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Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 12:22

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Riding a Bike in Buenos Aires Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires

The summer months of December to March in Buenos Aires are a perfect time to come and study Spanish with us at Expanish. Because the weather is hot and humid, many Porteños choose to leave the city to spend some time at the coast but this is also a peak time for tourists visiting the city. 

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer here as Buenos Aires is a city full of green areas and open spaces. The parks of Palermo are great for relaxing on a sunny afternoon with friends. If the heat gets too much, the botanic gardens on Avenida Santa Fe are beautiful and feel really fresh as there are plenty of trees to provide that much needed shade. The “Jardín Japonés” (Japanese Garden) is another green oasis in the middle of the city, also located in Palermo. Nearer to microcentro, we have the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve situated in Puerto Madero which is also a beautiful place to visit, perhaps you can hire a bike outside the main entrance and go and explore.
Dollarphotoclub 58007396 1024x683 Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires
There are many craft markets such as the ones in San Telmo and Plaza Francia where you can buy hand made artisan goods or just have a look around. At the weekend, Plaza Serrano is also full of craft stalls in the centre and the bars that surround the plaza turn into marketplaces selling clothes, shoes and accesories for the afternoon.
1532921 Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires
By night, the bars return to normal and the long warm summer nights are really great for enjoying a drink outside anywhere in the city.Buenos Aires is famous for its nightlife so there are plenty of bars all over the city to keep you entertained.  Fernet is a very popular drink here in Argentina, mainly mixed with coke and ice – perfect for the warm evenings but not to everyone’s taste!
catedral 400 2 Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires
Other options to help survive the heat are swimming pools and beaches. There are a few options for finding a pool but the biggest pool complex by far is located in Parque Norte (next to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery) . Of course Buenos Aires does not have a beach as such but it does have Buenos Aires Playas, artificial beaches located in Plaza de Los Niños (Norte) and Parque Roca (Sur). You can find more information on the BA Government website
A day trip to Tigre or Colonia (Uruguay) gives you the option to escape the city and spend a few tranquil hours away from the hustle and bustle. We also offer many excursions here from the school so come and talk to us if you need any help planning your summer activities.
Tigre Summer Holidays in Buenos Aires
Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires in the summer is definitely an unforgettable experience. Do not hesitate in contacting us if you are interested in studying at Expanish!

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New Year in Buenos Aires

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 12:09

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64788763 New Year in Buenos Aires

Much like Christmas, New Year is also a time for Porteños to spend with the family. Most families will get together at home so that they can enjoy plenty to eat and drink together. A traditional asado is very popular but at this time of year it can sometimes be far too hot and people may prefer to eat cold food such as salads and cold meats. Ensalada Rusa and vitel toné are very popular choices here in Argentina. When all of the family has arrived, it is time to enjoy the food and of course plenty to drink!

At midnight everyone celebrates the arrival of the New Year with a toast and the party continues into the early hours with music and dancing.

Some of the younger family members will leave the party to meet with friends at a club to continue the party. Most clubs open around 2am or 3am so it’s best to make other plans for the stroke of midnight. is a good place to start with all of the club listings to help you find an event to your taste.

Another option would be to make a booking at a restaurant, many of the cities restaurants will have special fixed menus for New Year but this can be expensive. Many hotels will also have this option on offer.

Puerto Madero is a good option with many restaurants and it is a perfect location to see the firework display on the river at midnight. There is usually a firework display at the Planetario in Palermo but you might want to check in advance as there are closures for refurbishment in January.

You could of course visit one of the city’s famous Tango houses which will be offering a dance show and fixed dinner menus for New Year’s Eve.

Public transport and taxis in the city on the will be very limited between 9pm and 3am so you should make alternative plans to ensure you don’t have to rely on public transport to get home – you may be left stranded!

New Year’s Day is very similar to 25 December in that it is a quieter day for relaxing and again meeting up with family to eat together in the afternoon. After another asado or maybe some left overs from the night before the family may enjoy some mate in the garden (If you haven’t yet tried the traditional Argentine drink known as mate, we have regular tasting sessions at the school where we can tell you all about the preparation etc. Ask at reception for more information). If anyone in the family has a pool at home, this is also a popular option for relaxing and staying cool.

However you choose to spend the 31st, we wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2016!

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Spending Christmas in Buenos Aires

Thursday, December 24, 2015 6:22

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In Argentina, Christmas is traditionally spent with family members and the main celebration takes place on Christmas Eve (Nochebuena). Families like to get together at home for a big meal and plenty to drink. Like any other party, it is polite to bring something with you as a contribution if you are a guest. Here, the family often agree in advance who should bring what, (e.g someone should bring the salad, another bring the wine and more often than not, the party is likely to be held by the person with the best grill!) Given the heat at this time of year, some prefer to eat cold food, (including the world famous Argentinian meat obviously!) but others will have the traditional asado. Another option is to eat out and some restaurants will offer a fixed price menu for Christmas Eve. This can be a little more expensive than usual and you will need to book in advance. Many tourists will be looking for somewhere to enjoy the festivities on Christmas Eve and some tango houses put on a show where you can enjoy good Argentinian food and music, so this is another alternative.

Navidad en Buenos aires Spending Christmas in Buenos Aires

At midnight everyone gathers to make a toast and maybe watch some fireworks before opening gifts. There will probably be fireworks all over the city at midnight including near the famous Obelisco which is always busy at any time for celebration. At around 2am, people start to return home and some will go on to other parties with friends or a nightclub. The clubs will open at around 2-3am and the parties continue into Christmas morning.

Public transport and taxis in the city on the 24th will be very limited between 9pm and 3am so you should bear this in mind.

Christmas Day is a more tranquil affair with many people sleeping off the excess from the night before. People tend to gather again for lunch with family and friends for maybe yet another asado or possible just to eat leftovers from the day before. You should also remember that most supermarkets and smaller shops will be closed on the 25th.

If you don’t have any plans want to look at options for restaurants or tango shows, then here are some options to help you find something suitable:

La Ventana offers a special show in the heart of San Telmo for Christmas Eve (and new year too) and you can make reservations online –

Piazolla Tango also offers a special evening of dancing, dinner and a party afterwards. You can find more information here –

Madero Tango offers a delicious Christmas Dinner, a tango show, a firework display on the river and the best view of Puerto Madero –

If tango is not your thing but you would still like to eat out, you may consider Parilla La Cabrera which was listed in Latin America´s 50 best restaurants in 2013, 2014 and 2015. They are located in Palermo and will be offering a special Christmas menu. You can find more information on their Facebook page, call them on 4832-5754 / 4831-7002. Cel: 11-2434-3333, or send an email to

If you like Italian food, another option is Cucina D´Onore. They also offer a special Christmas menu which includes some drinks, a midnight Champagne toast and a ´mesa dulce´. More information at

If you would prefer to dance the night away in a Buenos Aires boliche, you can check the Christmas listings using this website where you are sure you find something to suit your tastes

However you decide to spend Christmas this year, we hope you enjoy the holidays. Feliz Navidad!

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My Perfect Week in Buenos Aires

Monday, May 18, 2015 12:11

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Everyone knows that Buenos Aires is one of the most famous cities in Latin America, but do they know why? Well, I am about to tell you why- there is ALWAYS something to do in Buenos Aires, sometimes more than you can handle. After seeing all that this exciting city has to offer, I decided to create my perfect week in Buenos Aires, just to prove that if you finally take the leap and come to Argentina, you will not be disappointed.

DSC04226 1024x680 My Perfect Week in Buenos Aires

Lunes: Monday being my first day in the city, I would want to go to the heart of it all, Plaza de Mayo. Here you will find many beautiful and important governmental buildings surrounding the main plaza of Buenos Aires, and of course the most important, Casa Rosada. Not only do these buildings show incredible architecture but they also hold many intriguing historical facts that will leave you in awe. After taking the Casa Rosada tour and gazing at all of the beautiful statues that inhabit this beautiful area, the next stop is the oldest cafe in Buenos Aires. Cafe Tortoni is a beautiful cafe where you can sit and enjoy a meal, a beverage or perhaps just a coffee while drinking in the historic Argentina art and culture, it is a must for sure. After a while there, ending the day with a little bar hopping to some of the oldest and most interesting bars in Buenos Aires would be perfect.

Martes: The next day, I would make my way over to the next most iconic place of Buenos Aires, the obelisk. On the journey there, I would make sure to stroll down one of the main streets, Santa Fe and look at all of the stores sporting the latest Buenos Aires fashion.

After a few hours of shopping (because I know it will take that long with too many amazing boutiques to count) I will walk down Avenue 9 de Julio where I will see the Teatro Colon, the highrise buildings of the city, and of course the obelisk. Next stop, is Plaza San Martin, not unlike the other beautiful plazas in Buenos Aires, Plaza San Martin displays a beautiful variety of trees and views of the city which makes for a perfect photo op, and maybe a little nap under a tree (its super common here, I swear).

Miércoles: Wednesday, I would head straight to museums in Recoleta. Here you will find the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes museum of architecture, and many more interesting places to learn about the History and Culture of Argentina. Since I don’t like being cooped up inside for long periods of time, I would surely head over to the Floralis Generalis, the large steel flower that was made as an art piece given to the city of Buenos Aires. The coolest part about this flower is that is is solar operated to open up during the daytime and close at night, how cool!

Jueves: On Thursday, I would go straight to Puerto Madero, the most modern barrio of Buenos Aires. Starting off the day with a leisurely walk along the river would be perfect. With all of the hotdog, hamburger and chorizo stands on the way there, I could enjoy the river with native argentine meat in hand. When dinner time rolled around, I would head over to the dinner and tango show restaurant along the river and enjoy the rest of my night basking in the Porteno culture with exquisite Argentine wine in hand.

Viernes: In Buenos Aires, Fridays are always lively. What better way to mingle with native Argentines than in the fashion hub of Buenos Aires, Palermo. With tons of eclectic boutiques and cafes, it is easy to lose track of time in Palermo. One of my absolute favorite things to do is cafe hop. All of the cafes in Palermo soho have their own unique atmosphere and menu which makes it fun to try 3 or 4 cafes in a day and never get tired of coffee (maybe just a little hyper). Just around the corner of the Buenos Aires Zoo, located about a 20 minute walk from Palermo Soho, you will find the observatory. With frequent shows and occasional discounts, there leaves no excuse to not go and see the beautiful Argentine stars.

Sábado: It is finally the weekend, and all of Buenos Aires knows that weekends means markets. Starting at Plaza Francia, commonly known as the hippie fair, I would browse through all of the beautiful hand-crafted arts that the local artisans have created. Located just a few feet away is the Recoleta Cemetery which holds some of the most important figures in Argentine history, not to mention that it is one of the most incredible cemeteries in the world. With parks always nearby, buying a choripan at the nearest food stand and relaxing in a park with some friends would be the ideal afternoon. When the night time rolls around, what better way to learn the Porteño way than to go to a boliche for the night (and a good portion of the morning)

Domingo: The last day of my perfect week, and any week, will end at the San Telmo Market. One of the most famous markets in Argentina, you can really experience the Porteño culture here. With booths of hand-crafted arts, crafts and foods as far as the eye can see, you actually want to get lost in there for hours. Not only are there trinkets to buy, but many local Argentine bands come to play every Sunday on the corners for all of the market shoppers to enjoy. Sitting down to a nice dinner outside with a live band playing tango music would absolutely complete my perfect week in Buenos Aires.

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