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Iguazu Falls are chosen among the seven natural wonders of the world

Monday, March 5, 2012 12:34

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Iguazu 2011 300x191 Iguazu Falls are chosen among the seven natural wonders of the world

The Iguazu Falls has been selected as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The election was decided by public votes and expert of the Swiss foundation New 7 Wonders and has been announced on February 22.

The competition began in 2007, with 440 attractions in 200 countries. After two rounds of voting, the Iguazu Falls won a place among the 28 finalists. The founding director, Bernard Weber, said during the announcement that the Iguazu Falls “deserved to win this title not only for mobilizing in support of his candidacy, but by what the Iguazu National Park is to the world in terms of beauty and sustainability”.

cataratas 2 300x225 Iguazu Falls are chosen among the seven natural wonders of the world
Six other natural beauties were chosen: Ha Long Bay (Vietnam), Komodo (Indonesia), Table Mountain (South Africa), Underground River of Puerto Princesa (Philippines) and Jeju-do (South Korea). Only the last two of this list have already been elected definitely – the other four are still in “temporary character”.

From Buenos Aires to the falls, you can go by either or plane or bus. The second option is 14 hours by bus. To get an idea of prices, the last tour made by Expanish, in December, was priced at $ 1,410, including transportation and hotel, and 5 days and 4 nights.

Other attractions
Besides the falls, another attraction of the region is the tri-border: in a few minutes drive you can visit the city of Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) and Puerto de Iguazu (Argentina). After crossing the border to the Brazilian side, there will be a good Duty Free Shop.

freeshop 300x200 Iguazu Falls are chosen among the seven natural wonders of the world

On the Paraguayan side, the city is a city known for being tax-free, being the third largest free trade area in the world, behind Miami y Hong Kong. Each person can cross the border with up to US$ 500 in products without paying taxes. Besides the “Bridge of Friendship” (which connects Brazil and Paraguay) there is also a casino.

ciudad del este 300x224 Iguazu Falls are chosen among the seven natural wonders of the world

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The All You Need Argentina Travel Guide – Part 5: Argentina Destinations

Monday, August 10, 2009 13:52

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of argentina    by quetzy The All You Need Argentina Travel Guide – Part 5: Argentina Destinations
We spoke about greetings and social customs in our last part of the All You Need Argentina Travel Guide and now we are going to look at the top places to visit in Argentina.

Argentina spreads far and wide over the southern part of South America and has some of the most diverse landscapes and regions in the world; everything from desert land to blue deep lakes, snowy mountain peaks to flat prairies, and coastline beaches to sub-tropical forests can be found here. No matter what your travel pleasure, there is something for everyone in Argentina.

Iguazú Falls
Iguazú Falls is the largest collection of waterfalls in the world, totalling more than 275 altogether. Hidden in the sub-tropical forest in the north, the falls border both Brazil and Argentina and can be seen by boat or by trekking to the falls.

The city of Mendoza is in the centre of the wine region of Argentina. The wineries that surround the city offers visitors tours of the wineries, information on how the wine is made, and wine tasting, a truly spectacular experience. When you want something more than wine, the activities around the city such as mountain hiking, swimming, biking, skiing, and more, provide ideal entertainment.

Situated around some of the bluest and most beautiful lakes in the country, Bariloche is a little piece of heaven, perfect for the traveler who loves the outdoors and activities such as skiing, fishing, and biking riding.

Puerto Madryn
This city is the entry point for the many wildlife excursions that can be taken along the coastline and the nearby peninsula. Whale watching and excursions to see dolphins, penguins, elephant seals, sea lions, and much more, are just a few of the activities on the itinerary.

Look out for our next All You Need Argentina Travel Guide – Part 6

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3 great places for students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires to head to this summer!

Thursday, October 23, 2008 11:44

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As a lover of the summer, sun, and heat, even I myself get a little overwhelmed with the Argentina summers as they do tend to be stifling hot with very little off time from the sun. However, as the old saying goes, ‘if you can’t beat em’, join em’.’ For students studying Spanish in Argentina, who are perhaps not so used to the South American heat, here are three fantastic places to visit this summer that may have you forgetting about the sun overhead.


1. Iguazu Falls

What could be a better way to cool off than to visit the largest waterfalls in South America? These falls, located on the Brazilian border, consist of 275 individual falls with some falls reaching up to 82m in height. The falls can either be visited on the Argentina side or the Brazilian side, both giving a slightly different outlook on the falls. Away from any sort of human civilization, the air is fresh, the landscape green, and the water cool. Iguazu makes for the perfect weekend or week trip for students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires; plus, it is impossible to not get wet when visiting the falls. The perfect summer getaway.


2. Punta del Este

Most students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will no doubt have heard of this place. Known around the world as one of the most luxurious beach resorts, Punta del Este lives up to its name; the beaches are white, the waters blue, and the people beautiful. Punta is a small city that has all the amenities of a big city; restaurants, cafes, shopping, cinemas, water sports, and more. During the day, people head to the beach and the streets of downtown; during the night, people visit the many restaurants and bars that line the coast. Not for the timid or laid-back traveler, Punta is a city to see and be-seen.


3. Mar del Plata

One of the most popular destinations for Argentines look to escape the heat is Mar del Plata, almost 6 hours south of Buenos Aires. This city of 2 million has been popular for years and continues to draw in tourists in the summer season, including many students in Spanish immersion courses in Argentina. The beaches, although not the most beautiful, are completely full during the summer and are lined with restaurants, cabanas, and other tourist related rest spots. Many summer sports are offered during the summer including surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, and more. One of the highlights for most is to venture slightly out of the city and check out the enormous group of Sea Lions hanging out around one of the port areas. The best part about these animals is their smell (awful!) and the horrible yet beautiful noises they make. A must see!



For more information on Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires click here!

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The Story of Expanish Student: Steve, USA

Monday, April 7, 2008 18:13

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steve.thumbnail The Story of Expanish Student: Steve, USASteve Thompson graduated from the Arizona State University (ASU) in the spring of 2006 with a degree in Marketing and International Business.As a university student, he studied abroad in Alicante, Spain, where he happened to live with an Argentine family.The thrilling stories and pictures that his host family shared with him first sparked his interest in visiting Argentina some day. After a year and a half of working post-graduation in the states, Steve’s company asked him to relocate.Not feeling ready to do that, Steve decided to take the opportunity to pursue his dream of visiting Argentina and furthering his knowledge of the Spanish language.

Steve has been living here in Buenos Aires and studying Spanish with Expanish for seven weeks.To make the most of his nine-week stay in Argentina, Steve has been attending all of Expanish’s activities.Between the cultural and historical tours, museum visits, weekend excursions, group dinners and activities, Spanish language classes, and experience living with a porteña in a shared apartment, Steve says his already high expectations were more than exceeded.

A normal day in the life of Steve starts with a half hour of yoga in his room.He then usually chats over a cup of coffee with Verónica, his porteña roommate.Now relaxed and in Spanish mode, Steve hops on the bus to arrive to class at Expanish by 9.After class, Steve and other Expanish students grab lunch at a nearby café or bar. One way Steve explores more of the city is to take different routes back home to Palermo every day.It’s about an hour walk and has been great for discovering different neighborhoods along the way uptown.

Steve has been extremely pleased with his experience with Expanish here in Buenos Aires.For someone considering studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, Steve would stress the diversity and variety of the city:“I feel like I haven’t made a dent in the city.There’s never a dull moment.The people are friendly.The nightlife, culture, history…. There’s so much to see and learn”!

dsc00016.thumbnail The Story of Expanish Student: Steve, USA

Steve with other Expanish students at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

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