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Spanish & Tango in Buenos Aires

Thursday, January 21, 2016 12:23

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TanjaMiletic 14 1024x683 Spanish & Tango in Buenos Aires

Argentina is considered the birthplace and remains the beating heart of Tango so if you are here in Buenos Aires learning spanish you should also spend some time learning this sacred national dance!

Here at Expanish we offer a combined package of Spanish and Tango classes. We offer many cultural “add-ons” that are specific to Argentina and they are a brilliant way to experience the local culture here in Buenos Aires. With this option of the Tango add-on, you can have Spanish classes for four hours every morning during the week and then twice a week in the afternoon, you can go on to a tango class close to the school – one group class and one individual class.

The group classes are a fun way to practice the Spanish you have learnt in class with a local professor, and other students from all over the world including some Argentinians too. The professors are all highly trained and experienced. You will learn the key steps through formal instructions and dance floor practice. As with the Spanish classes, we also have tango classes for different levels from beginner to advanced. The classes are usually given in Spanish but the professor will be happy to help in English if you need some clarification.
If you are taking Spanish classes, you are always encouraged to speak as much Spanish outside of the classroom to practice your skills day to day in real life situations. The same goes for tango – apart from the classes, you should get out there and practice! You could visit a tango hall to watch a show or even go to a Milonga which is a local tango dance hall where you can put into practice what you have learnt! You can arrange any of these extra activities here at the school when you arrive.
So if you want to improve your spanish whilst immersing yourself in the tango culture of Argentina, talk to us about our Spanish & Tango Package! You can contact us here.

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Just Tango On – Scent of a Woman Review

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 13:42

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In Buenos Aires, all the tango lovers are familiar with Carlos Gardel, and his classic tango music ‚ÄúPor una Cabeza‚ÄĚ [In Spanish it literally means by a head (of a horse), which talks about a compulsive horse-track gambler who compares his addiction for horses with his attraction to women.(Wikipedia)] It is not only a beautiful song to dance with, but also the directors‚Äô favorite incidental music for movies. You must hear it in the famous Schindler’s list or Arnold Schwarzenegger‚Äôs True lies. But for me, the best version of this song is interpreted in the movie Scent of a woman by Al Pacino.

151545.45196996 298x300 Just Tango On   Scent of a Woman Review

Blind, grumpy, loudmouthed, irascible Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (Al Pacino) hires a pre-school student in need of money, Charlie Simms (Chris O’Donnell) to escort him to¬†New York¬†for a ‘final fling’. Charlie has his own issues that depress him, but the two end up having such a grand time in¬†New York City. What makes the movie engaging is the bond that we see gradually occurring between our grumpy old man and the sweet and sensitive young Charlie that accepting each other and finding the new meanings of their lives.

Without a doubt, Pacino’s tango scene with Gabrielle Anwar (Donna) is the most classic highlight through out the whole movie. When Carlos Gedrel‚Äôs famous and popular Argentine tango¬†Por una Cabeza¬†begins, Frank leads the beautiful woman, gently and masterfully, through the beautiful ritual of the Tango. She seems to move as one with him. Effective camera work reveals Frank’s dramatic and romantic execution of the Tango, and Donna’s pleasure and surprise at her ability to follow him, effortlessly, through this colorful dance that she has long wished to do.¬†It‚Äôs one such magical moment – unfettered, unforced, and highly enjoyable, the dancing moment flawlessly demonstrates Frank‚Äôs yearning for life.

If you make a mistake get all tangled up, just tango on.

—-Frank Slade

Two hours and a half, two man have just met, and a journey of a lifetime. Scent of a Woman¬†is rather endearing and it possesses a level of charm; lovely, sweet, sad, and romantic yet uplifting. Same as ‚ÄúPor una Cabeza‚ÄĚ, this movie is truly a classic for the ages.

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City of the Arts – November 2010 Cultural Events Agenda

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 7:13

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on the stage 04 gstojkovic City of the Arts   November 2010 Cultural Events Agenda

Spring has finally come to Argentina and the warm weather brings many fun and exciting   activities.  Enjoy November in Buenos Aires by taking advantage of some of our favorite       free and low cost cultural events:


La Noche de los Museos (Nov. 13 @8pm ‚Äď 3am)

Location: Check out the list of over one-hundred participating museums here

Celebrate museum culture under the moon with the 7th annual Museum Night, where the majority of the Buenos Aires museums, cultural centers, and galleries open up to the public.  **Expanish Recommended!

Cost: Free

ARTFUTURA 2010 (Nov. 5 ‚Äď 8 Nov)

Location: Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA), Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo

Join the MALBA in celebrating the festival of Cultural and Digital Creativity that explores such topics like new media, motion graphis, videogames and digital animation.

Cost: 20 pesos

Photography Exhibits

Buenos Aires, 24 horas (Nov. 2 ‚Äď Nov. 19)

Location: FotoGalería in the Teatro San Martin, Avenida Corrientes 1530, Centro

This photography exhibit depicts different aspects of everyday life living in the bustling capital city of Argentina.

Cost: Free

Formas de Vida (Nov. 3 ‚Äď Nov- 30)

Location: Fotogalería in the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, Corrientes 2038, Once

Argentine photographer Sebasti√°n Freire, who photographs about ‚Äúsexual diversity‚ÄĚ are featured in a weekly supplement of the P√°gina 12 newspaper called Soy, will show his work in the University of Buenos Aires‚Äô Cultural Center‚Äôs photo gallery.

Cost: Free


Danzas Argentinas y Latinoamericanas (Every Monday @ 7pm-9:30pm, all of November)

Location: Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Fern√°ndez Blanco, Suipacha 1422, Retiro

Ever wanted to learn more about Argentine and Latin American dance? Take part in this fun dance class with Prof. Luis Boccia.

Cost: 4 pesos per class

Danza por los Barrios (Thursday ‚Äď Saturdays in November, check website for details)

Location: Cultural Centers in various neighborbhoods

During November, the Dirección de Promoción Cultural invites the public to a dance espectáculo in seven different Buenos Aires barrios.

Cost: Free


Teatro Ciego (Check website for times)

Location: Centro Argentino de Teatro Ciego, Zelaya 3006, Abasto

Theater for the Blind forces spectators to focus on all other senses other than sight as they are immersed in a space that has complete darkness.

Cost: starts at 20 pesos

Stand Up en el Konex (Every Thursday @10pm)

Location: Ciudad Cultural Konex, Sarmiento 3131, Abasto

Every Thursday, Ciudad Cultural Konex presents standup comedy night where young Argentine comedians test out their funny skills.

Cost: 30 pesos


Conciertos de M√ļsica Contempor√°nea (Until Nov. 26)

Location: Teatro San Martin, Avenida Corrientes 1530, Centro

Every night at 8.30pm listen to beautiful music at the Contemporary Music Concert series.

Cost: 35 pesos

Hit de Road Festival (Nov. 6 @ 6pm)

Location: Centro Cultural Matienzo, Matienzo 2424, Belgrano

22 musicians will take over 3 stages to cover songs fit for the ‚Äúopen road.‚Ä̬† Make sure to also check out the collective art show exhibiting works from 25 artists such as travel journals, maps, photos and paintings.

Cost: 20 pesos

Other artists coming to Buenos Aires in November

*For purchasing tickets, check out TicketPortal or Ticketek


Festival of India (Nov. 4 ‚Äď Nov. 16)

Location: Borges Cultural Center,  Viamonte and San Martin, Centro (among many other locations)

Join the Indian Embassy in celebrating its third year in celebrating Indian culture.  Such activities will include a photo exhibition at Plaza San Martin, Food Festival at Hotel Sheraton, Film Festival, Music, Dance, Seminars, Yoga and more.

Buenos Aires Gay Pride Festival and Parade (Nov. 6 starts at 3pm)

Location: Plaza de Mayo, Centro

Once a year, the LGBT community hits the streets of Buenos Aires to celebrate.  Catch the fair and festival at 3pm and stay for the parade that takes over the downtown area at 6pm.

Mar del Plata Film Festival (Nov. 13 ‚Äď Nov. 21)

Location: Mar del Plata, Argentina

For those interested in taking an excursion outside of the bustling capital, make your way to the beaches of Mar del Plata for their 25th Annual International Film Festival.

For more resources to find out events happening in Buenos Aires, check out:

Buenos Aires Government Agenda

What’s Up Buenos Aires

Vuenos Airez

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Flamenco Friday Nights in Buenos Aires

Friday, August 7, 2009 7:50

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flamenco idea by gugune 239x300 Flamenco Friday Nights in Buenos Aires
Argentina is known around the world for its tango, a dance which more than a century ago began in the lower class neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires and soon became so popular that it spread through the nation and still today is the country’s most beloved dance.  Despite that, Argentina is very multicultural and people who have immigrated here from all over the world have brought with them their own traditional dance, one of which is Flamenco of Spain.

Flamenco is a Spanish dance, originally a community dance of the gypsies, which includes a few musicians and usually one or two dancers who dance with rapid movements and who focus on footwork, especially the noise that is produced by dancing on a wooden floor. This is a beautiful, fun, and intense form of dance and music and there is possibly no where better to enjoy it then the downtown hotspot Cantares.

Located one floor below ground level, Cantares opens up into a small and cozy flamenco bar, with wooden tables, a small corner bar, and a small wooden centre stage where the performance takes place. The menu is simple but every plate on it is bursting with Spanish flavours, the portions are big, and there are both single and set menus you can order along with the show.

The show itself is something else; 3 or 4 musicians sit on chairs on the stage just behind the dancers themselves who dance to almost every song in a different form and style of flamenco. The performers put so much effort into each performance that it is impossible to take your eyes of them for a second or even pull yourself away from the enchanting music.

For students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, Cantare makes for an unforgettable night out, as you will not find better Flamenco than this anywhere.

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Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires: Spring is in the air!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 11:14

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Students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires should have no problem noticing the change in the city; the air is refreshingly warm, the flowers are in bloom, the skies are clear and sunny, and the people of Buenos Aires have a sort of ‚Äėspring‚Äô in their step. Its spring in Argentina and we are welcoming it in with open arms.


To celebrate this joyful occasion the Ministry of Culture in Buenos Aires is inviting the public to participate in more than 250 free cultural and artistic activities throughout the months of October, November, and December. The program is appropriately called, ‚ÄėPrimavera Buenos Aires,‚Äô (Buenos Aires Spring). This is a great opportunity for students in Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires to get out in the city, meet locals, and participate in some fun and free activities.


For a total 11 weekends, students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will have the opportunity to enjoy musical shows, tango, theater, puppets, magic shows, film screenings, poetry, etc, mostly held in the city’s parks, squares, and other open air spaces. On November 22 a free concert will be held on Avenida de Julio by the world famous Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. During these three months there will be recitals at Parque Roca, tango in Mataderos, a tour of the Orquesta de Tango and the City’s Symphonic Band around the city, and urban music at the Greek Amphitheater in Puerto Madero.


For more information and for a list of activities, click here!


For more information on Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires, click here!

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Learn Spanish in Argentina; Land of the Tango

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 11:43

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tango 300x224 Learn Spanish in Argentina; Land of the Tango

Even during the winter months Buenos Aires continues to be a city full of excitement and action, and offers up plenty of activities to its visitors, including the ever popular dance of the Tango. Students who have chosen to study Spanish in South America and brave the winter in beautiful Buenos Aires will not be disappointed.

The Tango is said to have originated in the lower class districts of Buenos Aires sometime in the mid-1800’s and by the 1900’s was hugely popular throughout Argentina and many areas of Europe. The tango is as sensual as it is strict, and over the years this dance has developed many different variations and styles.

While learning Spanish in Buenos Aires students have the opportunity to visit one of the many tango shows located throughout the city. They may be classical, modern, or a fusion, but they are each unique in their own right. One of the oldest and most famous places to watch Tango is in Café Tortoni, founded in 1858; this well-known café in the centre city has nightly tango shows that always please their audience. Students also have the option of partaking in dances at a Milonga. A milonga is a popular past time for argentines offering up an hour or two of tango class and then a few hours of free dance. Milongas are held in bars and cafes throughout the city. The Spanish immersion classes in Buenos Aires with Expanish allow students to experience the tango first hand by taking tango lessons either privately or in a group.

Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires in the month of August has a great advantage as Buenos Aires presents its 10th annual Festival de Tango. This year’s festival will be presenting more than 100 free shows and concerts in a number of venues around the city. Besides the shows, the festival will also offer tango seminars, exhibitions, film screenings, and collectors meetings. Students who are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires with Expanish will be able to find out the event details, event locations, and be able to arrange group excursions to the shows with other students.

Expanish offers its Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires students weekly tango classes with Giselle Videla, in either group classes or private classes. Here students can learn the history, art, and steps of tango while immersing themselves in the Argentine culture and the Spanish language,

Tango is very much part of the Argentine culture and one cannot miss its influence in and around Buenos Aires. Whether walking down the streets of Buenos Aires, hearing a tango tune from a restaurant, or catching a special tango street performance, students studying Spanish in Buenos Aires will be able to experience this magical dance first hand.

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