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Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

Friday, March 21, 2014 10:27

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Through Argentine Barbecue Restaurants all around the world, we all know that Argentinean cuisine loves meat and they have really good ones! But this might not end up very well  for no meet lovers.

Since my childhood I did not enjoyed and mostly refused to eat any kind of meat for emotional reasons, which ended by understanding “if you do not compensate with other foods it is just a romantic action” by having considerable blood iron problems! Although right now I m trying to eat meat as much as I can, my heart and stomach are still on the veggies and fruits side; and as a life style since almost always I believed in healthy eating and healthy habits. For this reason in every city I ve visited or lived, I like to discover healthy eating places which are mostly vegetarian and/organic food restaurants.

Considering that this weekend we will have the first organic market of autumn at the city, I thought it might be useful to mention my first healthy eating findings in Buenos Aires.

images 11 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes descarga 11 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

Buenos Aires Market(BAM) is an organic supplies open market, opened since 2012. It  takes place in different spots around the city the  last weekend of every month. This March, Parque Rivadavia, in  Caballito neighborhood will host the BAM, with 70 producers and more than 600 products. In the city you can find also many organic products shops, but this open market is offering a huge variety on products with affordable prices. Apart from an open organic shopping, you might also have the  chance to enjoy an organic breakfast, lunch or a brunch,  all made with organic ingredients.  You can even take a cooking class! The market will be open from 9 Am until 7PM. Is strongly recommended to save a couple of hours on your weekend agenda.

But if BAM takes place only once a month, then where are the other places I am enjoying healthy food? Here they come! Just bear in mind that they are my first findings!

I want to start with the ones that have chains in Argentina, in order to give you more options.

Green Eat is one of them. What I can say is other than the good food they have, they all have a very cool atmosphere. Their organic and healthy cooked food and drink options show variety that allow you to satisfy your gut at any meal of the day. In this cool and delicious atmosphere you can buy some (but not many) organic products and you can even get a nice plant as a present for your own or for some one else. For the closest one:

1507383 200x300 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes 679ff8c4fe9627dfe36aa3dcc1b8d340 182x300 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

Another healthy food chain is Tea Connection. Although they are not using 100% organic ingredients, their menu has many delicious and healthy cooked dishes and very good drinks including tea fusions(hello! the name?!) and fresh fruit juices. Apart from their stable menu, they also have every day changing lunch menus with good prices. For women who are planning to have a Ladies Night Out, I recommend to check their web-site or facebook page in order to be able to enjoy their 15% discount at their  Ladies Night .

descarga2 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes images2 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

Natural Delhi (Mercado) is also an organic food restaurant with chains in several neighbourhoods. As they refer themselves, it is more a “mercado(store)” than a restaurant. Still they have a short but good quality(and tasty) food menu. What I enjoy more in Natural Delhi is the organic market, which has some products that are not easy to find in BsAs supermarkets. Regarding food, I definitely recommend their morning croissants (not medialuna!).

descarga 21 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes images 21 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

Now let s look at the no-chain ones.The first organic food restaurant at the city is Bio,  a vegan/vegetarian restaurant which has been working since 2002. On 2012 they moved  to an old and beautiful  colonial house with high roof , where they are serving vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes for their customers. Inside of the restaurant there is also an impressive organic products market, which includes their own products. Moreover, you can also join one of their cooking classes  if you are interested. I love cooking(can even claim that I m a very good cook!), and honestly by the influence of new raw food diets, their raw food cooking classes are in my to do list!

descarga 31 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes images 31 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

As I mentioned in my previous posts, the Spanish Language School(Expanish) I m attending is in down town. For this reason Picnic Vegan Restaurant has an important role in my life as it s located at the beginning of Florida street and the 15% discount I have through Expanish(! You will face their “more delicious, more healthy, more natural” philosophy starting from their windows and all around inside. Despite the nice environment and staff they have, I still prefer to take my delicious food away from the hectic air of Florida. If your job/school/to-do is in down town and if you prefer healthier food, for sure you should stop by at Picnic  and try one of their Tabouli salad at least! 343746239000845 2095411402 n 300x199 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

These were my first findings through my several visits and 2 months (+continuing) experience in Buenos Aires. I hope you ll be interested and have chance to enjoy them as I did/do. Cheers!

Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires

Thursday, January 30, 2014 10:56

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arjjkkk Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires

As we are in the middle of summer here in Buenos Aires, you might be looking to get some good ice cream or helado as it is called here.  There are a variety of different stores and chains that sell ice cream here in Buenos Aires.  However, one stands above the rest as the epitome of gastronomical delight in the area of ice cream: Arkakao in Recoleta.

arkakao2 Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires

This ice cream parlor has the decor and look of an old fashioned establishment straight from Italy.  The serious foodie will not be disappointed.  The staff is extremely professional and takes pride in serving up the best ice cream possible.  For those concerned about the ingredients, Arkakao explicitly states that they avoid the use and will continue to avoid the use of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, etc in their ice cream.

arkakao 1 Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires

Don´t be confused, however, when your read the names of the flavors on offer at Arkakao.  They actually offer authentic Italian gelato and, as such, the names are all in Italian.  The staff, however, is happy to help with any translation issues you might encounter.   I went on a recent Sunday after brunch and was simply astounded by the selection.  I ended up choosing a mix of coffee, fig, and frutas rojas or red berry ice cream.

arkakao3 Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires

The ice cream is made fresh daily.  Many ingredients are shipped directly from Italy to the store here in Buenos Aires.  I highly recommend checking out Arkakao for an unforgettable ice cream experience!

Important Information:

Address: Arkakao, Quintana 188

Directions from Expanish: Take the 111 bus to Santa Fe Ave. and walk.

ark Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires



Olsen Restaurant

Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:57

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olsenn Olsen Restaurant

One aspect of living in a major international capital like Buenos Aires is the plethora of restaurants that are available to the food lover in all of us.  A staple of city living around the world — and Buenos Aires is certainly no different — is the Sunday brunch.  After a busy weekend of hanging out with friends and family, a nice brunch is the perfect capstone to a fun filled weekend.

downlsdfsdfsdoad Olsen Restaurant

One of the premier locations for brunch and genuinely high quality food here in Buenos Aires is Olsen restaurant.  As reviewed by the New York Times, the menu is simply spectacular.  It has a fully stocked bar and three different options (full breakfast, full lunch, or a mix of the two).  Cocktails and three different courses are included in each option.  The restaurant is Scandinavian but serves food that can be found around the world.  I myself went on a Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

iasdfasdfasdfasdfmages Olsen Restaurant

Nestled in a courtyard on Gorriti in Palermo Soho, the ambiance is amazing as well.  Olsen has two levels to be seated in the interior of the restaurant as well as seating in the spacious courtyard.

I highly recommend Olsen to anyone looking to pass a beautiful Sunday morning with friends at one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires.

imagasdfasdfaeces Olsen Restaurant

Important information:

Address: Gorriti 5870

Hours: 12pm to midnight from Tuesday to Thursday, 12pm to 1am on Friday and Saturday, 11am to 2 am on Sunday

Transit Directions from Expanish: Subway Line D to Palermo stop and switch to the 108 Bus

downloadsfsdf Olsen Restaurant


Argentine and their famous steak

Thursday, July 18, 2013 13:27

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As a student of Expanish I want to do and see as much as I can in Buenos Aires. Besides learning Spanish I like to know about the Argentine culture. One of the things I wanted to do in Buenos Aires is to try a Argentine steak. Argentina is famous of their steak. It’s not a secret that they love meat and that they are good in preparing it. Don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian, there are a lot of restaurants in Buenos Aires. Pasta, pizza and salad are common choices here. Today I would like to tell you about my experience in a great parrilla in Buenos Aires.

In South America a parrilla is the name for a steakhouse. You could find plenty of them in Buenos Aires. Different kind of food is on the Parrilla, such as meat, vegetables, bread and chicken. Argentina has the worlds second highest consumption rate of beef. So you can’t leave Argentina without trying their famous steak. I went with one of my classmates from Expanish to Puerto Madero, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires. In Puerto Madero you can enjoy the waterfront and the views, but also learn a bit about the history of Puerto Madero. After this my friend and I went to a parrilla.

“This bife the chorizo is great! Que rico!”

The parrilla we went is called ‘La Cabaña’. This place is located at the riverfront in Puerto Madero. There is a big (fake) cow in the entrance and you see the skin of the cow everywhere, for example in the menu. I can tell you this the restaurant is pricy, but when we got what we ordered we said: “this bife the chorizo is really great!” Especially with the Argentine wine, Alta Vista. Que rico! We asked the mozo (the Argentine people call the waiter a mozo) which wine he would recommend us, always good to ask for recommendations I think. With the meat you get different sauces, but it´s not necessary to use this. The meat is nice without anything. Even for me, because I am not a big fan of meat. I still can recommend you to try a steak here in Argentina. There are many places where you can go to. 

foto steak Argentina 224x300 Argentine and their famous steak

Parrillas in Buenos Aires

–          La Cabrera;: a great place for an exceptional meat dish. Every day there is a happy hour (19:00), so you could try this amazing food for a cheaper price. I’ve here also, really nice place and I enjoyed their steaks also very much.
Address: Cabrera 5099 (Palermo)

–          Don Julia; highly recommended for it’s exceptional meat dishes. Nice corner locations with sidewalk tables. The wine list is better than average.
Address: Guatemala 4699 (Palermo)

–          Miranda; popular for it’s luscious steaks. Miranda is fashionable and modern, but the food is the main attraction here.
Address: Costa Rica 5602 (Palermo)

–          El 22 Parrilla; a cheap unoretentious parrilla isn’t that easy to find in upscale Palermo Vieje. This casual family-style parrilla is an exception serving huge portions for a great price.
Address: Carranza 1950 (Palermo)

–          Gran Parrilla del Plata; there’s nothing too fancy at this traditional corner parrilla, just old time atmosphere and generous portions of good grilled meats at decent prices.
Address: Chile 594 (San Telmo)

–          Chiquilin; for 85 years serving in this large and comfortable restaurant with a classic atmosphere.
Address: Sarmiento 1599 (Congreso)

–          Parrilla al Carbon; cheap parrilla at a small discreet eatery on pedestrain Lavalle, next to Balcarce café.
Address: Lavalle 663 (Microcenter)

–          La Cabana; the place I went to and where you can enjoy Puerto Madero.
Address: Av Alicia Moreau de Justo 380 (Puerto Madero).

What to order?

When you decide to go to a parrilla then it’s a good idea to have a look at our article about the different parts of the cow, pleased to meat you. Argentine people use every part of the cow. For example you will see on the menu: lomo, bife the chorizo, bife anchos etc. When I was at the parrilla I recognized a few options. I heared before about the bife the chorizo, so I decided to try this. If you don’t know what to choose, ask the mozo. But if you like to be sure about what you order, then have a look at our article.

Why is the meat so good in Argentina?

Beef quality is dependent on the diet provided to cattle and their living conditions. In 1536, Spanish conquistadors introduced the first cows in Argentina. Gauchos (South American cowboys) who lived on the pampas (outback) turned the asado (barbeque) into an important national dish. The asado and production of the beef is important in the Argentine culture. Asado is a term used both for a range of barbeque techniques and the social event of having or attending a barbeque. The two different farming regimes used for beef production in Argentina are grass pasture and feedlot-based farming. The grass-fed beef is still the most popular here in Argentina. It is believed to be healthier than beef feedlots, but it is more expensive. It takes longer to raise the animal. Grass-fed cattle are living under more natural conditions. If you like to know about the cow in Argentina and why the meat is so good here, have a look at our article Argentine Beef.

parrilla Argentine and their famous steak

Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 12:23

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Having been a food fanatic all my life, it was inevitable that when I came to Buenos Aires to learn Spanish, I sought out the best places to eat for the least amount of money. In general, it is very easy to find affordable and nourishing food anywhere you go in Buenos Aires and the variety is great. At first I wasn’t quite sure where to look in the city so I’ve compiled a short list of my favourite places that I hope you will love. Happy eating!

LAS CABRAS, Fitzroy 1795 Palermo Hollywood

It’s a fantastically atmospheric parrilla-restaurant always filled with locals and well-informed foreigners that, has over the last 7 months become my favourite place to eat. It has a gorgeous outside seating area where the tables are so close together that it’s so easy to start a friendly conversation with the people next to you.

Al fresco dining at cheap parillas in Buenos Aires e1314965500564 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires

Outdoors at Las Cabras

Most of the time I order the Gran Bife Las Cabras to share with one other person. It comes with a huge piece of beef, fried eggs, chips, mashed pumpkin, rice, grilled pepper, onion and grilled provoleta cheese and for just 75 pesos ($US15 approx.) between two people, it’s unbeatable in terms of value.

 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires

Gran Bife Las Cabras

It is quite a varied menú and despite that it is officially a parrilla (grill) restaurant, it offers many other options including quesadillas, salads, fish, soup and traditional Argentine tarts and stews. It’s just a beautiful place to enjoy the fresh air and really delicious and satisfying food!

CHAN CHAN, Hipólito Yrigoyen 1390 Microcentro

images 1 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires

Chan Chan

It’s a wonderful little Peruvian restaurant in the centre that is actually extremely well-known amongst all here. Because of the lines, either go early at 8pm or later around 10:30pm. Having fell in love with ceviche and other specialties in Peru a couple of years ago, I was delighted to find such a cheap place to enjoy these things again! Peruvian resturants are quite common already in Buenos Aires, however generally are quite upmarket places with prices to match. Chan Chan is an exception, serving the freshest of seafood, mouth-watering slow-cooked meat, saucy stir-fries, fragrant soups and much more.

Chan Chan dest 150x150 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires



chanchanpato 150x150 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires

Slow-cooked beef

When I go to eat, I usually don’t spend more than 50 pesos ($US13 approx.) which includes a drink. Another noisy and fun local experience to have while in Buenos Aires!

SINIOR SHAWARMA, Honduras 5328 Palermo Soho

hola sinior shawarma 32225h470 300x220 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires

Sinior Shawarma

A fantastic place to enjoy a kebab and other specialties like falafel, borek and baklava, Sinior Shawarma is conveniently located across the road from the popular Kika nightclub. As spicy food is a little difficult to come across in Buenos Aires, it’s such a treat to be able to ask for hot sauce with whatever you like. Yummy and affordable meal deals are available for instance, a kebab with your choice of filling, papas fritas (the best!) and a beer is just 45 pesos ($US11 approx.)

1 300x229 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires

Kebab Combo

A really friendly and unpretentious place, it’s likely to satisfy your need for some spicy flavours and can also be a great recovery after a big night out.

SARKIS, Thames 1101 Palermo/Villa Crespo

images 2 150x150 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires

A waiting line on any given night

A restaurant that I hardly ever avoid mentioning in my blogs, this place is simply incredible. It’s a perfect place to go as a group as the flavoursome Armenian dishes are best to share-just because you will want to taste as much as possible.

images 3 150x150 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires


When we go we always order the jambra (delicious red pepper dip), pure de garbanzos (hummus), a mountain of pita bread, the falafel dish that comes with a tasty creamy sauce and salad, tabouleh, feta cheese, at least one porción of the cordero al fierrito completo (grilled lamb and vegetables with a generous porción of natural yogurt) and numerous bottles of wine. For all of this I have never paid more than 115 pesos including tip ($US28 approx.) and it guarantees a full belly until the following day.

images 41 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires

Feast time

EL BELICHO, Salta 11, corner of Rivadavia, Microcentro

This is one of those very many classic Argentine café/restaurant places with very simple decor. If you were to walk past, you probably wouldn’t think much of it. However, it’s quite common I guess anywhere in the world that the simplest of places attract weekly customers and dish up some very good meals. Nothing on the menú is over 40 pesos ($US10 approx.) and everything that is typically Argentine is served. Try one of the eight milanesa options, pasta, stew or of course, something from the grill section. Popular choices from the grill are various cuts of chicken, chorizo sausage or beef. The ½ porción bife de chorizo (sirloin rump) con guarnición is my favourite.

images 61 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires

Bife de Chorizo

Don’t asume that you’ll need the full porción-the half is huge! For just 35 pesos you can choose to have anything from the grill with either mashed potatoes, fried potato or salad. Before the meals come they always provide a bread basket with the most delicious criolla sauce-just try not to fill up on this!

images 5 150x150 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires

Salsa Criolla


This option is your most economical and healthy one. These self-serve restaurants are in abundance in Buenos Aires, particularly in the centre where during the week, are bursting at the seams with workers from nearby offices. They serve dozens of salads, fruits and hot meals including stews, curries, stir fries and meat.

images 7 Finding Memorable and Affordable Meals in Buenos Aires


How they work is that you simply grab a container to take away or a plate if there is room to eat in the restaurant, then simply load it up with food of your choice and in the end, you pay for the weight of the food. My favourite self-service restaurant in the centre is on Diagonal Norte 1126 (and apparently without a name) where they have an incredible range of veggie options and the freshest produce. Another great place is Spring Restaurant on Guetemala 4450 in Palermo Soho. It’s slightly more expensive than other establishments of its’ type as the actual restaurant is quite lovely and inviting. Many people feel that when they visit Buenos Aires, it’s a mission to find a place that serves green vegetables with their meal so this is a great option for when fresh vegetables are needed!

Enjoy these recommendations and explore more great options in BsAs!


Cheap and Easy Meals to Prepare While Travelling

Thursday, March 7, 2013 14:44

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So, something that has honestly been bothering me a few months now is the inevitable weight gain that comes with travelling, living somewhere like Buenos Aires, where I have been studying Spanish. Unfortunately, it is just bound to happen- food businesses including panaderías (bakeries), confiterías (sweets shops), heladerías (ice cream), empanada and pizza joints are just  abundant in this city and inconveniently selling cheap bites to travellers on a budget.

october 10 x 2005 149 edited 300x225 Cheap and Easy Meals to Prepare While Travelling

Some of the delights you can buy from a confiteria in the city


Other factors that contribute to weight gain here include bread baskets at every restaurant and the generous waiters who refill them, constant Fernet drinking with newly-made travel friends and the little voice in our heads that says every day ‘I am overseas and I have never felt so free so I am just going to finish this family-sized bar of chocolate on my own and have an ice-cream after lunch too, take that stomach!!’. There is just something about having an insane overseas experience that can sometimes make you say these sorts of things to yourself because you’re away from home where we are limited to daily schedules that generally don’t allow us to be this reckless with food portions and choices.

images 1 150x150 Cheap and Easy Meals to Prepare While Travelling

Some of the delicious ice-cream found in Buenos Aires


There is another thing to consider though while  on the road and it is that sometimes there is simply no option but to eat what is available. If you’re lucky enough to receive food on overnight buses, the meal will usually include a white-breaded sandwich and cookies and while in Bolivia, it is quite normal to receive a dish with both rice, french fries AND bread on the side.

An endearing quality about the average backpacker is the constant search for food that is cheap and in Argentina, that is empanadas, the Latin equivalent of pies or pasties. They are simply everywhere here. Sometimes you come across a great place that offers a whooping 8 varieties which can keep you going back every day for a week, and at 6 pesos each, you can go nuts! At the end of this time though, your stomach will probably be screaming for something a little fresh and healthy.

argentina dining restaurant empanadas header1 150x150 Cheap and Easy Meals to Prepare While Travelling

Empanadas here can be filled with anything from beef and vegetables to chicken to roquefort cheese and onion.


Henceforth, I have put together 5 simple, cheap and healthy meals that can be prepared in the simplest of hostel kitchens. I’ve stuck to a budget of 20-25 pesos per meal that can sometimes be split into 2 nights’ worth of dinners. You can usually get all of these ingredients from any supermarket or verduleria (which are usually cheaper than supermarkets as their stock is brought in locally.)



1 can chickpeas

1 can diced tomatoes

1 ½ teaspoons curry powder

Spinach leaves

White or Brown rice

Wash rice and cook in a pot. Heat oil in a wok or largish fry pan. Fry chickpeas for 2-3 minutes on high heat until slightly soft. Add tinned tomatoes and stir for 2 minutes. Reduce heat and add curry powder. Let simmer for 10-15 minutes and at the end, add the spinach so it wilts a little. Serve with rice. (Serves 2)

images 2 150x150 Cheap and Easy Meals to Prepare While Travelling

Chickpea Curry with Spinach



1 bunch fresh spinach

1 punnet cherry tomatoes

Extra virgin olive oil

1 packet chuck steak or thin filleted steak

Tomato and/or garlic marinade from a bottle

Cut the meat how you like. Pour marinade over it, cover, and leave in the fridge for half an hour. Meanwhile clean your salad components and dry. Once meat is marinated, heat a grill and sear on both sides until cooked to your liking. Arrange meat and salad together and add olive oil to taste.

Steak and Feta Spinach Salad 300x225 150x150 Cheap and Easy Meals to Prepare While Travelling

Spinach and Cherry Tomato with Seared Beef


GOOD OL’ BURRITOS (my versión)

1 packet beef mince

Burritos or ‘arabic’ style bread

1 green capsicum/pepper

1 onion

2 tomato

1 avocado

First, chop both tomatoes into small chunks. Put half aside for the beef and the other half for the ‘guacamole’. Mash up the avocado to a good consistency and add half the tomatoes. Heat a fry pan and cook the minced beef well, add 2 tablespoons of wáter and the other half of the tomatoes. Wait until wáter is absorbed then put aside. Use the same pan to fry some finely sliced onion and capsicum until soft. When ready to eat, pop the burritos or flat bread in the microwave or oven if you have one and heat to your liking. Assemble food together and enjoy. (Serves 2-3)

483c307942c76Denni Schnapp burritosok 150x150 Cheap and Easy Meals to Prepare While Travelling

Beef Burrito with peppers and guacamole



1 packet spaghetti

1/3 litre chicken stock (they only have cubes here)

A little cream

1 packet chicken breast, cut into bite-sized pieces

1 bunch spinach

1 onion

¼ pumpkin or sweet potato (ideally baked but you can pan-fry as well)

If you have an oven, chop the pumpkin or sweet potato into bite-sized pieces and bake for ½ hour. If not sautee in a fry pan until very soft. Prepare pasta in a pot. Fry chicken in a pan until thoroughly cooked, put aside and then cook the onion until it is translucent. Return chicken, reduce heat and add  2 tablespoons cream. Stir and add 1 cup of chicken stock. Add the pumpkin or sweet potato, then 2 more tablespoons of cream and one cup of stock. There should be a nice creamy sauce forming (add more liquid if you think necessary.) Let the sauce simmer for 10-15 mins and at the end, add the spinach leaves until just wilted. Serve over pasta. (Serves 3-4)


img 1715 150x150 Cheap and Easy Meals to Prepare While Travelling

Spaghetti Apollo Kota


1 packet brown rice (if cooking for 1 person, ½-1 cup is sufficient)


Soy sauce (something that is surprisingly sometimes hard to find here in Buenos Aires-you may have to come across a Chinese supermarket for a bottle)

The most elementary of the 5 and surprisingly satisfying! Prepare the rice in one pot and the peas in another. When both cooked, mix together and add a generous amount of soy sauce. Yum!


ricewithegg1 150x150 Cheap and Easy Meals to Prepare While Travelling

Sticky rice with peas

For more information on food in Argentina or learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, click these links!

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San Telmo – Un barrio encantador en Buenos Aires

Monday, June 11, 2012 15:30

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En Buenos Aires hay un mercado muy famoso por la Plaza de Mayo entre la calle Defensa y la plaza Dorrego. Este Mercado se llama la Feria de San Telmo. Cada domingo va mucha gente de todo el mundo para comprar artesanías, probar algunas comidas típicas o explorar el barrio. Para almorzar hay un lugar muy lindo con música en vivo donde las personas se pueden sentar y relajar. En este lugar se puede comer asado: Choripan,  Lomo o beber algo. Durante la noche las calles reflejan un luz adorable   también hay una Milonga que se llama “Milonga del Indio”que siempre comienza a las 8 de la noche y está al aire libre.

Markt San Telmo 300x225 San Telmo   Un barrio encantador en Buenos Aires
Durante la semana San Telmo también tiene lugares interesantes para visitar. Por ejemplo el Zanjón  donde se puede hacer una visita guiada en Español o en Inglés durante una hora. Allí se puede aprender mucho sobre la historia del barrio y del desarrollo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires con la ayuda de un guía, de pinturas y mapas viejos.

chorizofoto 300x223 San Telmo   Un barrio encantador en Buenos Aires

También hay una gran variedad de Iglesias antiguedades, tiendas de moda y anticuarios. En San Telmo se situan Restaurantes y una Farmacia muy atractiva. La Farmacia (Defensa y Alsina) es muy linda con una báscula y óelos en los paredes. Es una buena idea caminar por toda la calle Defensa y muy cerca de dicha calle está la Calle “Pasaje San Lorenzo 380” donde se puede ver la casa minima que es tambien muy común en Buenos Aires.


milonga plaza dorrego1 300x225 San Telmo   Un barrio encantador en Buenos Aires

Milonga del Indio

San Telmo fue un barrio con una población bastante rica y ahora se pueden ver las riquezas en las calles,  con  una gran cantidad de museos. Pero después, de la epidemia de fiebre amarilla, la gente adinerada se mudó a otros barrios como por ejemplo Recoleta. Hoy en día la riqueza de San Telmo se  presenta de manera más cultural y con gran variedad artística.

farmacia 300x192 San Telmo   Un barrio encantador en Buenos Aires



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Celebrating May 25 in Argentina: What to eat?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 13:00

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El 25 de Mayo se celebra en Argentina el aniversario de la “Revolución de Mayo”, evento que marcó el inicio de la gesta independentista del país, y que dio comienzo al proceso de surgimiento del estado argentino, el cual verá la luz el 9 de julio de 1816, cuando se declaró la Independencia de la nación argentina.

25 de Mayo Celebrating May 25 in Argentina: What to eat?

Los argentinos suelen celebrar esta fecha preparando platos típicos que hacen parte de la tradición argentina, como una forma de exaltar sus valores y reivindicar su cultura.

A continuación te contamos cuáles son los platos tradicionales que suelen servirse en esta fecha, para que vayas pensando lo que vas a comer este Viernes:

Este tradicional plato a base de maíz, de alto contenido calórico es ideal para esta época en la que empieza a bajar la temperatura; es el plato por excelencia del 25 de Mayo así que si te invitan a pasar este día con una familia argentina seguramente es el plato que te servirán.
Locro 300x225 Celebrating May 25 in Argentina: What to eat?

En esta celebración no podía faltar uno de los platos más comunes dentro de la cocina típica argentina; las deliciosas empanadas; puedes pedirlas en diferentes presentaciones: fritas o al horno, y puedes encontrarlas con diferentes rellenos: Queso, Cebolla, Carne cortada a cuchillo, caprese, con uvas pasas, con morrones, huevos etc.
Empanadas 300x200 Celebrating May 25 in Argentina: What to eat?

Estos deliciosos envueltos de maíz son un infaltable dentro de la cocina tradicional deñl norte Argentino, se sirven dentro de la hoja que envuelve el maíz (chala).
Tamales Saltenos 300x225 Celebrating May 25 in Argentina: What to eat?
Los son similares a nuestro siguiente plato:

Envuelto hecho también a base de maíz; en el Norte Argentino son famosas las humitas en chala, que se sirven al igual que el tamal envueltas en las chalas del maíz imagenes: empanada y locro: Tomado del blog chocolate y frambuesa.
Humitas en Chala 300x254 Celebrating May 25 in Argentina: What to eat?

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The Best Alfajor of Argentina: Alfajor Tasting Results

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 14:01

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The Best Alfajor of Argentina: Alfajor tasting results

A passionate subject amongst those who have tried alfajores, we took the search for the best alfajor extremely seriously!  We started the search for the best alfajor with the Facebook community and asked for your favourite brand and type of alfajor. It did not take long before a heated discussion began and people started to express their love for alfajors on the Facebook Opinion Poll. The results of the Alfajor Facebook Opinion Poll can be seen below:

 Alfaores Chocolates1 150x150 The Best Alfajor of Argentina: Alfajor Tasting Results Alfajores 150x150 The Best Alfajor of Argentina: Alfajor Tasting Results  Mixed Alfajor 150x150 The Best Alfajor of Argentina: Alfajor Tasting Results

  1. Cachafaz
  2. Jorgito
  3. Havanna (
  4. Other
  5. Abuela Goya
  6. Milka
  7. Aguila

Having looked at the results of the Facebook Opinion Poll, we wanted to take our research deeper into the tasty world of alfajores, so we decided to have a ‘regrettable’ alfajor tasting to measure if and  how much we were subjected to the marketing and the culture. We had a sweet Friday and made a blind tasting of the top brands of our poll: Havanna, Jorgito, Aguila, and Cachafaz with all the BsAs4U team as participants (we have to add that we have a multicultural team which makes our sample very diverse and less influenced by the culture).

The results of the blind alfajor tasting at BsAs4U were as follows:

  1. Cachafaz
  2. Jorgito
  3. Aguila
  4. Havanna (which surprisingly received 0 votes)

We have to say that besides being fun and sweet, it was a very interesting experience as we learned that our opinions were segmented and all of us had a change in thoughts and a change of our favourite alfajor brand after last Friday’s tasting.

Finally, as a conclusion, we are proud to declare the Cachafaz as the best alfajor in Buenos Aires and this is a non paid publicity.  But do you know what a Cachafaz is? Lets learn a new lunfardo word…cafachaz, is an adjective to define a crafty or cunning person, and it is even a tango myth, a person considered the  best tango dancer, teacher and actor of the late 20´s was known under the nick of El Cachafaz.

So Cachafaz is a word that represents the Argentineans, but how come Havanna became the most famous brand of Argentina? Well, it seems that Havanna Alfajores was the best or at least the best known and for many years identified Argentineans all over the world, but the company was sold. Urban legend says that the first owners of Havanna, after concluding their secrecy clause of the contract, began a new company under the brand of El Cachafaz using with the original recipe used in the traditional Havanna at its very beginning in Mar del Plata.  This might also explain why many speak about the similarity of tastes and packages.

For those who have advanced Spanish, here is a video (Spanish) with a deep analysis about the similarities between Havanna and El Cachafaz:

And here is BsAs4U’s alfajor tasting that proves that El Cachafaz was the winner in the 2012 poll and can also be compared with what was supposed to be the only kosher alfajor, a brand called Successo which, is also very similar to the other two in question.

So make sure you don´t fall in the marketing and branding of today’s world and make sure you try the different alfajores for yourself. Let us know which your favourite is and enjoy your own personal quest in search of your favourite alfajor

If you are looking for tours and activities in Buenos Aires during the Autumn, visit our official website

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Pleased to meat you!

Friday, April 20, 2012 14:16

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That the Argentinians love their meat is a fact. Some of them can not even survive one single day without a juicy piece of steak. One of them is one of my porteño friends. He told me that he had the desire to travel to India, but that he couldn’t, because cows are holy there and he would never ever survive without meat. When I told him that he could stuff himself there with delicious chicken dishes, he looked at me highly insulted and said: Chicken is not meat…it’s chicken!

Let’s see where the roots of this crazy love for meat comes from. The first cows were introduced in Argentina in 1536 by Spanish Conquistadors. From then on beef has played an important role in the Argentinian culture. Gauchos (South American cowboys), who lived in estancias (ranches) on the pampas (outback) used to be the masters of the cattle. They turned the asado (barbeque) into an important national dish. Their knowledge about breeding quality meat and how to prepare it made gave Argentina the position of 2nd biggest consumer and 3rd biggest exporter of beef, after Australia and Brazil. However, from my experience I can give them witout doubts the first position of most delicious meat.

asado1 300x199 Pleased to meat you!

The only way to understand this love for meat, is simply to try it. And oh boy they have good steaks. The quality of the meat here is so good and tender, that it needs no nonsense sauces, just some salt. Sometimes you get some chimichurri, which is a simple mix of spices, which can also come as a salsa. But do not put to much frills on your steak, it is an insult when the meat can not be tasted anymore. The whole vaca (cow) is a part of the menu. If you don’t want to have an undefinable surprise on your plate, it can be usefull to learn some bodyparts by head before ordering in a restaurant. Parts which you can expect on the parilla are ofcourse different kinds of steak (of which lomo and bife de chorizo are excellent choices), sausages, chicken, and for the dare devils kidney, intestines and salivary glands.

vaca1 Pleased to meat you!

Ready to indulge yourself in some Argentinian steak? Here is a list of excellent places in Buenos Aires where you can expect melt-in-your-mouth steaks:

– La Cabrera
– El Trapiche
– Don Julio
– Cabaña de las Lilas

Budget, but gooood!
– Las Cabras
-Chan Chan
– Manolo
– Plaza
– Asturias
– Sarkis
– Status


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