vuelto una costumbre reciente de muchas familias recibir el año nuevo en centros turísticos de la costa atlántica como Mar del Plata, Pinamar, Villa Gessell, etc.

Algunas de las costumbres más particulares que se llevan a cabo en la Argentina en vísperas del Año Nuevo incluyen:

– En este día, las empresas pasan documentos antiguos y papeles que no van a usar por la trituradora y tiran por la ventana los restos del papel. Así, muchas calles se visten de blanco el primer día del año, generando un intenso clima de celebración.

– En la ciudad de La Plata, grupos de jóvenes se reúnen para crear el mejor muñeco, el más grande y el más bonito, paradójicamente, para luego quemarlo. Esta tradición platense tiene su origen hace muchos años; representa la aspiración a la purificación, quemar el año que se va, deshaciéndose de las malas experiencias del pasado preparándose para lo que viene.

-Antes del Año Nuevo los vendedores exhiben ropa interior de toda la gama de colores. La bombacha que usarán las mujeres para recibir el nuevo año dependerá del deseo que ella proyecta para el mismo: Usar bombachas rojas o rosas traerá amor y pasión; las amarillas, para atraer el dinero, o azules para gozar de buena salud.

2094913760101168791S425x425Q851 300x224 Año Nuevo según los Argentinos

Happy new year! Feliz año nuevo

¿Y en tu país? ¿Cómo se celebra la llegada del nuevo año?

Christmas in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 11:20

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During Christmas the weather is warm in Argentina. But that in no way lessens the fun of the season.

In the stores, malls and on the streets preparations for Christmas Day begin much earlier, but in the houses December 8th is the day for decorations, and it is the tradition for families to do that together. Every house is decorated beautifully with lights and red and green decorations. Artificial trees are used to create the Christmas tree in every living room and are embellished with laces, balls, Papá Noel (Santa Clause) figures, colored lights, ornaments and small gifts. We have green trees as well as ones painted in white to simulate the snow. We also decorate natural trees from our gardens. The Nativity scene or “pesebre” is an important part of the Argentine Christmas decorations. The “pesebre” is placed close to the Christmas tree, and in many churches and religious schools you can attend a live pesebre performed by some of your neighbours…

pesebre G 300x225 Christmas in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Christmas here is an occasion for a get together with extended members of the family. On Christmas Eve, people go to local churches with their family to attend religious services. Thereupon, they visit each other’s home. There are joyous family reunions in every Argentine home. Every family prepare a savory meal, each member prepares what they are best at and they all take the food to the celebration. We all eat more than we can and at 00:00 we all gather at the table and have a toast: “¡Feliz Navidad!” (Merry Christmas). Right after that the little children and the not so little dads run outside to shoot fireworks while the ladies prepare the table with the sweet things: Pan dulce, turrón, garrapiñadas… At midnight on December 24th, the sounds of fireworks can be heard from everywhere. Opening of presents, placed under the Christmas tree from beforehand, is a must at midnight. Then family members and friends are kissed goodbye and everyone goes to bed. Many may prefer to spend the night away chatting or playing games. A wonderful tradition here is to light “globos”, colorful paper balloons that take off into the sky when lit from inside. If you visit Argentina during Christmas, you will be spellbound by the beauty of the numerous “globos” flying in the night sky.

Globos 300x225 Christmas in Buenos Aires, Argentina

On Christmas day, all the family gathers again. That’s the opportunity to get together with the part of the family you could not meet the previous night. Everybody is greeted ‘Feliz Navidad’, meaning ‘Merry Christmas’.

In Argentina, children also receive presents on January 6th, known as “Día de Reyes” (The Three Kings Day). On the eve of January 6th, Argentine kids place their shoes next to their Christmas Trees to be filled with presents by the Magi and also leave grass and water beside for the Magi’s camels.

Christmas in Argentina is very different from the northern countries, but if you happened to be here during celebrations, I am sure you will enjoy it!

To conclude, here is a Pimpinela video of a typical family celebration in Argentina:

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Expanish’s Favourite Tours in Buenos Aires

Monday, December 12, 2011 14:59

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So you’ve got a spare few days in Buenos Aires and are wondering what to do…well why not take a tour? Buenos Aires is full of numerous different tours to do, and we’ve decided to create a list of Expanish’s top ones to make the most of your stay in Buenos Aires…

  • Of course, the classic tour which can be found in every city all over the world is the bus tour. And Buenos Aires is no different – there are a couple of ones which offer great tours, stopping off at all the major sightseeing points of Buenos Aires. – with 20 different stops, you’ll   be sure to get a good feel of the city. – this company offers 4 different routes – a north circuit, a south circuit, a night time tour and a Porteño tour.

Open Top Bus 300x250 Expanishs Favourite Tours in Buenos Aires

  • If you are feeling like something a little more strenuous, then there are also plenty of companies which offer walking tours around Buenos Aires. One of the best we’ve found is which offers walking tours around the city in private groups. All of the guides are UK or US expats so not only know the city well but also speak English and Spanish fluently. 
  • For those of you looking to save the pennies (or centavos!), but are happy to do group tours, there is a company which runs group tours around Buenos Aires called They offer a range of different tours, such as the ‘city tour’ or the ‘aristocratic city tour’ which takes you around to show the contrast between the different areas in Buenos Aires. They also offer a tour to the famous ‘Mataderos’ market where every Sunday you get to see the traditional performances from Gauchos who come to display their horsemanship with special shows and dances.
  • If you feel like venturing out of the centre of the city but don’t have time to go too far then why not go to Tigre where there are numerous things to do such as canoeing on the delta. Expanish is a big fan of Bike It! ( which offers great tours where you can actually bike to Tigre and then do a canoeing tour around the deltas when you get there.
  • If you have not discovered this already, then you soon will upon arriving in Buenos Aires, but Tango is a huge part of the culture in Buenos Aires. Consequently, you will find a huge number of ‘tango experiences’ all around the city. It’s definitely worth doing one, but just be careful you choose an authentic one which is not too touristy.

Tango 300x205 Expanishs Favourite Tours in Buenos Aires

  • For the history fans amongst you, why not do a tour of the city whilst learning about Argentina’s icon, Evita. Not only will you get to see a bit of the city, but you can also learn about her life as you visit the new Evita museum ( as well as various sites around the city.

Eva Peron Expanishs Favourite Tours in Buenos Aires

  • For those looking for something slightly different, there is now a company which offers ‘Grafitti Tours’ around Buenos Aires. Street art is now becoming an important part of the culture of Buenos Aires. As you will have noticed, you can barely walk a block without seeing some sort of graffiti, particularly in Palermo and San Telmo. If you feel like branching out from the standard tour then have a look at what this Grafitti Mundo offers – They also offer workshops where you can have a go yourself!

street art 300x200 Expanishs Favourite Tours in Buenos Aires


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