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Summer in Buenos Aires: 3 parks you can’t miss

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 7:54

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Summer in Buenos Aires is a time to spend outdoors and enjoy the open air. Yes, a lot of the city consists of busy streets full of cars, buses and people in a rush but it is also full of parks, plazas and green spaces so there are plenty of places for you spend some time relaxing in the sun or taking shelter in the shade when it all gets too much! In fact, there are so many beatiful parks, it is hard to narrow it down to a short list but here goes:

1. Bosques de Palermo / Parques 3 de Febrero

Dollarphotoclub 58007396 1024x683 Summer in Buenos Aires: 3 parks you cant miss
This is the largest park in Buenos Aires and arguably the most beautiful. In fact it is so big, it is more like a collection of parks and so there are so many different things you can do here. In the middle of the park, is the Rosedal (or Rose Garden) which in summer is absolutely beautiful and apparently has over 15,000 rose bushes. It is like a peaceful oasis away from the traffic and noise of the city. Also, every weekend in January and February, the Rosedal transforms into an open air autocine where you can enjoy a film in the open air and it is absolutely free. You can also arrive on foot so don´t worry about not having a car! At the side of the Rosedal, is a lake where you can hire a pedalo and a running track loops the whole way around the lake and the rose garden. This is always full of joggers, cyclists, rollerbladers and skateboarders. Any way of keeping fit outdoors, you can find it here. El Parque 3 de Febrero also includes the Japonese Garden, the Planetario Galileo Galiliei and the Museo de Artes Plásticas “Eduardo Sivori”.

2. Plaza Francia

1532921 Summer in Buenos Aires: 3 parks you cant miss
Plaza Francia is a really popular place to spend an afternoon reading or drinking mate with friends. It has a very social feel, there are many people selling food and drinks and there is always something going on. At the weekend, there is a large feria which can sometimes feel a little touristy but it is certainly worth a look around. The plaza is close to the Centro Cultural de Recoleta and also to the famous Recoleta cemetery so there are plenty of other places to visit when you are nearby. Also close to Plaza Francia, (across the street next to the large university law building) and to the side is another park with the Flor de Metal. The flower is special because it is open during the day and it closes when the sun goes down. The reflection of the water during the day and the lights by night make it a beatiful sight any time of the day.

3. Parque Centenario

centenario mayep 94 1024x682 Summer in Buenos Aires: 3 parks you cant miss
Parque Centenario has just reopened its gates after refurbishment and now boasts 24 hour security, more lighting more trees and an altogether cleaner park. This park is also huge and here, you can also find an ampitheatre with a capacity of over 2000 people which often holds cultural events so it is worth checking online for a list of events. There are new and improved playgrounds for the kids, a skateboard and bike track, aerobics and fitness programmes for pensioners. There really is something for all ages. If you are not looking for something active, there is a lake in the park which is full of ducks and large fish (not to mention the hundreds of dogs that are taken for a walk here!) and they have just laid new grass and planted flowers and trees so this summer might be the perfect time to enjoy them.

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10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 12:11

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There is an endless list of things to do in Buenos Aires, you definitely will not get bored, it is a city that never sleeps-it is said to be the Paris of South America. Buenos Aires is packed with fun filled activities that enables you to emerge yourself into our rich culture and experience life as a true Porteño. Here is a list of fun filled activities you can occupy yourself with.

The markets (las ferias)

1532921 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

With no doubt, depending where you are in Buenos Aires there will be a market in a plaza! But these aren’t just any normal markets, these market stalls take up the hole plaza and streets, are filled with vibrant music, Argentinian food and of course an endless selection of gifts! There are various types of markets, from the typical authentic markets in San Telmo and Recoleta to the Buenos Aires Market (organic food market) to the many cultural markets/festivals held throughout the year, your sundays will constantly be filled up by our ferias!

Wine and Dine

gambino asado parrilla abasto 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

Argentina is known for having the best meat in the world and also for having pretty good wine from our famous Mendoza region. So as you can imagine we have some of the best restaurants that will highly likely be the best meat you ever try in your life. And that’s no understatement there! Meat in Argentina is never far from you, from restaurants to street food-you can’t go wrong! However to make sure you have the best meat experience, it is highly recommended that you go to a restaurant that is recommended by Argentinians and has a great reputation. A tip that will get you far, if you ever see a restaurant with a large line in Buenos Aires, that means it’s really good and cheap! Just to mention a few highly recommendable restaurants, Las Cabras, Don Julio, La Cabrera and the list goes on! If you’re not drooling by now, you definitely will be amongst your arrival!

Tango Shows

show de tango 1024x447 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

This is definitely an unmissable event that you must see when in Buenos Aires! Tango is our cultural staple that both defines and is defined by our beautiful country. The tango shows are a great way to immerse yourself into the Argentinian culture, eat some great meat and of course enjoy our beautiful, traditional and romantic dance. There is an endless list of places you can enjoy Tango shows. A word of advice, before choosing a tango show, have a quick check on google for a tango guide that will reveal the best Tango shows in Buenos Aires.

Gaucho Day

Estancia horses 1024x682 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

Buenos Aires can get pretty busy being a big city that it is and a gaucho day is the perfect way to soak up the tranquility and beauty of the Argentine country life and also learn about the gaucho culture and history. Gauchos (cowboys) are the most iconic figures in the Argentinian culture that have been around for more than three centuries. Argentina is home to many estancias (ranches) that are just a short drive from Buenos Aires. A trip to our estancias is a must, just like the tango it is part of our culture, this authentic experience will definitely be unforgettable!

Mate in the park

DSCN0190 1024x768 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

Those lazy sundays usually consist of drinking mate in the park with friends! Drinking mate is a popular everyday social drink in Argentina.  ALL (well most) Argentines drink mate, popular places you see Argentinians drinking mate are in the park, at work, the beach, at home whilst listening to music, talking to family and friends, getting some sun, reading a book and the list goes on! At first trying mate may be a strange experience for some but after a couple of mate sessions you will likely fall in love with mate and the social context of drinking mate with friends. Not to mention mate has numerous health benefits, is a natural product and is a caffeine packed beverage-meaning it’s a great source in energizing and waking you up!


Buenos Aires   Palermo   Malba 1024x678 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

Museums are always are very important aspect of traveling, you get to learn about the culture and art of the country however let’s face at times museums can be a tad boring however this is definitely not the case in Argentina. Argentina has some pretty amazing museums! The museums are full of rich history and thriving arts scenes that showcases the heritage of Argentina, historical figures and the strong love and passion Argentina has for arts. Many of our museums are locally situated, being in Palermo, San Telmo, Puerto Madero and other easily accessible suburbs.  Popular museums that are highly recommended and visited are MALBA (history and temporary exhibitions of 20th century, Museo Nacional De Arte Decorativo, Evita museum and the list goes on!

Nightlife in Palermo and San Telmo

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If you are a party animal or just enjoy having a glass of wine in a chilled environment well Bueno Aires is perfect for you! Buenos Aires by far has some of the best bars and nightclubs to offer! They say New York never sleeps, this also applies to Buenos Aires! The nightlife plays an important key role in the lives of porteños, but be mindful nightlife here starts at 2:00am and ends around 7-8am or later, this city was designed for the nights owls! But first you must make sure you have the previa (pre-drinks) at a friends house and then you will be ready for the long, adventurous night ahead! You will find all types of nights clubs, from reggaeton, electronic, dance and many other types of music-you definitely won’t go wrong!

Day in Tigre (Delta del Río Paraná)

Tigre 1024x683 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

This beautiful town only an hour from Buenos Aires is a great place to visit during your stay. Tigre has a lot to offer, it has the river, many activities available you can take advantage of such as kayaking, the tourist boat and bus that goes around the town, great cafes and restaurants. This beautiful tourist attraction sits on an island created by several small streams and rivers and was founded in 1820, hence it is definitely worth a visit as you can learn about the history of Tigre and see its natural beauty. A word of advice, you can take the train from Retiro to Tigre and buy tickets for the bus and boat cruise in Tigre train station.

Free events

1204 buenos aires market g7 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish


Every week without doubt Argentina has free events. From musical orchestras, yoga in the park to free festivals there is a great selection of activities to choose from! If you’re short on money you definitely won’t be deprived of some form of entertainment. Agenda Cultural is a fantastic government organisation that is constantly providing Argentina with free things to do. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of these great activities, practise your spanish speaking while diversing and meeting locals!


1. 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

There are many opportunities in Argentina in completing volunteer work, not just in the capital but also outside of Buenos Aires, for example Cordoba. Volunteering is a great opportunity in travelling and getting to know parts of Argentina. Volunteering has numerous benefits, to mention a few, it opens up careers opportunities, you learn and develop new skills, immerse yourself into the Argentinian culture and practise your spanish speaking skills, creates a sense of motivation, determination and appreciate for life and opens up doors in meeting people from all walks of life. Being a volunteer is not only a great way in immersing yourself in our culture but also showing respect towards our beautiful country.

FĂştbol Match

F6 1024x768 10 things to do in Buenos Aires while studying Spanish

As you have already been told, Argentinians are fĂştbol crazy and that is no understatement. Whenever a fĂştbol match is on, wherever you are in Argentina you will definitely hear the outburst of passionate expressions from an Argentinean, it is highly likely your neighbour will wake you up in the middle of the night barracking for their team. If you love soccer then a fĂştbol match is a must go to event, the atmosphere is priceless and full of passion and enthusiasm for the teams playing. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience but take into account that tickets are at times hard to get as they sell out very fast like hot cakes!

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What to do in Recoleta

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 12:18

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Want the numerous things to do and hip places to eat of Palermo but without all the crowd? Recoleta is a quieter and older neighborhood but still has loads of attractions. While most of the tourists and young crowds head to Palermo, Recoleta might be a better choice for a long, sunny Sunday or a place to stay for older crowds. While of course you can’t escape all the noise, Recoleta has an eclectic mix of things to do that you can’t miss while in Buenos Aires! Here is a list of top things to do in Recoleta.

To Walk Around:

Cementerio de Recoleta (Recoleta Cemetery): A beautiful and ever-so-creepy cemetery which holds the elite of Buenos Aires. The tombs, engravings, and statues are really grand. Some pathways are very narrow and isolated, making the tour throughout the cemetery often very eery. A definite must-see of Recoleta.

pngbase64d271b1748379fdd5 300x168 What to do in Recoleta

Plaza Francia: This plaza will place you right in the middle of the action. On almost any given weekend there is a street market to buy handmade goods such as mate, clothes, jewelry, and food. It’s also a good place to relax in the grass and maybe catch some live music.

Things to See:

Floralis Generica: This is a steel flower sculpture. It was a gift to the city by architect Eduardo Catalano. It used to open and close mechanically (open in the day and close at night) but it hasn’t been repaired to do so.

pngbase64290384927e8a2be5 300x207 What to do in Recoleta

Facultad de Derecho: A beautiful, big school of law. You can sit on the steps and relax or go inside to see some artwork adorning the grand first floor.

pngbase64d88648816ed84f3e 300x168 What to do in Recoleta

For Some Culture:

Museo de Bellas Artes: The Museum of Beautiful Art showcases formal and classic artists who were often commissioned by the church to create religious content. Here you’ll find traditional artwork and some famous pieces from artists such as Monet and van Gogh.

pngbase641b71c5fa155ce139 300x168 What to do in Recoleta

Things to Do:

Fuerza Bruta. This is a very popular show which includes drumlines, acrobatics in the air, people dancing in water above your head, and a moving stage. You are standing up in a crowd because the stage is always changing in front, above, and behind you. It’s not easy to explain so just go see it!

Where to Eat:

A place to go get a coffee and some medialunas would be at Café La Biela. It’s walking distance from any of these aforementioned places and the cafe has been declared a Place of Cultural Interest by the city. It used to be a popular meeting place for celebrities and racecar drivers (which is the reason for the decor inside).

In front of this cafe you’ll find the huge Rubber Tree or Gomero stretching 20 meters high and 50 meters wide.

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