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Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 12:22

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Riding a Bike in Buenos Aires Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires

The summer months of December to March in Buenos Aires are a perfect time to come and study Spanish with us at Expanish. Because the weather is hot and humid, many Porte√Īos choose to leave the city to spend some time at the coast but this is also a peak time for tourists visiting the city.¬†

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer here as Buenos Aires is a city full of green areas and open spaces. The parks of Palermo are great for relaxing on a sunny afternoon with friends. If the heat gets too much, the botanic gardens on Avenida Santa Fe are beautiful and feel really fresh as there are plenty of trees to provide that much needed shade. The “Jard√≠n Japon√©s” (Japanese Garden) is another green oasis in the middle of the city, also located in Palermo. Nearer to microcentro, we have the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve situated in Puerto Madero which is also a beautiful place to visit, perhaps you can hire a bike outside the main entrance and go and explore.
Dollarphotoclub 58007396 1024x683 Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires
There are many craft markets such as the ones in San Telmo and Plaza Francia where you can buy hand made artisan goods or just have a look around. At the weekend, Plaza Serrano is also full of craft stalls in the centre and the bars that surround the plaza turn into marketplaces selling clothes, shoes and accesories for the afternoon.
1532921 Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires
By night, the bars return to normal and the long warm summer nights are really great for enjoying a drink outside anywhere in the city.Buenos Aires is famous for its nightlife so there are plenty of bars all over the city to keep you entertained.¬† Fernet is a very popular drink here in Argentina, mainly mixed with coke and ice – perfect for the warm evenings but not to everyone’s taste!
catedral 400 2 Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires
Other options to help survive the heat are swimming pools and beaches. There are a few options for finding a pool but the biggest pool complex by far is located in Parque Norte (next to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery) . Of course Buenos Aires does not have a beach as such but it does have Buenos Aires Playas, artificial beaches located in Plaza de Los Ni√Īos (Norte) and Parque Roca (Sur). You can find more information on the BA Government website¬†
A day trip to Tigre or Colonia (Uruguay) gives you the option to escape the city and spend a few tranquil hours away from the hustle and bustle. We also offer many excursions here from the school so come and talk to us if you need any help planning your summer activities.
Tigre Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires
Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires in the summer is definitely an unforgettable experience. Do not hesitate in contacting us if you are interested in studying at Expanish!

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Oh The Places You Will Go: Expanish Travels

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 11:10

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Most people that come to Buenos Aires usually aren’t here very long until finding out about all of the amazing cities and natural wonders that Argentina is home to. Although Buenos Aires is the most famous of them all, cities like Mendoza, Salta and even Santa Cruz province are just as interesting (but in a different way).

Every month students have the opportunity to participate in large trips organized by Expanish and not have to stress about any planning. Every month a travel agency comes directly to Expanish and talks to the students about the trip they have organized for that month. Flights, lodging and activities are all part of the trip, which means your blood pressure can take a break for a while.

This past year has already been full of great trips! Lets see here, in February Expanish took students to Iguaz√ļ Falls to see the beautiful natural wonder of the Argentine and Brazilian waterfalls for three days. Being one of the most famous natural wonders in the world, with the ease of having the trip planned but also going with friends makes these trips unforgettable.

Cataratas del Iguaz√ļ Misiones 1024x682 Oh The Places You Will Go: Expanish Travels

In March Expanish took their students to the west of Argentina to Mendoza. Another one of the most famous cities in Argentina, Mendoza is filled with beautiful mountains and vineyards as far as the eye can see. The best part is, if you get bored after days of touring wine vineyards and sampling some of the best vine in the world, there are always activities that you can find to do such as horseback through the Andes mountains, rent bikes and ride around to other bodegas or even white water raft though the mountains.

Mendoza 1024x731 Oh The Places You Will Go: Expanish Travels

In April, Expanish students went to the north west of Argentina to the beautiful cities of Salta and Jujuy. Salta is home to one of the greatest natural wonders called the salt flats or the salinas where salt dries on the desert floor and gives off a mirror like effect to make it look like you are walking on air (I am not exactly sure how it works, but just believe me that it is a sight you HAVE to see). Jujuy is home to beautifully colored mountains and the intriguing culture of the indigenous tribes that live there. Hiking through mountains and taking awe-inspiring pictures at the salt flats made for an amazing break from classes.

Purmamarca Jujuy 1024x576 Oh The Places You Will Go: Expanish Travels

Oh, you are worried about what to do with your luggage? No worries, Expanish will safely store your luggage that you plan to leave behind to save you from spending money to store your clothes in a hotel somewhere. Hopefully you can see that there is way more to the Expanish program than sitting in a classroom and learning Spanish!

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Getting Out of Buenos Aires for a Day

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 8:31

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While there is always a lot to do in Buenos Aires, everyone needs a break from the city every once in a while. Although it may seem like all of the places to see outside of Buenos Aires are far away and/or require a week’s time or more, there are actually a lot of places near the city that are great to see and visit for just a day or weekend!


tigre2 300x225 Getting Out of Buenos Aires for a Day

Only one hour away by train, Tigre is a great way to escape the bustling city for a day. Just 35km north of Buenos Aires, Tigre is one of the biggest deltas in the world, flowing into Rio Del Plata. There are many islands and canals that make Tigre the perfect, quiet day trip away from Buenos Aires. While there, you can take a boat tour, or just explore around the town!

How to get there?

Getting to Tigre is rather easy and cheap. All you have to do is take the Linea Mitre train for around $AR2. It leaves from Retiro station every 10 minutes, or every 20 minutes on the weekends. If you live in a more northern barrio, like Belgrano, you can also hop on at the later stops!

San Isidro

san isidro 300x175 Getting Out of Buenos Aires for a Day

San Isidro is another great option for a day trip. It is easy and cheap to get there, and only takes about 30 minutes by train. Being one of the most affluent towns in all of Latin America, San Isidro is definitely a beautiful, quiet place to spend the day. With old houses, cobblestone streets, and many things to do and see, San Isidro is a great day visit. Just make sure to save a Sunday to visit so that you can go to the Artisan market that is held each week!

How to get there?

Like Tigre, just hop on the Linea Mitre train and get off at the San Isidro stop!


colonia 300x200 Getting Out of Buenos Aires for a Day

Another option to go for either a day or a weekend is Uruguay! If you’re planning on going for a day trip, then Colonia is the place to go. It’s just 1 hour and 30 minutes by boat, and the old, historical town is a must-see. If you want to spend more time in Uruguay, then you can take a bus from Colonia to Montevideo or even Punta Del Este.

How to get there?

Just book a ferry to Uruguay! One company that you can do this through is Colonia Express, but there are others that go as well!


estancia 300x137 Getting Out of Buenos Aires for a Day

Get the full gaucho experience and head to an estancia for a day or weekend! Ride horses, watch shows, or just relax for the day. The estancias are definitely a change of pace from the city, and they’re really interesting and fun to see.

There are a bunch of estancias outside of Buenos Aires, so just look some up, find what kind you’re looking for, and make a weekend trip out of it!


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Friday, November 21, 2014 12:11

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Fundaci√≥n Temaik√®n is a different, exciting, and educational day trip that I highly recommend to those looking to do something outside of the normal tourist hotspots. The park is in Escobar, about 40 minutes to an hour away from the center of Buenos Aires. Spend a few hours walking around the habitats, check out the aquarium, watch scheduled feedings of the animals, take pictures with the birds or take a break and eat ice cream inside the beautifully landscaped and tranquil park. It is smaller than a normal zoo but the spaces are much more open. I suggest going on a cool(er) day to avoid the heat and bet that the animals aren¬īt resting all day in the shade!

20141025 130824 300x168 Temaikèn

What types of animals are there? The most interesting animals to me were the white tigers, cheetahs, meerkats, hippopotamus, kangaroo, and antelope. Temaik√®n¬īs focus is on local biodiversity and animals native to Argentina. Because this is a biopark and not a zoo, you might not find the big, attention-grabbing animals such as elephants, giraffes, and lions. ¬†Another cool thing to look for is habitats placed next to each other by location‚ÄĒthe Patagonia section was my favorite!

20141025 154604 300x168 Temaikèn

How is the biopark different than the Buenos Aires Zoo? While the Buenos Aires Zoo is a well-liked attraction of Buenos Aires, the goal of Fundación Temaikèn is to rehabilitate endangered species and animals that have been saved from illegal trafficking. There, the animals are rehabilitated or bred until the end goal is reached and they are released back into the wild.

Check out their website: and look out for online discounts and 2×1 days!


Fundaci√≥n Temaik√®n es un viaje diferente, divertido y educativo que yo recomiendo encarecidamente a cualquiera que busque hacer algo fuera de los lugares de inter√©s tur√≠stico normales. El parque est√° en Escobar, entre 40 minutos y una hora afuera del centro de Buenos Aires. Pasar unas horas caminando alrededor de los h√°bitats, visitar el acuario, ver alimentaci√≥n de los animales, tomar fotos con las aves o tomar un descanso y comer helado en el interior del parque tranquilo y hermosamente ajardinado es una experiencia inolvidable. Es m√°s peque√Īo que un zool√≥gico normal, pero los espacios son mucho m√°s abiertos. Recomiendo ir en un d√≠a fresco para evitar el calor y apostar a que los animales no est√©n sentados todo el d√≠a a la sombra.

20141025 144507 300x168 Temaikèn

¬ŅQu√© tipos de animales hay? Los animales m√°s interesantes para m√≠ fueron los tigres blancos, guepardos, suricatas, hipop√≥tamos, canguros y ant√≠lopes. La atenci√≥n de Temaik√®n se centra en la biodiversidad y los animales nativos de Argentina. Como¬†este es un parque biol√≥gico y no un zool√≥gico, es posible que no encuentres a los grandes animales como elefantes, jirafas y leones. Tambi√©n, es interesante buscar¬†los h√°bitats que se encuentran¬†uno al lado del otro por localizaci√≥n‚ÄĒla secci√≥n de Patagonia fue mi favorita!

20141025 132006 300x168 Temaikèn

¬ŅC√≥mo es el parque biol√≥gico diferente que el Zool√≥gico de Buenos Aires? Aunque el Zool√≥gico de Buenos Aires atracci√≥n es muy querido en Buenos Aires, el objetivo de la Fundaci√≥n Temaik√®n es rehabilitar especies en peligro de extinci√≥n y los animales que han sido salvados de tr√°fico ilegal. All√≠, los animales son rehabilitados o se cr√≠an hasta que son la liberaci√≥n de nuevo en su h√°bitat natural.

Sitio web:

Mira descuentos y ofertas especiales!

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Top 5 Buenos Aires Apps

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 7:16

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Travelling abroad is easier these days: you can have all the information you need on your phone, and take it with you wherever you may go. In order to experience the best of Buenos Aires, here are some useful apps to download before your visit:

  • BA C√≥mo Llego:¬†Used by both porte√Īos and tourists, it¬īs the best way to know how to get from one place to another by public transport (subway, bus and train), by car or by foot and to calculate how much time it will take. It¬īs free and available for Android, Iphone or Windows Phones. Most touristic hot spots are already on the app, so it doesn¬īt matter if you don¬īt know the exact addresses.

ba como llego mapa 3 200x300 Top 5 Buenos Aires Apps

  • BA Subte:¬†While staying in Buenos Aires you will need to use the subway regularly. With this app you can check the subway map, useful info about them and if there is any delays. It¬īs available for free for Android, Iphone and Blackberry.

app subte 5 180x300 Top 5 Buenos Aires Apps

  • BA EcoBici:¬†Buenos Aires is a bike-friendly city, so it¬īs a good idea to rent a bike and enjoy the city by bike. With this app you can check the cycle lanes near you to plan your route and also all the bike rental places if you need to rent or repair your bike. The app is free and available for Android, Iphone and Blackberry.

 Top 5 Buenos Aires Apps

  • GuiaOleo:¬†It¬īs the most complete guide of restaurants and bars in the city, reviewed by the users. Before you choose where to go for dinner, you can check what everyone is saying about it on GuiaOleo. It¬īs free and available for Android, Iphone and Blackberry.

guiaoleo2 180x300 Top 5 Buenos Aires Apps

  • Trenes en Vivo:¬†If you¬īre planning a trip to Greater Buenos Aires, taking the train is always a good choice. With this app you can check the timetable for the trains and see when it¬īs arriving to the station, it is updated with delays. This app is free and it¬īs available for Android, Iphone, Blackberry and Symbian.

trenes 180x300 Top 5 Buenos Aires Apps

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Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 7:23

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Its funny that in a city that has such a large coffee culture it is hard to find a good cappuccino or caf√© con leche that doesn¬īt leave you with the burnt coffee beans after taste.

Here is a list of the top 10 coffee spots throughout Buenos Aires:

Birkin, Republica √Ārabe Siria, 3061, Palermo Bot√°nico¬†

There is something about this place, maybe its the location, being just 5 minutes walk from the Botanical gardens or the excellent coffee or latte art. The café itself has been inspired by Stumptown coffee Roasters in NYC, every little detail. Its the perfect brunch spot on a sunny day under the palm trees.

PS. try their Alfajor de nuez!

1526757 791536050861724 1145289411 n 300x201 Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Coffee Town, Bolivar, 976, San Telmo 

This hidden gem in San Telmo market is perfect for a pit stop after work or on a Sunday after going to the market.

Their coffee is also stocked in Ninina, Gorriti 4738, Palermo Soho, Ninina has probably one of the best Soy lattes I have found and quite frankly one of the only places that stock Soy Milk.

LATTEnTE, Thames 1891, Palermo Soholattente 300x199 Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Bocca Al Lupo, Bonpland 1965, Palermo Hollywood

They have Croissant con Nutella, need I say more? photo 3 300x225 Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Barrio Cafetero, Florida 833, Microcentro

Location, location, location. Taking away coffee in Buenos Aires is such a new concept, but this place is perfect for those wanting to grab a coffee in a hurry. PS. Try their Flat Whites!photo 4 copy 300x225 Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Full City  Coffee House, Thames 1535, Palermo Soho

British-Columbian owned café with pretty latte art and a great fry up!

Import Coffee Company
, Libertad 1150, Retiro

This place has illy coffee and Twinnings tea, for those missing a good cup of tea.

Cocu, Malabia 1510, Palermo Chico

French owned Boulangerie with some great coffee. Perfect spot to take a seat with your laptop and get some work done.

cocu final 300x136 Where to get a good coffee in Buenos Aires?

Crisol, Freire 1502, Colegiales and Seguí 2585, Palermo Botánico

Great brunch spot! and coffee too!

Have you tried a good coffee in Buenos Aires? Let us know!

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Spring in Buenos Aires: Best time to visit the city!

Monday, October 6, 2014 12:22

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50 1024x768 Spring in Buenos Aires: Best time to visit the city!

Buenos Aires is beautiful in any season but in spring it seems to blossom, just¬†like the jacarand√° flowers in the streets. Between September and November the temperature can vary from 14C (57F) to 22C (72F) and it is undoubtedly the perfect time to enjoy this beautiful city. Porte√Īos are always complaining about the weather, but in spring they all seem to agree it is neither hot nor cold – and there are more sunny days than rainy days. The first day of spring in Argentina coincides with the national Student¬īs Day, so every year all the youth are out in the streets, eating outdoors and partying at night. So, if you are planning to visit Buenos Aires in the Spring, here are some tips!

  • Make some Argentine friends and go drink mate in the park. Mate is not only an infusion, but also an experience for the Argentine culture: People tend to sit in a circle on the grass and one of them is in charge of preparing the mate for the rest (in Argentina that’s called¬†cebar el mate). If you were to tell any Argentine that you would like to try some mate, they will most definetely be happy to let you try!
  • Take a tour round the city by bike! The best places to ride are the Bosques de Palermo (where you can use the bike ways to see the lakes and the amazing Planetario), Puerto Madero (no cars allowed and many places to stop and have a snack) and Plaza Francia, one of the most beautiful places to go on sunny days. If you don¬īt have a bike, there are many places to rent one in the city, at accesible costs. Remember that porte√Īos love the spring as well, so on the weekends these places may get a little bit crowded.
  • Eat an¬†asado¬†outdoors. Porte√Īos love organising¬†asados, and spring is the perfect time to eat a good¬†choripan¬†in the sun. If you don¬īt know anyone who is hosting an asado, there are ¬†excellent parrillas in the city to try the best Argentine meat. You can also have a¬†dulce de leche¬†ice cream for dessert!
  • Enjoy spring nights. In winter, nights can get really cold, so when spring comes everyone feels like going out and having fun. Buenos Aires has amazing nightlife, restaurants and bars start to get busy around 10pm. Remember that in Buenos Aires night clubs open at about 1am till 6am, so get ready to experience a city that never sleeps!

Have you been in Buenos Aires in spring? Tell us about your experience!

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Teatro Colón: Joya de Buenos Aires

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 7:42

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Dollarphotoclub 65389044 1024x664 Teatro Colón: Joya de Buenos Aires

Cruzar la puerta del Teatro Col√≥n es comenzar un viaje en el tiempo hacia principios del siglo pasado, cuando Buenos Aires construy√≥ sus obras arquitect√≥nicas m√°s imponentes y se consolid√≥ como una verdadera ciudad europea en Sudam√©rica. Ubicado en pleno centro de la ciudad, el Teatro Col√≥n es considerado uno de los mejores teatros del mundo y es un enorme orgullo para todos los porte√Īos. El edificio actual fue inaugurado el 25 de mayo de 1908 con la √≥pera Aida de Giuseppe Verdi y, desde ese momento hasta hoy, los artistas m√°s prestigiosos de la √≥pera y la danza a nivel mundial han pasado por el escenario del Col√≥n.

En lo que queda 2014 se presentarán las óperas Falstaff, Elektra y Madama Butterfly y las piezas de ballet Giselle y El Cascanueces, entre otras. Las entradas pueden conseguirse en Internet o en la boletería del Teatro a partir de los AR$80. También puede conocerse el Teatro por dentro a través de visitas guiadas que salen todos los días cada 15 minutos: allí puede aprenderse un poco más sobre su historia y explorar todos sus rincones.

¬°Si est√°s en Buenos Aires no te pierdas este lugar √ļnico!

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