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Kosher Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 7:56

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Buenos Aires is well known for its cultural diversity, since its population is a mix from a variety of comunities that emigrated during the wars in the twentieth century. I bet you didn’t know that Argentina has the second biggest Jewish community outside of Israel. A vast majority living in Buenos Aires whilst the rest living in Rosario, Santa Fe and Córdoba. That being said there are some great Kosher places to eat in the city:

Kosher Meaty restaurants:

Al Zein, Arce 488, Las Cañitas

For those who love middle eastern cuisine, this place is for you! Al Zein has great falafel and shwarma (Kebab) and is Kosher too!

Asian Steakhouse, Cordoba 5300, Palermo

Asian Fusion with Parrilla, two of the best cuisines put together. Perfect spot for a nice dinner, its a little pricey but definetly worth it!

Parrilla Al Galope, Tucumán 2633, Congreso

You can´t leave Buenos Aires without trying meat, so there´s always good to know some Kosher options!

Mcdonalds, Abasto Shopping, Corrientes

Did you know the only Kosher Mcdonalds outside of Israel is here in Buenos Aires? In the heart of one of the traditional jewish neighbourhoods, you will find it in the third floor of the Abasto Shopping.

kosher mc 300x200 Kosher Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Dairy and Fish Restaurants:

Dashi, Salguero 2639, Palermo

Yummy Sushi! This is the only branch that is kosher!

Munieka, Charcas 4480, Palermo

In the heart of Palermo Soho this place is a dairy restaurant, they do smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels and challah too!

Kokush,  Tucumán 2663, Balvanera

Kosher bakery! For those in need of some fresh challah!

La Crespo, Thames 612, Palermo

Whilst this place is not kosher it does specialize in Jewish style deli food! Those in need of a good old Smoked Salmon Bagel or Salt beef!

Have you tried Kosher food in Buenos Aires? Let us know your thoughts!

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Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 7:23

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Its funny that in a city that has such a large coffee culture it is hard to find a good cappuccino or café con leche that doesn´t leave you with the burnt coffee beans after taste.

Here is a list of the top 10 coffee spots throughout Buenos Aires:

Birkin, Republica Árabe Siria, 3061, Palermo Botánico 

There is something about this place, maybe its the location, being just 5 minutes walk from the Botanical gardens or the excellent coffee or latte art. The café itself has been inspired by Stumptown coffee Roasters in NYC, every little detail. Its the perfect brunch spot on a sunny day under the palm trees.

PS. try their Alfajor de nuez!

1526757 791536050861724 1145289411 n 300x201 Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Coffee Town, Bolivar, 976, San Telmo 

This hidden gem in San Telmo market is perfect for a pit stop after work or on a Sunday after going to the market.

Their coffee is also stocked in Ninina, Gorriti 4738, Palermo Soho, Ninina has probably one of the best Soy lattes I have found and quite frankly one of the only places that stock Soy Milk.

LATTEnTE, Thames 1891, Palermo Soholattente 300x199 Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Bocca Al Lupo, Bonpland 1965, Palermo Hollywood

They have Croissant con Nutella, need I say more? photo 3 300x225 Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Barrio Cafetero, Florida 833, Microcentro

Location, location, location. Taking away coffee in Buenos Aires is such a new concept, but this place is perfect for those wanting to grab a coffee in a hurry. PS. Try their Flat Whites!photo 4 copy 300x225 Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Full City  Coffee House, Thames 1535, Palermo Soho

British-Columbian owned café with pretty latte art and a great fry up!

Import Coffee Company
, Libertad 1150, Retiro

This place has illy coffee and Twinnings tea, for those missing a good cup of tea.

Cocu, Malabia 1510, Palermo Chico

French owned Boulangerie with some great coffee. Perfect spot to take a seat with your laptop and get some work done.

cocu final 300x136 Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Crisol, Freire 1502, Colegiales and Seguí 2585, Palermo Botánico

Great brunch spot! and coffee too!

Have you tried a good coffee in Buenos Aires? Let us know!

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Top 5 Juices and Smoothie bars in Buenos Aires

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 12:26

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Buenos Aires has a lot to offer but Juice is definitely one of the harder things to find. After searching high and low I have managed to find 5 great places that offer both Juices and smoothies.

1.  bBlue Deli & Natural Bar, Armenia 1692, Palermo Soho 

This place is great, it has pretty much everything from Wheatgrass to Spirulina and Maça and Açaí too! The portion sizes are extremely generous as well!

bblue 300x225 Top 5 Juices and Smoothie bars in Buenos Aires

2.  The Factory, 4995 El Salvador, Palermo Soho

This place is very reminiscent of the Juice bars in Europe, they have a great selection of fruit and veg. Great for those looking for a Green Detox Juice!

3.  Buenos Aires Verde, Gorriti 5657, Palermo Hollywood

Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants with loads of Vegan and Raw Options who said Buenos Aires just does Parrilla! They also have Almond milk and supplements for sale.

4.  Be Juice, Barrientos 1586, Recoleta 

Be Juice has many Vegan/Vegetarian options and supplements such as Maça and Spirulina!

be juice 300x300 Top 5 Juices and Smoothie bars in Buenos Aires

5.  Smooothaway, Soler 6036, Palermo Hollywood

Vegan café with a really great selection of Juices and Smoothies, they also sell various vegan products from Soy Yogurt to Cashew milk!

Some other great restaurants that have a selection of Juices!

Picnic, Florida 102, Microcentro

Picnic has a great selection of Juices, offers 15% to Expanish students and is only a 5 minute walk from the school.

Fifi Almacen, Gorriti 4812, Palermo

They have great selection of Juices and offer 10% off to those who ride their bike there.

Ninina bakery, Gorriti 4738,

For those looking for delicious cakes with a Juice on the side, this place is for you! It is also one of the few places that is open till midnight during the week!

ninina 300x225 Top 5 Juices and Smoothie bars in Buenos Aires

If you have any more suggestions, please feel free to comment below!

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El café en Buenos Aires

Monday, June 2, 2014 11:54

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Bartola El café en Buenos Aires
En ninguna ciudad del mundo es tan evidente el hábito de sentarte y tomar un taza del café mientras comés algo como en Buenos Aires. Las medialunas, los sandwiches o las empanadas tradicionales van siempre acompañadas de un rico café con leche o cappuccino.

La capital porteña es el más fiel acuerdo de ciudades europeas, donde la sensación de nostalgia parece que se manifiesta entre la modernidad y en el pasado. No es difícil encontrar cafeterías tradicionales antiguas que tienen mesitas afuera y jubilados leyendo el periódico con todo el tiempo del mundo, cerca de cafeterías “norteamericanizadas”  que sirven las bebidas “para llevar” a personas que tienen prisa todo el día.

Ya sean con un aire más joven o más clásico, en Buenos Aires hay cafeterías para todos los gustos y exigencias.
Acá hay un listado para vos que tenés ganas de disfrutar siempre el mejor café.  Entonces…
¡Qué lo disfrutes!

Natural Deli cappuchino El café en Buenos Aires

Los tradicionales:

LA GIRALDA –  Avenida Corrientes 1453

CAFE TORTONI – Avenida de Mayo 825

EL BANDERIN – Guarda Vieja 3601

LA PERLA – Don Pedro de Mendoza 1899

EL FEDERAL – Carlos Calvo 595

EL OLIMPO – Irigoyen 1491


Los modernos:

POROTA – Gorriti 5881

BARTOLA – Nicaragua 5935

OUI OUI – Nicaragua 6068

TEA CONNECTION – Olga Cossettini 1545

LAS VIOLETAS – Avenida Rivadavia 3899

EL ATENEO – Avenida Santa Fe 1860


Expat Bars

Thursday, May 15, 2014 12:20

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At one point or another you have probably heard the word “expat.”  It may have been used in normal conversation but there is a good chance it was used in conjunction with a bar, “Hey Nick, lets go to that expat bar!”  Expat bars are in every country.  It is a place that hopefully reminds you a little bit of home (or more so of England/Australia/USA).  Buenos Aires has many expat bars littered throughout the city.  If you are looking for a couple places to hang out with friends and have a beer, just take a look at the following:

1)       Casa Bar – located in Recoletta, just a couple blocks from Santa Fe and Callao is a small bar with many televisions.  Depending on the time of year you can find American football, hockey, basketball, futbol, and many others.

 Expat Bars

2)      Sugar bar- only a few blocks from Plaza Serano, Sugar bar is a British owned bar providing a number of foreign interests.  Like many expat bars, they have many televisions to watch sports as well as typical “foreign” food such as chicken wings and hamburgers.

3)      The Alamo- not to be confused with the Alamo from San Antonio, Texas, is another expat bar located in Recoletta.  With available space to smoke in the upstairs terrace, this bar is another option for those looking to escape the Argentine bar scene, if only for a couple hours.

10 buenas razones de porque comprar orgánico

Thursday, April 3, 2014 12:34

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comida organica 10 buenas razones de porque comprar orgánico

1. La comida orgánica tiene mejor sabor

Es común que en suelos bien equilibrados crezcan plantas más fuertes y saludables que además tienen mejor sabor. Recientes investigaciones indican que los alimentos orgánicos también contienen mayor cantidad de nutrientes. Se obtienen alimentos deliciosos y nutritivos al comprar productos orgánicos y certificados.

2. Los productos orgánicos certificados tienen garantía

Desde 1996, todos los productos y alimentos con etiquetado orgánico deben estar de acuerdo con la ley de orgánicos. La certificación es la garantía pública que los productos fueron producidos y manufacturados de acuerdo a procedimientos estrictos libres de químicos tóxicos.Todos los productores y manufactureros son requeridos para mantener planes de gestión orgánica.

3. La producción orgánica reduce riesgos de salud

Los químicos son directamente relacionados al cáncer y otras enfermedades. Los niños, productores y trabajadores son particularmente vulnerables. La evaluación del riesgo se basa en el consumo adulto, asumiendo la exposición a solo un pesticida a la vez. Esto no tiene en consideración en nuestro ambiente moderno. Reducir el número de exposiciones a los químicos tóxicos debería ser el objetivo de todos.

4. Productores orgánicos generan suelo

El suelo es la base de la cadena alimenticia y el foco principal de la producción orgánica. Creando un suelo saludable, las plantas tienen mayores posibilidades de resistir a enfermedades e insectos. Cada pequeña parte de suelo vivo contiene miles de microorganismos los cuales ayudan a retener agua y proveer de nutrientes a las plantas. Los productores orgánicos fomentan la fertilidad del suelo a través de labranza adecuada y rotación de cultivos.

5. Los productores orgánicos respetan nuestros recursos de agua

La eliminación de los químicos contaminantes y el drenaje de nitrógeno, emparentados con los esfuerzos de generación de suelos, protege y conserva los recursos de agua desde la contaminación de nitrógeno y la carga de sedimentos. La agricultura orgánica requiere menos agua porque el humus en un suelo vivo retiene humedad.

6. Los productores orgánicos encabezan una investigación innovadora

Los productores orgánicos han sido los pioneros, con innovaciones en investigación para reducir y minimizar el impacto de los pesticidas en la agricultura. Las técnicas de producción mejores conocidas de la agricultura orgánica incluyen el utilización de insectos benéficos, rotación de cultivos  y lo controle  botánico de pestes, por ejemplo.

7. La producción orgánica ayuda a conservar las comunidades rurales saludables

Muchos productores orgánicos son independientes y operan como familias de agricultores – una raza casi extinta en muchos países. La producción orgánica, a menudo realizada en menores superficies más intensivamente, es una de las poca tácticas de supervivencia dejadas por la familias agrícola y la comunidad rural.

 8. Los productores orgánicos se esfuerzan por preservar la diversidad

Directamente unos años atrás, la biodiversidad no era un tema tan común como lo es hoy. Una buena noticia es que muchos productores orgánicos y agricultores han sido conscientes de los problemas por décadas, juntando y preservando simientes, y diseminando variedades inusuales.

9. Los productores orgánicos trabajan en armonía con la naturaleza

La agricultura orgánica representa el equilibrio exigido de un ecosistema saludable, por ejemplo,  aves e insectos benéficos controlan pestes.Cuando compras producción orgánica, estás ayudando a los agricultores a crear un ambiente saludable para la vida silvestre.

10. Abundancia orgánica y diversidad de alimentos

En la década pasada, estuvimos observando novedades interesantes en producción orgánica de alimentos, frutas, vegetales, semillas y granos, entre más. Comprar orgánico hoy asegura más opciones para mañana.

Fonte : Living and Raw Foods

images 21 10 buenas razones de porque comprar orgánico

En Buenos Aires hay opciones de tiendas naturales:

Alma Zen: Perón 812 y Malabia 484

Artesano: Mansilla 2740

Clara Aurora: Ecuador 1171

Dame tu mano: Quesada 5094

El Galpón – Centro comunal de abastecimiento: Av. Federico Lacroze 4181

El Rincón Orgánico: Guruchaga 1001

La Casa de Ohsawa: Ciudad de la Paz 415

La Esquina de las flores: Gurruchaga 1630

Lotos: Av.Córdoba 1577

Mario Levenson: Tucumán 3622

Misra: Thames 1515

Natural Deli Gorostiaga 1776 y Laprida 1672


Para ese mes de abril, Buenos Aires tendrá en los días 12 y 13 lo evento Buenos Aires Market – Feria de Alimentos Saludables .


Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

Friday, March 21, 2014 10:27

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Through Argentine Barbecue Restaurants all around the world, we all know that Argentinean cuisine loves meat and they have really good ones! But this might not end up very well  for no meet lovers.

Since my childhood I did not enjoyed and mostly refused to eat any kind of meat for emotional reasons, which ended by understanding “if you do not compensate with other foods it is just a romantic action” by having considerable blood iron problems! Although right now I m trying to eat meat as much as I can, my heart and stomach are still on the veggies and fruits side; and as a life style since almost always I believed in healthy eating and healthy habits. For this reason in every city I ve visited or lived, I like to discover healthy eating places which are mostly vegetarian and/organic food restaurants.

Considering that this weekend we will have the first organic market of autumn at the city, I thought it might be useful to mention my first healthy eating findings in Buenos Aires.

images 11 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes descarga 11 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

Buenos Aires Market(BAM) is an organic supplies open market, opened since 2012. It  takes place in different spots around the city the  last weekend of every month. This March, Parque Rivadavia, in  Caballito neighborhood will host the BAM, with 70 producers and more than 600 products. In the city you can find also many organic products shops, but this open market is offering a huge variety on products with affordable prices. Apart from an open organic shopping, you might also have the  chance to enjoy an organic breakfast, lunch or a brunch,  all made with organic ingredients.  You can even take a cooking class! The market will be open from 9 Am until 7PM. Is strongly recommended to save a couple of hours on your weekend agenda.

But if BAM takes place only once a month, then where are the other places I am enjoying healthy food? Here they come! Just bear in mind that they are my first findings!

I want to start with the ones that have chains in Argentina, in order to give you more options.

Green Eat is one of them. What I can say is other than the good food they have, they all have a very cool atmosphere. Their organic and healthy cooked food and drink options show variety that allow you to satisfy your gut at any meal of the day. In this cool and delicious atmosphere you can buy some (but not many) organic products and you can even get a nice plant as a present for your own or for some one else. For the closest one:

1507383 200x300 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes 679ff8c4fe9627dfe36aa3dcc1b8d340 182x300 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

Another healthy food chain is Tea Connection. Although they are not using 100% organic ingredients, their menu has many delicious and healthy cooked dishes and very good drinks including tea fusions(hello! the name?!) and fresh fruit juices. Apart from their stable menu, they also have every day changing lunch menus with good prices. For women who are planning to have a Ladies Night Out, I recommend to check their web-site or facebook page in order to be able to enjoy their 15% discount at their  Ladies Night .

descarga2 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes images2 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

Natural Delhi (Mercado) is also an organic food restaurant with chains in several neighbourhoods. As they refer themselves, it is more a “mercado(store)” than a restaurant. Still they have a short but good quality(and tasty) food menu. What I enjoy more in Natural Delhi is the organic market, which has some products that are not easy to find in BsAs supermarkets. Regarding food, I definitely recommend their morning croissants (not medialuna!).

descarga 21 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes images 21 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

Now let s look at the no-chain ones.The first organic food restaurant at the city is Bio,  a vegan/vegetarian restaurant which has been working since 2002. On 2012 they moved  to an old and beautiful  colonial house with high roof , where they are serving vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes for their customers. Inside of the restaurant there is also an impressive organic products market, which includes their own products. Moreover, you can also join one of their cooking classes  if you are interested. I love cooking(can even claim that I m a very good cook!), and honestly by the influence of new raw food diets, their raw food cooking classes are in my to do list!

descarga 31 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes images 31 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

As I mentioned in my previous posts, the Spanish Language School(Expanish) I m attending is in down town. For this reason Picnic Vegan Restaurant has an important role in my life as it s located at the beginning of Florida street and the 15% discount I have through Expanish(! You will face their “more delicious, more healthy, more natural” philosophy starting from their windows and all around inside. Despite the nice environment and staff they have, I still prefer to take my delicious food away from the hectic air of Florida. If your job/school/to-do is in down town and if you prefer healthier food, for sure you should stop by at Picnic  and try one of their Tabouli salad at least! 343746239000845 2095411402 n 300x199 Healthy Food Places in Buenos Aires, First Findings of Turkish Eyes

These were my first findings through my several visits and 2 months (+continuing) experience in Buenos Aires. I hope you ll be interested and have chance to enjoy them as I did/do. Cheers!

Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

Friday, March 7, 2014 10:20

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For a foreigner in a new city, the best way to warm up is to discover the places  which you can relate with. Parks, streets, book stores, bars, restaurants etc.

I wanted to share my first top places to eat and drink in Buenos Aires.

Considering Turkish cuisine aims to the(!) meat all the time, Argentina is not a hard country for a Turkish to find a place to eat.

As not being addicted to meat, my list includes more variations than barbecue places. But we are in Argentina, let s start with a good “parilla”!

Don Julio is a barbecue place(Parilla in Castellano) which you will find any kind of delicious meat with an affordable price, served with warm gorgeous smell breads and good service.

What ever you would choose from the menu I can assure that it has been made with good quality ingredients and you will not be regretful; this includes salads, fries, deserts. Their wine menu also includes a variety of exquisite and also affordable but good wines.

Another proof that you should follow my recommendation is that Don Julio is on the list of  The Guardian’s Top 10 restaurants in Buenos Aires. ( )

images 1 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyesimages Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

Continuing with meat and beef, I want to mention Burger Joint Palermo. Burger Joint has really one of  the best Burgers I ever ate all around the world.

According to my first hand sources, owner of the place decided to invest more on the taste and the ingredients than the place. But what I can say it is totally a very cool place; which you can join it s decoration with your drawings on the tables or the walls by using the colourful pens left on your table!

Good burgers, delicious sauces, good combinations; and good fresh Sangria during hot summer days. What else I can say apart from “Do try it please!” (

When I first arrange a meeting with my few Turkish friends in Buenos Aires, I did not realize that I knew Pizzeria Piola from Turkey, which is based on Italy!

As a critic to Argentinean pizza, I am much more a thin Italian pizza lover; which also you can find in several places in Buenos Aires. Pizzeria Piola is one of them.

Starting from Italy, Piola has franchise in 11 countries around the world. Also in Buenos Aires they have 2; still I prefer the one in Barrio Norte considering it s location. Regarding the menu, it s serving to many different tastes. “Istanbul” is one of them, for the people are not that into tomato sauce. Although I am Turkish(!)  I should honestly say that it was not one of my favorites. ( )

descarga 1 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

El Obrero is one of the famous old, traditional restaurants in Buenos Aires. It s located in La Boca, which you can enjoy several good tasting Argentinean dishes and deserts after or before a fun tour in famous Boca Juniors Stadium La Bombonera!(

images 2 300x115 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

descarga 2 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

Or after your calm but satisfied tour in Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Museum, which has opened it s doors September 2012. (

Like many other traditional Argentinean restaurants in the city, you are going to see Maradona´s photos and  many football uniform on the walls around you. In particular the tasty deserts they have and it s location what is making it more special and recommended by me. ( )

Boca Fun Song 300x200 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

Museo Proa is also located in La Boca, but more in the center of it. After seeing a good exhibition at the museum, roof bar is very attractive to have any kind of drinks at any time of the day.

descarga 3 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

In the terrace you can enjoy a good blend tea together with sweet orange crisps, companied by the view of beautiful old Italian street “Caminito” and the Puente Transbordador (also known as Buenos Aires Transporter Bridge). Highly recommended.   ( )

descarga 4 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyesimages 7 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

Another roof bar for good drinks is 725 Continental Hotel in down town Buenos Aires.

For me by being just the next building to Expanish,  it s a good place to have some fresh drinks after a long day of my intensive Spanish courses!

With their many offers you can enjoy good cocktails or regular drinks with your friends with  a view which you could hardly find in the city. Within the hurly burly of the down town, 725 Continental´s roof  is a must to see the beautiful old structures in  down town. ( )

images 3 300x146 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

Now let’s talk about a unique place. Floreria Atlantico is a cocktail bar , which is also perfect for flower and wine lovers like me with their good wine menu and beautiful flowers all around. It  has very justly earned place in Top 10 spot on the World’s Best Bars List.

This cool place looks like florist, wine bar, cocktail bar, restaurant and tapas bar at the same time. Whether you order a cocktail tapas combination or a wine dish combination; you will be definitely happy and satisfied.( )

images 5 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

For some food alternatives I will mention 2 Asian food restaurants.

First of them is Dashi which mostly focused on sushi, but also has different kind of Asian foods too. It has many franchises in different neighbourhoods at the city; but my choice is the one in Alcorta, which is fancier than the others and also located  just beside the MALBA, The Latin American Art Museum of  Buenos Aires. (

descarga Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

Very good sushi and also Peruvian & Japanese food combinations are the musts. For the people with the kids, I can say that staff is taking good care of them and giving adults place to enjoy their food more freely. ( )

dashi 005 300x180 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

In Palermo Hollywood, a newly opened Noodle Bar is very hip.

images 6 300x158 Exploration of Bars and Restaurants in Buenos Aires by Turkish eyes

You can enjoy really good noodles in a very cool atmosphere  in Fukuro Noodle Bar.

Owners are a nice couple  whom worked in several good bars and restaurants in United States of America more than 10 years and at the end they decided open their own place in the native country of one of them, Argentina.

They are also directly working in kitchen and taking care of the serving. ( )


These were the ones from my first favourites´ list.

I hope you will have chance to try and enjoy them as I do, till I update you with the upcoming ones.



Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires

Thursday, January 30, 2014 10:56

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arjjkkk Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires

As we are in the middle of summer here in Buenos Aires, you might be looking to get some good ice cream or helado as it is called here.  There are a variety of different stores and chains that sell ice cream here in Buenos Aires.  However, one stands above the rest as the epitome of gastronomical delight in the area of ice cream: Arkakao in Recoleta.

arkakao2 Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires

This ice cream parlor has the decor and look of an old fashioned establishment straight from Italy.  The serious foodie will not be disappointed.  The staff is extremely professional and takes pride in serving up the best ice cream possible.  For those concerned about the ingredients, Arkakao explicitly states that they avoid the use and will continue to avoid the use of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, etc in their ice cream.

arkakao 1 Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires

Don´t be confused, however, when your read the names of the flavors on offer at Arkakao.  They actually offer authentic Italian gelato and, as such, the names are all in Italian.  The staff, however, is happy to help with any translation issues you might encounter.   I went on a recent Sunday after brunch and was simply astounded by the selection.  I ended up choosing a mix of coffee, fig, and frutas rojas or red berry ice cream.

arkakao3 Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires

The ice cream is made fresh daily.  Many ingredients are shipped directly from Italy to the store here in Buenos Aires.  I highly recommend checking out Arkakao for an unforgettable ice cream experience!

Important Information:

Address: Arkakao, Quintana 188

Directions from Expanish: Take the 111 bus to Santa Fe Ave. and walk.

ark Arkakao: One of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Buenos Aires



Olsen Restaurant

Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:57

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olsenn Olsen Restaurant

One aspect of living in a major international capital like Buenos Aires is the plethora of restaurants that are available to the food lover in all of us.  A staple of city living around the world — and Buenos Aires is certainly no different — is the Sunday brunch.  After a busy weekend of hanging out with friends and family, a nice brunch is the perfect capstone to a fun filled weekend.

downlsdfsdfsdoad Olsen Restaurant

One of the premier locations for brunch and genuinely high quality food here in Buenos Aires is Olsen restaurant.  As reviewed by the New York Times, the menu is simply spectacular.  It has a fully stocked bar and three different options (full breakfast, full lunch, or a mix of the two).  Cocktails and three different courses are included in each option.  The restaurant is Scandinavian but serves food that can be found around the world.  I myself went on a Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

iasdfasdfasdfasdfmages Olsen Restaurant

Nestled in a courtyard on Gorriti in Palermo Soho, the ambiance is amazing as well.  Olsen has two levels to be seated in the interior of the restaurant as well as seating in the spacious courtyard.

I highly recommend Olsen to anyone looking to pass a beautiful Sunday morning with friends at one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires.

imagasdfasdfaeces Olsen Restaurant

Important information:

Address: Gorriti 5870

Hours: 12pm to midnight from Tuesday to Thursday, 12pm to 1am on Friday and Saturday, 11am to 2 am on Sunday

Transit Directions from Expanish: Subway Line D to Palermo stop and switch to the 108 Bus

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