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Getting Out of Buenos Aires for a Day

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 8:31

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While there is always a lot to do in Buenos Aires, everyone needs a break from the city every once in a while. Although it may seem like all of the places to see outside of Buenos Aires are far away and/or require a week’s time or more, there are actually a lot of places near the city that are great to see and visit for just a day or weekend!


tigre2 300x225 Getting Out of Buenos Aires for a Day

Only one hour away by train, Tigre is a great way to escape the bustling city for a day. Just 35km north of Buenos Aires, Tigre is one of the biggest deltas in the world, flowing into Rio Del Plata. There are many islands and canals that make Tigre the perfect, quiet day trip away from Buenos Aires. While there, you can take a boat tour, or just explore around the town!

How to get there?

Getting to Tigre is rather easy and cheap. All you have to do is take the Linea Mitre train for around $AR2. It leaves from Retiro station every 10 minutes, or every 20 minutes on the weekends. If you live in a more northern barrio, like Belgrano, you can also hop on at the later stops!

San Isidro

san isidro 300x175 Getting Out of Buenos Aires for a Day

San Isidro is another great option for a day trip. It is easy and cheap to get there, and only takes about 30 minutes by train. Being one of the most affluent towns in all of Latin America, San Isidro is definitely a beautiful, quiet place to spend the day. With old houses, cobblestone streets, and many things to do and see, San Isidro is a great day visit. Just make sure to save a Sunday to visit so that you can go to the Artisan market that is held each week!

How to get there?

Like Tigre, just hop on the Linea Mitre train and get off at the San Isidro stop!


colonia 300x200 Getting Out of Buenos Aires for a Day

Another option to go for either a day or a weekend is Uruguay! If you’re planning on going for a day trip, then Colonia is the place to go. It’s just 1 hour and 30 minutes by boat, and the old, historical town is a must-see. If you want to spend more time in Uruguay, then you can take a bus from Colonia to Montevideo or even Punta Del Este.

How to get there?

Just book a ferry to Uruguay! One company that you can do this through is Colonia Express, but there are others that go as well!


estancia 300x137 Getting Out of Buenos Aires for a Day

Get the full gaucho experience and head to an estancia for a day or weekend! Ride horses, watch shows, or just relax for the day. The estancias are definitely a change of pace from the city, and they’re really interesting and fun to see.

There are a bunch of estancias outside of Buenos Aires, so just look some up, find what kind you’re looking for, and make a weekend trip out of it!


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BA Market

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 11:53

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ba market 2 e1412790732305 BA Market

This weekend the biggest artisan market there is in Buenos Aires is back. It takes place once a month and this weekend it is in Palermo, Plaza Unidad Latinoamericana. With 70 vendors and 600 products! offering a wide range of both healthy and organic food. There is even some great healthy sweet treats, such as wholegrain dulce de leche alfajores. Entrance is free

Check out Chocolate Sabrosuras! They have a great selection of chocolate that is completely dairy free! and has various fillings from dried fruit to Dulce de Leche made from soy!

For some great Vegan and Raw food give Kensho a try!

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th October – Plaza Unidad Latinoamericana (El Salvador and Medrano) from 10 to 19.


Este fin de Semana, vuelve la feria más grande de Buenos Aires. Tiene lugar una vez por mes y este fin de semana será en Palermo, en la Plaza Unidad Latinoamericana. La entrada es gratis. Con más de 70 vendedores y 600 productos ofrece muchos productos que son orgánicos y saludables. Incluso hay unos premios que son dulces y saludables, como los alfajores integrales.

No te pierdas a ir a Chocolate Sabrosuras! Ellos se especializan en chocolate sin azúcar y con stevia y libre de lactosa. También hay varios rellenos para el chocolate como frutos secos, dulce de leche de soja o nuez.

Además, para comida vegana y raw no te podés perder Kensho

Sábado 11 y Domingo 12 de Octubre – Plaza Unidad Latinoamericana (El Salvador y Medrano) de 10 a 19 horas.

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