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10 reasons why Buenos Aires is the best place to learn Spanish

Friday, August 25, 2017 8:26

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Buenos Aires is one of the most vibrant, pulsating and cosmopolitan cities in Latin America, and is attracting travelers from all over the world – thanks to its rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, its broad spectrum of art and culture, renowned cuisine and exquisite wines. But why just visit Buenos Aires – why not learn Spanish here?

Copy of Arriba derecha 1024x479 10 reasons why Buenos Aires is the best place to learn Spanish

There is no better place in the world to learn Spanish, and no matter if you are thinking about brushing up your Spanish skills, or starting at zero, Buenos Aires would be the ideal location. Why learn Spanish in Argentina’s capital, you ask? Here are ten reasons why Buenos Aires is the best place to learn Spanish:

1 Buenos Aires has something for everyone

Buenos Aires is one of the most diverse cities in South America, with dozens of neighborhoods to explore: San Telmo with its colonial architecture, Recoleta with its ornate buildings, lively Palermo, modern Puerto Madero and colorful La Boca, to name just a few.

If you are a fan of street art, you will love the many colorful murals around the city (you can even take a street art tour), and if you love football, you’ll appreciate the love for Boca Juniors or the River Plate team. Watching the Boca Juniors play in their Bombonera Stadium makes every football fan’s dream come true.

Architecture buffs will find interesting buildings around every corner, and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the city’s many green spaces. Buenos Aires truly has something for everyone.

The best thing about the city: it offers all these things at little cost! Buenos Aires is inexpensive, and prices for Spanish classes and homestays in Buenos Aires are very affordable.

2 Learn Spanish AND Tango

Tango, the dance that was created by the lower classes in Buenos Aires, has become one of the world’s most famous dances, practiced in cities all around the globe, and was even declared as “Intangible Heritage” by UNESCO. So why not learn Spanish and tango at the same time? There is no better place to take tango lessons than in Buenos Aires, the birthplace of tango, where there’s tango everywhere. You can enjoy it at night at a milonga (tango bar where locals dance), watch performances on the Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo or at the restaurants in El Caminito, and even parks have tango nights, like Parque Barrancas del Belgrano.

3 The Argentine accent

Argentine Spanish has a very distinct accent. ‘Playa’ (beach) becomes ‘plasha’ and ‘yo’ (I) become ‘sho’ – it is hard not to fall for this endearing accent, and learning Argentine Spanish gives you the advantage that you’ll know the unique expressions that only exist in Argentine Spanish and that you will be able to understand an accent that can be difficult to grasp.

4 Steak galore

Steak is one of Argentina’s most famed export goods, and equally as loved by Argentines as it is by carnivores around the world. In Argentina, beef is traditionally cooked over a charcoal flame, which, combined with the special conditions in which cattle are raised, is what makes Argentine beef so scrumptious. Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires means that you’ll be able to eat your way around the city’s most famous parrillas (steak houses).

5 Heritage and culture

Buenos Aires is a major art hub – discover its wealth of writers, painters and sculptures in museums and galleries across the city. An unmissable place is the MALBA Museum, which holds a remarkable collection of contemporary artworks from Latin American artists such as Xul Solar and Frida Kahlo. History aficionados will be thrilled to learn about Argentina’s tumultuous past which includes Eva Peron’s heritage, the military regime in the 1970s and the Great Depression of the early 2000s.

6 The best wine in South America

Just as Argentina’s steak, the country’s wines are also known well beyond its borders, and for good reason. Argentine wine have become so popular that it is now the 5th largest wine producing country in the world, but there are many smaller boutique wineries that don’t export their wines. When you spend some time in Buenos Aires, you’ll be able to sample some wines that you can’t get anywhere else in the world – and could there be a better way to do your homework than with a glass of Malbec?

7 The Porteños

Porteños, as people from Buenos Aires are referred to, are among the most welcoming people in Latin America which is why they are a reason to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires. Porteño means ‘person of the port’, and the term goes back to the first half of the 20th century, when hundreds of thousands of Spanish and Italian immigrants arrived on ships from Europe. Porteños are known to be blunt and direct, but also very friendly and welcoming to visitors. They will be happy to introduce you to the mate culture (a herbal infusion that could be called the ‘National drink of Argentina’) by passing the gourd over to you. Meeting locals will allow you to practice your Spanish – and there really is no better way than improving your conversational skills than chatting with native speakers.

8 Experience gaucho culture

When you take a Spanish class in Buenos Aires, you can experience Argentine gaucho culture first-hand every Sunday in Mataderos, a former gaucho village at the center of the Argentine cattle trade (Matadero means slaughterhouse in Spanish), on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Here, the famous Feria De Mataderos is held each week. During the folk market and crafts fair, you can buy artisan handcrafts, try local dishes and watch folk singers, dancers and gauchos on horsebacks.

9 The Paris of South America

Buenos Aires is nicknamed “The Paris of South America” for good reason: The city’s tree-lined streets, wide boulevard, vast parks and sidewalk cafes are reminiscent of European cities in a way that is remarkable! There is no other city in Latin America that features European-influenced architecture like Buenos Aires, and where the influence of European immigrants is as tangible as it is here. The grand Parisian-style buildings date back to the early 20th century, when, in its “Golden Era”, Argentina was one of the wealthiest countries in the world and looked to the sophisticated, prosperous European cities for inspiration. European architects who immigrated to Argentina back then gave Buenos Aires its distinct European look and feel. If you study here, you learn Spanish in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

10 A gateway to other destinations

Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires has the advantage that you’re only a short flight away from some of the most remarkable destinations in South America: Patagonia’s stunning natural beauty in the South, UNESCO World Heritage Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfalls system in the world, or Argentina’s wine region around Mendoza, are well worth a trip after finishing your Spanish course in Buenos Aires. And that way, you get to put your newly acquired skills to use right away! Expanish even offers weekend excursions to Iguaza Falls, Uruguay, and other nearby destinations.

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The Best Heladeria in Your Barrio: A World Beyond Freddo

Thursday, May 28, 2015 12:59

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Just spending an hour in Buenos Aires, one can see how big of a role ice cream plays in the daily life of the porteño. While there are heladerias on every corner, it seems everyone you talk to has “their” heladeria that they claim is the best in the city. So, how do you go about finding your one true heladeria? Well, a major factor is obviously quality, but another factor is proximity. When you want to drown your sorrows in a half kilo, you want to make sure it’s only a short walk away, or delivers. If you’re in Buenos Aires for any period of time, try some heladerias in your area, pick your favorite, and of course, stay faithful.

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: a breakdown of the best heladerias by barrio!

Puerto Madero: Abuela Goye; Alicia Moreau De Justo 540

abuela 300x224 The Best Heladeria in Your Barrio: A World Beyond Freddo

This is a shop with a lot of history and traditional homemade ice cream, so you can’t go wrong. Abuela Goye sells ice cream, traditional Patagonian chocolates, cookies, alfajores, and pastries. In addition, every shop has a cute statue of Abuela Goye herslef for you to take some selfies with!

San Telmo: Nonna Bianca; Estados Unidos 425

nonna 300x198 The Best Heladeria in Your Barrio: A World Beyond Freddo

With a homey vibe from all the wooden furniture, Nonna Bianca is the stop for San Telmo. This family-owned heladeria offers homemade Italian gelato, coffee, and chocolates. If you´re headed there during the day, they also sell snacks and pastries.

Recoleta: Rapa Nui; Arenales 2302

rapa nui 300x224 The Best Heladeria in Your Barrio: A World Beyond Freddo

This heladeria is my personal favorite. They have amazing flavors, with their specialty flavors on display in the front and many more to choose from in the back. What makes this place stand out is that they double as a chocolate shop and sell delicious gourmet chocolates as well. Not to mention you can buy all types of coffee and pastries.

Palermo: Tufic; Gautemala 4579

tufic 300x214 The Best Heladeria in Your Barrio: A World Beyond Freddo

In Palermo Soho, this is a great place to hit before a night out on the town. This heladeria has creamy, rich flavors and is definitely worth a visit. Aside from just ice cream, they also have a cafe that serves fresh coffee along with tasty food. They also have a variety of specials ranging from popsicles to frozen yogurt to crepes topped with ice cream.

Belgrano: Furchi; Cabildo 1508

furchi 239x300 The Best Heladeria in Your Barrio: A World Beyond Freddo

Arguably the best heladeria Belgrano has to offer. Unlike the other heladerias on the list, this place is low-fat (as far as ice cream goes anyways). So eat away with these unique flavors, like pineapple and parsley or celery and apple!

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Best Food Blogs and Apps for Buenos Aires

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 8:33

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With parillas, cafes, panaderias, empanadas, and pizza lining up every corner, it can be hard to decide where to eat, or to even know which restaurants to try first. Luckily, our fellow foodies of the world have taken on the task of finding the best restaurants for us!

foodapp 300x176 Best Food Blogs and Apps for Buenos Aires

Pretty much the Buenos Aires restaurant bible. The writer of this blog writes funny and entertaining articles, but most importantly her taste in food is on point and her blog is extremely organized. If you’re looking for a restaurant, all you have to do is go to her restaurant guide and put in filters for what you want, which include the rating, the barrio, and the type of cuisine. She ranks everything from closed door restaurants to speakeasy bars to heladerias. Since you may not have the time to visit every restaurant in Buenos Aires, it’s great to have a blog that weeds out the bad meals from your life.


One great app to have, in Buenos Aires or elsewhere, is FoodSpotting. This is the ultimate tinder of food, except with a much higher chance of falling in love. FoodSpotting locates your current location and then you can swipe through mouthwatering pictures of food that people post near you. If a restaurant looks particularly appetizing, you can save it and go there later. There are also filters for best dishes, nearest restaurants, places that need reservations, places that deliver, and so much more. So download it and get swiping!

Tenedor Libre

This is an app specifically for restaurants in Buenos Aires, so you can’t go wrong. The only downfall is the small appstore fee of 99 cents, but that’s a small price to pay to never eat badly again. There are restaurant rankings and reviews from all over the city. It also has a GPS that allows you to search for restaurants nearby, and you can filter by barrio and cuisine. The app is only available in Spanish, so you can also practice your Spanish skills at the same time!

Another food blog, this is great for reading some witty articles and looking at wonderfully photographed good. This blogger has all the important categories covered, like brunch, “cheap and yummy,” and of course, asian food. While her foreign food reviews make the blog unique, there are also plenty of classic Argentine restaurants listed that are worth a try!

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Feria Masticar: Food Fair in Buenos Aires

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 11:04

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feria masticar Feria Masticar: Food Fair in Buenos Aires

Are you looking to experience some of the best food in all of Argentina? Well, look no further because the annual Feria Masticar is almost here!

What is it?

This is an annual food fair that hosts some of the most important chefs and restaurants in all of Buenos Aires. There is the opportunity to taste some of the best regional foods in Buenos Aires, learn from top nutritionists through various classes and lectures, taste premium wines and beers from the bodegas of Argentina, and even participate in cooking classes!

Learn more about what the fair offers, which restaurants, chefs, and bodegas are participating, and what classes are offered each day here.  Also, if you want to check out some mouthwatering pictures of the food that will be at the fair this year, be sure to check out the Feria Masticar facebook page.

When is it?

It starts this Thursday, April 16 and goes until the Sunday, the 19 of April. On Thursday, April 16, the fair is open from 2 pm – 11 pm. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it is open from 12 pm -11 pm.

Where is it?

It will be held at the Fairgorunds El Dorrego, which is at Zapiola 50.

Where do I get tickets?

Buy tickets here! Tickets start at just AR$60!

This is a great way to try the delicious food and drinks in Buenos Aires all at once and for an amazing price! So pick a day (or all the days) and get tasting!

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Finding spice in Buenos Aires

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 12:56

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One can only eat so many empanadas for so many days before the cravings for something spicy and something different starts to set in. At first glance it may seem like Buenos Aires only offers more or less two options for food: meat or carbs. However, that´s not the case at all. In fact, the gastronomic scene in Buenos Aires is quite diverse, with many options including something that will finally satisfy your craving for spicy food. In order to find these places one has to venture away from the typical Argentine eateries, away from the parillas, and into the varied ethnic neighborhoods that exist throughout the city. Below are a few of my personal favorite places to spice things up a bit.

Mongolian BBQ:

Av. Leandro Alem 674

Located just around the corner from the Expanish office, this hole in the wall place makes it easy for you to get your stir-fry fix – without breaking the bank. Mongolian BBQ offers an array of fresh vegetables, various meats, different types of noodles, and many sauces in order to create a unique combination for your lunch/dinner.

This is a great place to go if you´re looking for something quick and delicious, as well as fresh.

Bonus: Watch your food be made right in front of you on the huge wok.

img 8128 300x200 Finding spice in Buenos Aires


Gorriti 4389

Craving some homemade New Orleans grub? Look no further than this hip and delicious spot just outside the heart of Palermo. The best part is not only the flavoring and spices that are sure to remind you of your favorite haunt in New Orleans, but the side sauces that come with an added kick of spice.

Bonus: Look out for special pop-up chef events on their Facebook page and go for happy hour to enjoy tasting different types of food and drink.

 Finding spice in Buenos Aires


Piedras 672

This pork only restaurant located in San Telmo is a must do. Think you´ve tried real pulled pork? ChoChan´s sweet and spicy sauce with homemade coleslaw might change your mind. Be extra adventurous and try the pork heart sandwich for your meal or blood sausage poppers for an appetizer.

Bonus: Six different sauces with varying levels of spice that somehow all seem to mix together in the most delicious way.

chochan4 300x160 Finding spice in Buenos Aires

Cocina Sunae

Direction confirmed in reservation email

Reservation required

This puerta cerrada (or closed door restaurant) is one for the books. With a cozy home setting and friendly staff, this closed door instantly makes you feel at home. Their chef has created a constantly changing set menu that never disappoints. Cocina Sunae is influenced by South East Asian cuisine, with dishes from all over. If you´re missing a taste of Asia this is a delicious (and not too spendy) night out.

Bonus: Homemade Siracha. Need I say more?


Chan Chan

Hipólito Yrigoyen 1390

This hole in the wall place has made a name for itself by cooking up delicious and authentic Peruvian food. Don´t miss the fresh ceviche with a tangy marinade, as well and many other dishes straight from Peru.

Bonus: Each meal starts with bread and homemade spicy sauce to dip.

image 300x200 Finding spice in Buenos Aires

Green Curry

Tucumán 271

Located in the center of Buenos Aires, Green Curry has become a hub for the working population to grab a quick and delicious bite to eat. They offer curry specials of the day with surprisingly yummy sauces and scrumptious meats (or vegetarian options if that´s what you prefer).

Bonus: Side sauces to pour over the curry come in a variety of spicy options – and their hottest actually leaves a little burn.

 Finding spice in Buenos Aires


Charcas 3816

Missing good hummus and soft pita? This little place offers it all, and serves up a delicious baba ganoush (eggplant hummus) as well. With next to no indoor seating try to come on a nice day in order to enjoy the outside tables. This authentic Arab food won´t kill your bank account either, but it will leave you wanting to come back.

Bonus: Delicious spiced meat sliced off right in front of you and extra pita on the side.

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Kosher Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 7:56

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Buenos Aires is well known for its cultural diversity, since its population is a mix from a variety of comunities that emigrated during the wars in the twentieth century. I bet you didn’t know that Argentina has the second biggest Jewish community outside of Israel. A vast majority living in Buenos Aires whilst the rest living in Rosario, Santa Fe and Córdoba. That being said there are some great Kosher places to eat in the city:

Kosher Meaty restaurants:

Al Zein, Arce 488, Las Cañitas

For those who love middle eastern cuisine, this place is for you! Al Zein has great falafel and shwarma (Kebab) and is Kosher too!

Asian Steakhouse, Cordoba 5300, Palermo

Asian Fusion with Parrilla, two of the best cuisines put together. Perfect spot for a nice dinner, its a little pricey but definetly worth it!

Parrilla Al Galope, Tucumán 2633, Congreso

You can´t leave Buenos Aires without trying meat, so there´s always good to know some Kosher options!

Mcdonalds, Abasto Shopping, Corrientes

Did you know the only Kosher Mcdonalds outside of Israel is here in Buenos Aires? In the heart of one of the traditional jewish neighbourhoods, you will find it in the third floor of the Abasto Shopping.

kosher mc 300x200 Kosher Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Dairy and Fish Restaurants:

Dashi, Salguero 2639, Palermo

Yummy Sushi! This is the only branch that is kosher!

Munieka, Charcas 4480, Palermo

In the heart of Palermo Soho this place is a dairy restaurant, they do smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels and challah too!

Kokush,  Tucumán 2663, Balvanera

Kosher bakery! For those in need of some fresh challah!

La Crespo, Thames 612, Palermo

Whilst this place is not kosher it does specialize in Jewish style deli food! Those in need of a good old Smoked Salmon Bagel or Salt beef!

Have you tried Kosher food in Buenos Aires? Let us know your thoughts!

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BA Market

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 11:53

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ba market 2 e1412790732305 BA Market

This weekend the biggest artisan market there is in Buenos Aires is back. It takes place once a month and this weekend it is in Palermo, Plaza Unidad Latinoamericana. With 70 vendors and 600 products! offering a wide range of both healthy and organic food. There is even some great healthy sweet treats, such as wholegrain dulce de leche alfajores. Entrance is free

Check out Chocolate Sabrosuras! They have a great selection of chocolate that is completely dairy free! and has various fillings from dried fruit to Dulce de Leche made from soy!

For some great Vegan and Raw food give Kensho a try!

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th October – Plaza Unidad Latinoamericana (El Salvador and Medrano) from 10 to 19.


Este fin de Semana, vuelve la feria más grande de Buenos Aires. Tiene lugar una vez por mes y este fin de semana será en Palermo, en la Plaza Unidad Latinoamericana. La entrada es gratis. Con más de 70 vendedores y 600 productos ofrece muchos productos que son orgánicos y saludables. Incluso hay unos premios que son dulces y saludables, como los alfajores integrales.

No te pierdas a ir a Chocolate Sabrosuras! Ellos se especializan en chocolate sin azúcar y con stevia y libre de lactosa. También hay varios rellenos para el chocolate como frutos secos, dulce de leche de soja o nuez.

Además, para comida vegana y raw no te podés perder Kensho

Sábado 11 y Domingo 12 de Octubre – Plaza Unidad Latinoamericana (El Salvador y Medrano) de 10 a 19 horas.

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Learn Spanish with Expanish and Learn to Eat Argentine Style

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 12:20

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cena en la cigale 016 300x225 Learn Spanish with Expanish and Learn to Eat Argentine Style

Anyone visiting Argentina will be able to enjoy the splendors of eating ‘Argentine style’. Argentines, in general, are heavy meat eaters, lovers of bread and wine, and regular consumers of pizza, pasta, and gelatto (sorbet like ice cream popularized in Italy). And those who come to study Spanish in Argentina with Expanish will have the first rate experience at trying and tasting the many delicious foods that are typical to Argentina.

What are foods typical to Argentina? Carne (meat), empanadas (stuffed pastries with meat, cheese, and/or vegetables), medialunas (similar to a croissant), dulces (sweets), chimichurri (sauce of herbs), milanesas (breaded thin meats), humita (sweet stewed corn mixture), dulce de leche (singed condensed milk), and many other Italian influenced delights such as pizza, pasta, and gelatto. These tasty foods can be found throughout the city in cafés, restaurants, and grocery stores and for many main foreign currencies, are often very inexpensive. Although not a food, we can not leave out the ever famous wines of Argentina. Argentina produces a vast line of wines from all over the country.

Students learning Spanish in Argentina with Expanish will have the opportunity to learn to cook and experience these foods with weekly cooking classes and local restaurant excursions. For those interested in wine tasting, we also offer weekly wine tasting classes. Participating in these classes and excursions will create a greater understanding of the Argentine culture and its Italian and Spanish roots and students will make the most of their Spanish immersion in Argentina.

Our cooking classes take place outside of our Spanish school in Buenos Aires in the house of our cook and professor, Leonardo. In the first class, students will be taught how to make empanadas and humita, and in the second carne and dulces. Any other classes are open to student preferences and Leonardo will assist you in creating your favorite Argentine dishes while learning about the ingredients and history of the dish.

Our wine tasting classes are a great way to learn about the history of wine in Argentina as well as taste many different wines from different regions from Argentina. Our students will attend the Escuela Argentina de Vinos (Argentina School of Wine) and taste more than 20 different wines. There are three classes in total, all three hours long. These classes are great for students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires with Expanish as all wine classes are in Spanish.

Around our Spanish school in Buenos Aires there are many typical Argentine restaurants as well as many modern and funky restaurants debuting Argentine foods with a modern or infused taste. Every week, Expanish will arrange one dinner or more at one of Buenos Aires local restaurants where students can enjoy the Argentine cuisine in a social and fun atmosphere.

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