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Free Social Activities at Expanish

Monday, March 7, 2016 9:02

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Here at Expanish, we like to make your learning experience a complete one and we also believe that you should have fun whilst learning. We have many free actitivies on offer every week which are great for practising your Spanish outside of the classroom and for learning about Argentinian culture. On your first day, you will be given a full list of the activities for the month and you can check the noticeboard in reception for more information about the different activities each week.

If you like to dance, why not take advantage of the free tango lessons that we offer, every other week. The group classes are a fun way to practice the Spanish you have learnt in class with a local professor, and other students from all over the world including some Argentinians too. The professors are all highly trained and experienced. You will learn the key steps through formal instructions and dance floor practice. As with the Spanish classes, we also have tango classes for different levels from beginner to advanced. The classes are usually given in Spanish but the professor will be happy to help in English if you need some clarification.

The tango classes take place in a dance studio nearby but we also offer salsa lessons here in the school which you can take part in right after your Spanish classes.
TanjaMiletic 14 1024x683 Free Social Activities at Expanish
As well as the dance classes, we also like to teach you something about the Argentinian culture and history. We have a history workshop where we explain to you some of the recent history in Argentina and after the explanation, we take you on a short walk to Plaza de Mayo near to the school to continue the story. We also offer neighbourhood tours where one of our teachers will give you a walking tour of a neighbourhood such as La Boca. It’s a chance to visit with a local who can explain things to you, give you tips and you can enjoy it as a group with your classmates rather than going alone.
11356219 10206807662249555 875116586 n Free Social Activities at Expanish
We also have trips from the school to different museums in the city such as the MALBA or the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Again, one of the teachers will accompany the group by Subte or bus so it’s easy for you to find your way there and you can get to know some of the other students too.
 IMG 3124 1024x1024 Free Social Activities at Expanish
Something that Argentina is famous for is its food and drink. You can’t come to Argentina without trying mate and so we offer a “discovering mate” workshop where we explain the history of the mate, how it is prepared, the ritual of sharing the mate and of course you get to try it! You can even prepare your own. You could spend the afternoon in the cafeteria preparing chocotorta, a famous Argentinian desert, as a group and of course you get to taste what you have made.
 IMG 3254 1024x802 Free Social Activities at Expanish
Perhaps even more famous is Argentinian wine – we offer wine tasting here (for a small fee for materials!). This is a really popular activity with the students and it is nice to learn something about the wines that you might only normally enjoy with a meal or on a night out!
expanish 162 de 237 1024x564 Free Social Activities at Expanish
If food and drink is really your thing, we often have trips out for lunch to famous bars or cafes in the city and the teacher can give you all the information you need on other famous places worth visiting whilst you are here in Buenos Aires.


  IMG 38953 1024x764 Free Social Activities at Expanish
If you are interested in even more classes (and lets face it, who isnt?) we sometimes have extra classes for pronunciation or classes where we explain the history of certain words and phrases typical to Argentina or to Spanish which will help you sound more like a native.
So as you can see, your Spanish school doesn’t have to be a place where you only come for Spanish classes – at Expanish we like to offer you a lot more so that you can really get to know the other students and immerse yourself into local culture.


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Spanish Course for Expats in Buenos Aires

Thursday, January 7, 2016 12:48

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EXPATS 1 Spanish Course for Expats in Buenos Aires

Did you know that in addition to our intensive courses and immersion programmes, we also offer Spanish courses for expats? Are you living or staying long term in Buenos Aires and need to perfect your Spanish? You might have full-time work commitments which mean you don’t have the time for the morning classes.

Our expat courses could be the perfect solution for you if you are struggling to find time to improve your language skills because they take place once a week and only in the evening. The courses typically last 4 weeks but you can extend from month to month if you feel you need more practice.
It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner and need to learn everything from scratch or if you are already more advanced and just want to improve your skills – there will be a suitable class available for you. After a short Spanish language test, you will be allocated to a class with other students of a similar level and the classes are usually small, with an average of 6 people.
The textbooks used in these classes have been specifically designed for the night classes and after you have purchased the materials required for the course, you will be able to use them for many months.
As a student of Expanish, you will also be able to participate in the activities provided by the school so this is a great opportunity to socialise with people from all over the World and practice your Spanish at the same time. We have different activities from week to week from wine tasting and tango classes to neighbourhood tours and trips outside the city to places such as Tigre. You are sure to find something to suit your tastes.
So if you are planning to or already live in Buenos Aires and need to perfect your Spanish skills, why not get in touch to ask about our expat courses?

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New building presentation

Friday, November 13, 2015 11:30

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Recently, from January this year (2015) the school has undergone a lot of new changes to the structure and presentation of the school (after having moved building location). The efforts Expanish has put into the school and continues to do is definitely visible/apparent to the students, teachers, staff members and visitors. Expanish is full of bright colours, fun designs, eye catching photography, funky furniture and modern classrooms, reception and lounge. All these little things that combine together into what makes Expanish, “Expanish”-really makes a big difference on the atmosphere and layout of Expanish and most importantly how the people feel in the school. Expanish has a very cool, relaxed and easygoing atmosphere. It’s quite obvious that any place whether it’s a house, a museum, a shopping centre, “the appearance and/or interior” has an affect on your emotions and perceptions.

theschool17 300x165 New building presentation

Imagine if Expanish didn’t have all the dynamic artwork, the funky activity posters and colours throughout the school and all up it just wasn’t appealing, would students have the same feelings towards the school, we all know the answer, a big fat no! It’s the difference between positive and negative energy, people can feel when they’re in a comfortable environment and how their mood is enlightened/affected, in comparison to when they are in an environment that drags down your mood and energy levels. Your first impression of Expanish, as corny as it sounds, will be “love at first sight!”. What’s not to love about Expanish, the beautiful modern presentations throughout the school and all the happy faces, your emotions and perceptions will definitely be uplifted from our positive vibes here at expanish. Expanish has this “wow” effect when visitors first step into our school…

theschool20 1 300x165 New building presentation

Firstly when you step into the school, reception is what you lay your eyes on first. Maybe it’s the trendy white cut out design of the reception desk, or the funky design with electric blue lights in the background but whatever it is, its eye catching! Next is the spacious lounge surrounded by a generous amount of space. It consist of computers, chairs, couches and has a real modern edge to it. This is the area as you can imagine for students to “chill out” before and after school, on their breaks and is also a common area where they can take advantage of activities the school offers. What’s next…our spacious classrooms with some killer views. Our classrooms located in our corridor have some funky designs and are filled with world maps. Lastly a popular area that the students enjoy spending time is our comedor (eating area) but be mindful that this area fills up quickly and is full of hungry students. In this area there is also a television for students to watch the news, listen to spanish tunes, read books, play chess and take advantage of the coffee, water and soda machines.

Expanish has a lot to offer, from their amazing teahing skills, their activities, their approach towards students, funky designs, interior and the list goes on, you will definately feel at home at our language school.

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First day at Expanish

Monday, August 24, 2015 12:07

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This day for many is nerve racking: it’s like the first day of school all over again. The thought of the unknown and embarking on new experiences for some is intimidating and overwhelming, however for some being the most memorable first experiences. That first experience in meeting your best friend, trying mate for the first time (famous Argentinian drink) or simply the comforting feeling that you are in a safe place in Buenos Aires.

Usually the case is everyone feels slightly nervous, however these feelings go within no time after feeling more at ease with the situation. On your first arrival at Expanish, within the first hour you will feel completely free of any emotions that may have been affecting or holding you back! The first hour involves a fun packed orientation where you get to meet your fellow peers, play games, are informed on general information of Buenos Aires and are required to complete other enjoyable activities-we can’t reveal all as that would be no fun, and everyone likes surprises!

However, before all these fun filled activities, a small exam, “un examen chiquito” is required to distinguish which level your Spanish is at. Then from there, the teachers can determine the most suitable and appropriate class for you. You will also receive a welcome pack which is filled with useful information on the best places to eat, how to get your first subte card, weekly activities the school has to offer (definitely get on board with this, it’s a great way to make new friends) discounts for places to eat and lots of other useful information. Oh and not to mention you get a cute expanish bag, it’s great to put the books in and keep as a little memory/souvenir of the school!

The morning tour you are introduced to our wonderful school and may meet some of our teachers on the way. You will definitely meet Gabriel (Expanish Academic Director) which is by far a favourite and plays a very important role with your studies at Expanish. If you are having any doubts, worries about your studies or either just want to add classes, Gabriel is your go-to man. On your first day you will also meet our famous Milva! Expanish and Milva go hand in hand, when you think of Expanish you think of Milva, you could say she’s kind of a mascot for Expanish. Milva works at reception and will help you with all your needs, even if it’s the smallest question or worry Milva has all the answers.

After your first class, to end the day you have a tour on general advice, directions and locations of surrounding neighbourhoods and a talk on safety -for example distinguishing between fake and real notes. This talk is very useful and will give you the heads up on what to do and what not to do! We can promise to you that your first day will be very welcoming, memorable and simply just nice. What more could you ask for, studying a language you enjoy in a beautiful city-mind you in the best location of Bs As, meet and make friends with people around the world, oh and get taught by the best teachers? Nothing beats an experience as such…

TanjaMiletic 3 1024x683 First day at Expanish

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UC-EAP Buenos Aires Trip to Colonia, Uruguay

Thursday, April 26, 2012 13:05

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This past weekend the UC-EAP Argentina students travelled with Expanish to Uruguay to visit the historical city of Colonia del Sacramento.  Colonia is located a mere 45 kilometers from Buenos Aires, just across the Río de la Plata.  Colonia was actually founded in 1680 by the Portuguese, and switched hands between the Portuguese and the Spanish 7 times until it was conquered by Brazil in 1822, and then became a Uruguayan city in 1828 when Uruguay gained its independence.

The students all met early Saturday morning at the Buquebus boat terminal to take the boat ride across the river.  After a choppy ride, everyone arrived safe and sound (and happy to be on land) in Colonia del Sacramento.  Once we got off the boat, we were met by representatives from Buquebus who would serve as our tour guides as we discovered all that this charming city has to offer.  From the boat terminal in Colonia, everyone loaded on to busses for a tour of the city.  Our first stop was the Plaza de toros Real de San Carlos, which is a bull fighting ring that was built in 1910 and could hold up to 10,000 spectators.  Unfortunately, the bull ring was only in use for 2 years until the Uruguayan government outlawed the killing of animals for entertainment.  Despite its beautiful Moorish-style architecture, the ring is now quite decrepit and it is forbidden to enter.

Colonia Group 1024x768 UC EAP Buenos Aires Trip to Colonia, Uruguay

Our next stop on the tour was one of Colonia´s beaches, where students could relax, appreciate the view, and even dip their feet in the river!

Rio del Plata UC1 1024x768 UC EAP Buenos Aires Trip to Colonia, Uruguay

Next we loaded back on to the busses and drove to the edge of Colonia´s historic quarter, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  We entered the historic quarter by passing through Colonia´s famous Portón de Campo, or the old city gate, which is complete with a drawbridge.  Colonia was initially a fortressed city, so the historic quarter is surrounded by a tall stone wall that has strategically-placed cannons.   There are no busses allowed in the historic quarter so students walked around Colonia’s 300-year-old cobblestone streets with their tour guides and learned about the history of some of the homes located in the old quarter (some of them date back to the 17th century).  Students also learned to distinguish between the Spanish and Portuguese architectural styles, both of which can be seen in the city.

Colonia Group 2 1024x768 UC EAP Buenos Aires Trip to Colonia, Uruguay

In the afternoon, the students had some free time to get lunch, and explore Colonia a bit more on their own.  Many students chose to dine on Uruguay´s signature dish, the Chivito.  Chivito is a thin steak that is topped with ham, cheese, bacon, and a fried egg, all served on a bed of French fries (with a small side salad).  While very delicious, it is definitely not diet friendly!  The students spent the rest of the day renting golf carts and driving around the city, walking on the beaches, and exploring Colonia’s other historical sites.  Several students went up to Colonia’s famous Lighthouse to get the best view of the sunset.  At 8 pm everyone returned to the boat terminal exhausted but happy to have experienced a bit of Uruguay.

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Expanish Study Abroad Programs: UCEAP

Monday, February 13, 2012 15:40

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The next couple of months we from Expanish, Spanish school  Buenos Aires, will have guests from the University of California. We have joined forces with University of California’s Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) to make sure the students of UC have a good time in Buenos Aires. Making sure that they enjoy the city and country, get the best out their study abroad program at the University of Belgrano and offcourse make sure that they Learn Spanish in Argentina.

University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)

UC Logo Expanish Study Abroad Programs: UCEAP

We have joined forces with the University of California’s Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) to assist in the operation of the UCEAP Buenos Aires program. We work directly with the UCEAP administrators, staff, and students in offering a wide range of logistical and support services. In this case, we have partnered UCEAP with the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, so students from across the UC system can enroll in Intensive Spanish courses for an academic semester at this local university.

February 2012: UC students, welcome to Argentina!

This is the second year that Expanish is working with UCEAP and we are very pleased to welcome this new group of students to Buenos Aires.

In order to provide excellent quality service, we follow a calendar of general events, in addition to our weekly programmed activities so that the students can experience the Argentine culture while simultaneously developing their Spanish language skills.

February 1st  Arrival in Buenos Aires

The group arrived in safe and sound Buenos Aires and were welcomed by the Expanish staff at the airport. After settling down in the city, we shared dinner at a cozy downtown restaurant, where students sampled their first tastes of traditional Argentine fare and watched a live tango performance.  Students were able to introduce themselves to other students and start making some friends.

February 2nd  Orientation

Once the students got to rest after their long trip, Expanish provided them with an extensive orientation, designed to give them all of the information necessary to be successful in their program (system of credits, grades, etc); general facts about Argentina with regard to its history, geography, and culture; tips related to security and health matters (who to contact in case of an emergency, how to act in such cases, and where to go).  Students were also taught how to use the public transportation system and how to move around the city in the safest possible way so that they can make the most of their time here in Argentina.

February  3rd  Orientation II plus city tour

This year, we were fortunate enough to have Representatives from the United States Embassy come to our Orientation to provide the students information regarding the history of the relationship between the United States and Argentina, which, fortunately, is growing stronger day after day. They also ensured students that they can count on Embassy services in case of an emergency, and discussed documentation issues and any other type of assistance required.

UC 300x225 Expanish Study Abroad Programs: UCEAP

After the orientation, the students were taken on a city tour around the different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.  We made stops in Plaza de Mayo (May Square), here the Casa Rosada (Government House) is located, and in the traditional and colorful barrio of La Boca, the port of the city.

UC Casa Rosada 300x226 Expanish Study Abroad Programs: UCEAP

February 4th

What could be better than ending orientation with a day out at an Estancia? On Saturday the students boarded busses and we all headed out to San Antonio de Areco, to spend a day in the country at a beautiful Estancia, or a ranch.   The students enjoyed a delicious asado, the traditional Argentinean barbeque, rode horses, played football and volleyball and were treated to a special show from one of the gauchos,  or Argentine cowboys, who showed off his skills.

UC estancia 300x225 Expanish Study Abroad Programs: UCEAP

We hope that the students enjoy their time learning Spanish in Buenos Aires and make the most of this wonderful experience abroad. It is something that will definitely change their point of view and will open their minds even more.

Things I will miss in Buenos Aires

Thursday, February 2, 2012 12:31

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As a yanquí expat in Buenos Aires, it is basically in my blood to be pesada and complain about the things that I don’t like in Buenos Aires, while arrogantly explaining why the U.S. does it better. However, being abroad also makes you realize what you love about the culture of the country that you are living in. As my time in Buenos Aires draws to a close, I wanted to share with you the Top 5 Things That I Absolutely Love About Buenos Aires And Will Truly, Dearly, and Ever-So-Faithfully Miss:

#5: Saludos!

One of the things that Argentines tend to comment is that estadounidenses are frío, meaning they are not particularly warm or friendly. While I happen to disagree and believe that it depends on the area of the U.S. you are talking about, what is true is that the way we greet each other is a little cold.

Imagine my pleasant delight when arriving in South America I got a kiss on the cheek from everyone and their madre, no matter how well or how little I knew them. At gatherings or parties, it’s customary to greet everyone with a kiss on the cheek, even if they are el hijo del cuñado del primo de tu amiga that you are meeting for the first time. There’s something about human affection (even if it’s polite affection), and acknowledgment of the people around you that was really refreshing, and will definitely miss when I go back to Fríalandia.

#4: Culture of Sharing

The fact that Quilmes (the national beer) basically only comes in bottles by the litro should speak volumes to this culture of sharing. In fact, when going out to drinks with friends, it’s very customary for the friend pouring the drinks to serve everyone first before they serve themselves. The same goes with food or drink, as it is tacitly expected of you to offer the goods to other people as well. Being surrounded by this heightened sense of sharing has made me less of an individualistic, egocentric yanquí and more aware of peoples’ needs around me.

#3: Ice Cream

The porteños may not have done their Italian ancestors proud with their pizza and coffee (insert angry porteño rebuttals here), but their helado is top notch and something only a rehab clinic would succeed in weening me off of when I leave this dear country. It tastes more natural, is less sugar-loaded that us yanquís are so quick on doing, and is just creamy enough to make you feel satisfied, but not sick to your stomach. Unless you have been known to kill quarto kilos on multiple occasions….errr….

There are a lot of great flavors to choose from, but some of my favorites include:

  • Mascarpone con frutos del bosque
  • Dulce de leche granizado (A classic)
  • Chocolate suizo
  • Frutilla a la crema
  • Chocolate con dulce de leche (Because really, can you ever really have enough dulce de leche? Don’t answer that question)

freddo Things I will miss in Buenos Aires

#2: Public Transportation

Besides New York and DC, public transportation in the States is embarrassingly abysmal. It was no wonder then that in the first couple of weeks in my semester abroad in Santiago in 2009, my sheltered suburban self almost had a Mariah Carey meltdown just thinking about how I was going to get around the city without a car. Now, in Buenos Aires, I can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s the subte (subway), colectivos (buses), or trenes (trains), there are plenty of ways to get around Buenos Aires, and for cheap; even with the unfortunate subte tarifazo that the government has imposed, Buenos Aires still has some of the most affordable transportation in the world.

If public transportation is my god, then the Guía T is my bible. The Guía T is a little pocket-sized book with little grid maps of the Buenos Aires, along with the bus routes for every colectivo that makes it way through the city. With a little Guía T ayuda, you’re all set to go for your transporte público adventure. Yeah, sometimes the amount of people on public transportation forces you to become spatially intimate with strangers, but it’s a great way to save money, practice your listening skills by creepily eavesdropping on conversations, and get to know the city!

Also, thinking about what the subway will look like in the (allegedly) near future makes me almost have a subte-gasmo:


subte2015 Things I will miss in Buenos Aires

#1: Fútbol

There is one thing you cannot deny here, and that is Argentina’s passion for fútbol, a passion so deep that some hinchas (fans) are willing to risk their lives defending their local club and/or national team. As someone who has played soccer since I was five years old, it is absolutely awe-inspiring to be in a country with that much love for my favorite sport. Argentina may be a machista country that thinks girls are incapable of even dribbling the ball blah blah blah (see previous blog posts), but I have managed to find a niche here and have some really awesome people to play with (this is where I TRL shout out The Outsiders, Fútbolfeminino Fenix, and los chicos de dominfútbol). I play so much soccer here, I don’t even have to buy a membership to the gym – my Fútbol 5, 7, and 9 games keeps my body and my wallet happy.

outsiders Things I will miss in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires may not be perfect, but it is a city I have fallen in love with and will truly miss.

Lo que me hace quedar tranquila es que no es un adios, sino un hasta luego.

Gracias por todos los lindos recuerdos, Buenos Aires!!!! Te voy a extrañar!!!

Actividades semanales

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 6:37

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Expanish ofrece a sus estudiantes la posibilidad de participar en muchas actividades semanales. Gratuitas o de bajo costo, las actividades son una gran forma de conocer a otros estudiantes, gente local, profesionales de distintas disciplinas y por sobre todo, divertirse haciendo algo novedoso y cultural, que ayudará a los estudiantes a sumergirse en la cultura Argentina.

Week Schedule 3 rows e1327408563101 Actividades semanales

Ejemplo de los actividades semanales

Las opciones son variadas y hay para todos los gustos e intereses. Entre las actividades gratuitas, por ejemplo, contamos con clases de tango, reggaetón y salsa. Bailarines profesionales de cada disciplina vienen a la escuela para enseñarles a los alumnos los pasos más importantes y la técnica de cada baile. Los estudiantes tienen la posibilidad de practicar su español con sus compañeros de baile y con los profesores al ritmo de cada música. Es una forma divertida y diferente de sumergirse en la cultura local.

También gratuitas son las actividades relacionadas directamente con la práctica del español como el Club de Conversación o los Expan-Games. Los estudiantes ponen a prueba su conocimiento del idioma y lo que han estudiado en sus clases. Es una forma muy práctica de sociabilizar y practicar español al mismo tiempo y resulta de gran interés para aquellos estudiantes que no quieren estudiar solos o encerrados en sus habitaciones.

DSCN4654 Actividades semanales

Si lo que les interesa es el cine, nada mejor que acercarse al Club de Cine y presenciar una película argentina subtitulada en español, con la compañía de un profesor que responderá las dudas y dará una pequeña charla sobre la película.

Por otro lado, cuando una persona viene la Argentina, sabe que va a tener que probar el asado, las empanadas, jugar al fútbol, bailar tango, etc. Por eso es que ofrecemos un mate-tasting gratuito; una pequeña orientación sobre qué es el mate, cómo se prepara y de qué trata este hábito tan común y cotidiano entre los argentinos.

SAM 0628 300x225 Actividades semanales

En Expanish procuramos reducir al mínimo los gastos de los estudiantes. Por esta razón es que ofrecemos actividades de bajo costo y que resulten de interés para cualquier persona interesada en, por ejemplo, realizar un tour por el barrio de La Boca, o quizás visitar museos por el barrio de la Recoleta. También contamos con un tour histórico, uno de diseño y moda y otro que muestra el arte callejero del grafiti en Buenos Aires. Todas estas visitas están organizadas y conducidas por guías altamente capacitados y profesionales que garantizan que los grupos reciban una experiencia cultural gratificante y a la vez segura por la ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Si los estudiantes prefieren realizar algo más deportivo pueden contratar un tour en bicicleta por Tigre. Los guías los conducirán por esta localidad en las afueras de la Capital Federal, para pasar un día al aire libre, lejos de la ciudad y de los edificios. Es una forma distinta de conocer Buenos Aires y sus alrededores mientras se practica un deporte agradable con gente nueva y divertida. Por otra parte, está la posibilidad de participar de un tour en bote por el delta del Tigre, otra opción para recorrer esta localidad desde otra perspectiva.

Los estudiantes no deben perderse la posibilidad de jugar al fútbol con otros compañeros de clase y gente local. Para los argentinos es el deporte privilegiado y constituye una parte fundamental de nuestra cultura. Expanish organiza encuentros para que cualquier persona interesada viva la experiencia de jugar un partido y de, por supuesto, poner en práctica el vocabulario específico del fútbol!

DSCN4354 1024x768 Actividades semanales

Si lo que buscan además de aprender español es conocer la noche de Buenos Aires, los estudiantes pueden ir al Buenos Aires Pub Crawl; una visita guiada un tanto distinta, que los llevará por distintos bares de la ciudad y terminará en el “boliche”, donde pueden poner en práctica los movimientos aprendidos en las clases de baile de Expanish. También organizamos encuentros en Sugar y cenas con profesores de español en Acabar, otros bares del barrio de Palermo.

Como podrá ser observado, Expanish cuenta con una gran variedad de actividades de todo tipo e interés para maximizar el estudio del español en Buenos Aires. No duden en acercarse a nuestra recepción donde podrán obtener más información sobre las actividades que ofrecemos.

SAM 0568 recortada 1024x468 Actividades semanales

How to Secure an Internship in South America

Thursday, November 17, 2011 11:13

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Being a student in the UK, when choosing how to spend my year abroad I had two options – either to study at a University in Buenos Aires or to work. Obviously the main thing was that I was learning Spanish so in the end I chose to work as I thought being part of an office would be a great way for me to improve my Spanish. Secondly, apart from anything else, I thought it would be great experience for me to get some work experience under my belt.

Buenos Aires Aerial 300x200 How to Secure an Internship in South America

But deciding it is one thing, actually finding a job is a bit trickier…

Here are some ideas to help you find a job…

  • Websites

There are lots of directory-style websites on which people list jobs and internships. CraigsList  and BAExpats in particular are good for this. They have great job sections which have a really wide range of jobs options. You’ll have to be patient though as there are a hundreds of them to search through so it may take a while to actually find one that you like the look of!

What’s great about BA Expats is that it is geared towards expatriates living in Buenos Aires and it has a forum where you can speak to fellow expatriates and learn tips about living in Buenos Aires from an outsider’s point of view.

To start looking…


  • Agencies

There are also a huge number of agencies whose aim it is to help people find internships or jobs so it’s definitely worth having a look on some of those.

  • Word of mouth

I often find that this can be the best way of finding a job. Sometimes just by asking around you can manage to find something. I know plenty of people who have succeeded with this tactic. Often you’ll find that friends or friends of friends have contacts in Buenos Aires, so it’s worth having an ask around. The worse thing that can happen is that you’ll be told no. But it’s always worth a try!

Subte 300x225 How to Secure an Internship in South America

  • Apply to companies

If you know of a company who have offices or are based in Buenos Aires then find out their email address and send then an email with your CV. Again, it’s a case of if you don’t ask you don’t get… the worse that can happen is that they´ll turn you down! Don’t just assume that because you’re not Argentinean you won’t be given a job. Often Argentinean offices are after a non-Spanish speaking person anyway so you might even be at an advantage!



Celebrities in Argentina

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 13:17

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Apart from working at Expanish, my dream job would be writing a blog about celebrity gossip.  It is mostly a pipe dream since people like Perez Hilton and TMZ pretty much dominate that blog niche.  This does not, however, deter me from writing my own little blog post about celebrities.  As a resident of Buenos Aires, Argentina I thought I would have an advantage about anything gossip-worthy here in Argentina, so what could be better than writing about celebrities who have visited this fine city?  So get ready for some best-of-the-best gossip over the past few years, some of them are especially bife de chorizo juicy…

Beiber 300x208 Celebrities in Argentina

Justin Bieber – 2011

As almost all 14-year-old girls in the world know, Justin Bieber recently visited Buenos Aires for a concert and while he was here did some press to promote it.  The most noteworthy of his appearanes was on the talk show, “Susana Giménez”, appropriately hosted by Susana Giménez.  This appearance was greatly anticipated by all of Argentina, yet the actual show was a bit of a boring disappointment.  I have not seen Justin in a situation where he actually has to put sentences together instead of just sing the word “Baby” or “Girl” over and over again, but the combination of Susanna being completely bonkers and Justin not understanding Spanish made the whole thing a bit weird.  It seems as though Justin does not enjoy talking about himself in front of an audience.  You can watch the video to see the full extent of the awkwardness here.

During his stay he was at the fancy Faena Hotel in Puerto Madero.  This is where past celebrities like Beyonce have stayed, so I guess if you are looking to see a famous person in real life you should probably just hang around there more often.  In true Bieber form, there were hundreds of crazy teen girls and, lets face it, lots of people of all ages and genders, waiting outside the hotel.  A few girls even tried to break through security when Justin waved to them so the police had to block off multiple streets.  It made international news on all gossip blogs and even regular periodicals like the New York Post.

With all of this great Bieber gossip I am not even sure how the concert went.  Does it matter?  The important thing is that he was the most talked about topic for a week straight, even right before the national elections for the new president of Argentina.  Isn’t that how it should be?

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Natalie Portman – 2006

Before Natalie was an Academy Award winner, she was just a regular girl dating Gael Garcia Bernal.  Circa 2006, he was filming a movie in Buenos Aires and living in the neighborhood of San Telmo.  I know this because at that time because it was a common sight to see them walking through the neighborhood hand-in-hand.  This was just weeks before their break-up, so possibly Buenos Aires had something to do with that?

Many of my friends would call me to let me know that they just saw them.  Did my friends yell out “I love you Natalie!” or some sort of reference to her Star Wars role?  No, they did not.  They did not even take a picture.  This just goes to show you that you should always carry a digital camera just in case you have a celebrity sighting.

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Jenna and Barbara Bush – 2006

During their trip to Buenos Aires they were staying in a boutique hotel in Palermo.  At one point they were in the neighborhood of San Telmo doing some shopping and got their purses and cell phones stolen.  Whether or not they were actually stolen or were just lost is not clear, but either way the U.S. Embassy and asked them to leave the country after the incident to not attact more negative attention.  What was the greatest was that they were being gaurded by the secret service and still managed to get into trouble.  A reporter even said that she was surprised by the lack of security for the twins in this article.

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Some other celebrities spotted in the city and what were they doing?

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Kate Hudson – Ate breakfast (gasp!)

Nick Jonas – Had a concert sans other brothers

Cindi Lauper – Had a concert, also got bored and sang in the airport

Miley Cyrus – Wore inappropriately short shorts (but is that really news?)

Michael Buble – Got married to an Argentine woman

Bono – Played a secret gig at Frank’s bar

I will say, however, that my knowledge of actual Argentine celebrities is limited, so I have mainly focused on more “international” celebrities.  Maybe I should get into local gossip as a new way to immerse myself in Argentine culture?  Sounds like a 2012 New Year’s resolution to me.

To wrap things up, I think it is extremely important for celebrities to understand the culture and language of the countries they visit (I’m talking to you, Bieber).  This is why I wanted to send an open invitation to any famous person who might want to take some group or individual Spanish classes here at Expanish Spanish School in Buenos Aires.  George Clooney, do you need to improve your accent in Spanish?  Do you, Oprah, know the difference between the informal “tú” of Mexico versus the “vos” of Buenos Aires?  I dare any celebrity (preferably Lady Gaga) to come and join us.


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