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About Us - Expanish Spanish School

Expanish is one of the most established Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires, offering a wide range of top quality, accredited Spanish courses and classes

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As an internationally recognized language organization we aim to ensure the most effective Spanish learning possible. We follow an internationally recognized Spanish curriculum from the Cervantes Institute and provide students with the best tools, facilities and learning environment to maximize success in Spanish.

Core values

Our knowledgeable and bi-lingual team of locals and expatriates is passionate about the Spanish Language, and committed to three core principles: Education, Excellence and Experience.


Expanish is a fast-growing International Education Organization based in Buenos Aires, which offers high quality Spanish educational programs, from weekly courses to study abroad programs and volunteer placements in Argentina, with the concept of excellence and constant innovation and a mission to generate cultural immersion experiences in Spanish speaking countries.

The organization was founded in 2006 by Agustín Vignale and Alejandro Rched, two well-traveled Argentines, passionate to combine education with cultural immersion for people interested in both the Spanish language and cultural experiences abroad. After travelling, learning new languages and working in foreign countries, Agustín and Alejandro founded Expanish, with the intention of creating a new concept in international education for non Spanish speakers.

Expanish began as an organization working solely as the middle man for other Spanish language institutes and universities in Argentina and South America, but soon redefined its business model to dedicate itself to providing a high quality educational and immersion experience to its students

Today, Expanish is a leader in international education and cultural immersion programs in Buenos Aires, seeing hundreds of students pass through the doors every month, as well as placing thousands of students in study abroad programs in Argentina throughout the year

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About Expanish, Spanish School in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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