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New building presentation

Friday, November 13, 2015 11:30

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Recently, from January this year (2015) the school has undergone a lot of new changes to the structure and presentation of the school (after having moved building location). The efforts Expanish has put into the school and continues to do is definitely visible/apparent to the students, teachers, staff members and visitors. Expanish is full of bright colours, fun designs, eye catching photography, funky furniture and modern classrooms, reception and lounge. All these little things that combine together into what makes Expanish, “Expanish”-really makes a big difference on the atmosphere and layout of Expanish and most importantly how the people feel in the school. Expanish has a very cool, relaxed and easygoing atmosphere. It’s quite obvious that any place whether it’s a house, a museum, a shopping centre, “the appearance and/or interior” has an affect on your emotions and perceptions.

theschool17 300x165 New building presentation

Imagine if Expanish didn’t have all the dynamic artwork, the funky activity posters and colours throughout the school and all up it just wasn’t appealing, would students have the same feelings towards the school, we all know the answer, a big fat no! It’s the difference between positive and negative energy, people can feel when they’re in a comfortable environment and how their mood is enlightened/affected, in comparison to when they are in an environment that drags down your mood and energy levels. Your first impression of Expanish, as corny as it sounds, will be “love at first sight!”. What’s not to love about Expanish, the beautiful modern presentations throughout the school and all the happy faces, your emotions and perceptions will definitely be uplifted from our positive vibes here at expanish. Expanish has this “wow” effect when visitors first step into our school…

theschool20 1 300x165 New building presentation

Firstly when you step into the school, reception is what you lay your eyes on first. Maybe it’s the trendy white cut out design of the reception desk, or the funky design with electric blue lights in the background but whatever it is, its eye catching! Next is the spacious lounge surrounded by a generous amount of space. It consist of computers, chairs, couches and has a real modern edge to it. This is the area as you can imagine for students to “chill out” before and after school, on their breaks and is also a common area where they can take advantage of activities the school offers. What’s next…our spacious classrooms with some killer views. Our classrooms located in our corridor have some funky designs and are filled with world maps. Lastly a popular area that the students enjoy spending time is our comedor (eating area) but be mindful that this area fills up quickly and is full of hungry students. In this area there is also a television for students to watch the news, listen to spanish tunes, read books, play chess and take advantage of the coffee, water and soda machines.

Expanish has a lot to offer, from their amazing teahing skills, their activities, their approach towards students, funky designs, interior and the list goes on, you will definately feel at home at our language school.

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Spanish Speaking Countries

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 10:11

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Did you know that out of the 22 spanish-speaking countries in the world, 9 of them are in South America? Thats almost half! These countries include, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Firstly, Argentina is the largest Spanish speaking country in South America and also home to some of the most famous natural wonders in the world such as Las Salinas Grandes, the beautiful mountains of Patagonia and Iguazu Falls. On the hand Argentina is also home to the famous city of Buenos Aires, which is full of history, culture and many action! When you go to Argentina you can’t help but incorporate their castellano accent into your Spanish, which is just one more thing that makes the Poteño culture so great.

Puerto Madero 1024x682 Spanish Speaking Countries

Bolivia, located just above Argentina, is home to the Andes Mountains, the Eastern Lowlands and the Amazon Basin. Having more of an indigenous culture in comparison to Argentina, Bolivia’s main language is Spanish but is closely trailed by 38 other official indigenous languages. If you are in search for ancient ruins and cultures, Bolivia is the place for you! One of its main touristic attractions is the Salt Flats, where you can get amazing pictures like this one:

tourists salar de uyuni bolivia 62758 990x742 Spanish Speaking Countries

The next country that borders Argentina is Chile. Chile shares the Patagonian mountain range with Argentina but also has many attractions to call its own. The capital city of Santiago, the Atacama Desert, and even the port town of Valparaiso are all great stops when exploring Chile.

chile bay beaches blue buildings 2830844 2800x1600 1024x585 Spanish Speaking Countries

Colombia is home to a different type of landscape than the southern countries of South America. Being situated on the coast and also having mountain ranges, Columbia has many beautiful beaches and rainforests to explore. Also being the country known for coffee plantations, it is always a good idea to taste as many cups of coffee as you can.

bogota 1024x680 Spanish Speaking Countries

Ecuador is known as an indigenous influenced country due to the massive amount of Incan ruins that lay in its territory as well as the amount of official indigenous languages that follow the main language of Spanish. Some of the most sites in Ecuador include; the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cuenca, the capital city of Quito and, of course, the beautiful Galapagos Islands. Whether you are checking out ancient Incan ruins or exploring the vastly different types of wildlife, Ecuador is great destination.

Ecuador scenery Spanish Speaking Countries

Also bordering Argentina and being situated landlocked in the middle of South America, Paraguay is known as the heart of America. Although it is a landlocked country, the Paraguay river runs directly through the country and provides beautiful views to all who come to see. The interesting part about Paraguay is its strong connections to its indigenous language and culture of Guarani. Although Guarani is named an official language of Paraguay, Spanish is also widely spoken, so dont worry,  you wont have to learn a new language to communicate.

CAPITAL DE PARAGUAY 1024x708 Spanish Speaking Countries

As everyone knows, Peru has a strong indigenous influence on its culture. Home to the capital city of Lima, the city of Cusco and of course the famous Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru has numerous amounts of history and culture to show. If you like climbing mountains, mountain biking or even rafting and want to explore the indigenous culture, then Peru is a destination for you.

machu picchu wider view 1024x682 Spanish Speaking Countries

Uruguay is the spanish speaking  country in South America that has the most influence from Portugal and also the second smallest country in South America. The most famous cities in Uruguay include, Montevideo, Colonia and Punta Del Este where you can enjoy Uruguayan Spanish influenced culture or relax on the beautiful beaches.

punta del este Peninsula Spanish Speaking Countries

Venezuela is the country in South America that is known for its impressive range of biodiversity. Having the Andes Mountains, the Great Amazon Basin and being situated on the Caribbean coast, there are all types of landscapes that you could see. Caracas is the capital city where a good portion of the Venezuelan people live, but out of this city is where all of the beauty of Venezuela lies.

venezuela beach Spanish Speaking Countries

As you can see, although these countries all share the same main language, there are all completely different in appearance, location and culture. It´s always better to learn a little Spanish before you start your travel through South America and Argentina is an excellent start point! Get in touch with our Spanish School in Buenos Aires leaving a comment below. Good luck!

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