Health and Safety in Argentina Francais Saúde e Segurança na Argentina Saúde e segurança na Argentina Gesundheit und Sicherheit in Argentinien Salud y Seguridad en Argentina, Expanish Hälsa och säkerhet i Argentina

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Health and Safety in Argentina

Expanish assures all students that we take health and safety as well as safe travel practices very seriously on each of our programs abroad. International concerns and all emergency information available in Argentina are taken into serious consideration when developing our programs and are at the forefront of our minds throughout the length of each student's program.

Students receive health and safety advice on arrival as well as important phone numbers and hospital locations around Buenos Aires. Our focus is on prevention and outlining clear steps to take in the event of an emergency; our local staff members prioritize our students' welfare and we take as many necessary precautions as possible to ensure their safety.

We ask that students keep us updated on any travel plans they may have during their program in Argentina, so that we have updated information about the whereabouts of each student in the event that we need to contact them. Our staff receives regular updates and advisories from major foreign embassies and reacts accordingly to their advisories.

U.S. State Department Contact Information

Direct access to the United States State Department advisories is available by contacting their hotline +1 202 647 5225. You can also visit the State Department's web site and access its Travel Warnings and Advisories at

U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Direct access to the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office advisories is available by contacting their hotline +44 845 850 2829. You can also visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office web site and access its Travel Advice section at You may also visit the U.K. Department of Health's travel website at

In Case of an Emergency Abroad

Expanish relies heavily on embassy recommendations. If at any time embassy advisories inform Expanish of emergency information in Argentina that mandates students return to their country of origin, Expanish supports students in planning their immediate departure. Expanish is dedicated to providing safe study programs in its Spanish schools throughout Argentina and does everything possible to keep students out of harm's way.

In the case of a medical emergency, students will automatically be sent to the nearest hospital and we will notify the emergency contact listed on the students' application. Expanish highly recommends students schedule a general physical examination with their doctor in order to address any health concerns well before their arrival in order to ensure their health abroad.

United States

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United Kingdom

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In Case of an Emergency at Home

Expanish staff is always available during office hours on our toll free phone line (+1 888 EXPANISH) as well as via email ( - this e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it). Students have a designated emergency contact in Buenos Aires which is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which they should give to their closest contact back home in the event of an emergency. Expanish will do everything possible to get you in touch with your friend or family member and offer support in whatever measures need to be taken.

Health Insurance

Expanish highly recommends that all students have a comprehensive international health and travel insurance plan for the full duration of their program. For those who wish to purchase insurance, Expanish offers students an option through CareMed International that includes medical, legal and technical services 24 hours a day, every day of the year. These plans are valid for study in Buenos Aires, or any Expanish destination, along with travel around South America.

Student Services Help Desk

For all questions on the student end, we have established a Student Services Help Desk. Our bilingual office and Spanish school staff is available each business day to address any concerns that may arise and students additionally have a 24-hour emergency contact number in Buenos Aires and each Expanish destination. From helping students select courses to choosing the best gym, the staff of Expanish is here to help.

Power of Attorney

If an Expanish student has his/her own financial accounts, we highly recommend that the student signs a Power of Attorney form giving his/her closest of kin the legal standing to administer his/her finances during their time abroad.

Taxi Company

Expanish recommends a trusted and dependable taxi company in Buenos Aires that students can depend on in emergencies or can use if they prefer taxis to other forms of public transportation. Every student is provided with the taxi company's contact information to program into their cell phones.

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