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Meet our spanish school staff

Get to know the Expanish Spanish school staff. Our staff do everything they can to assist our students in and out of the classroom, whether helping in their Spanish studies to advising them on exciting activities in the city, Expanish is here to help!

Expanish Staff

Staff Profiles

Alejandro Rched - Director

Alejandro Rched

I studied Economics in college and went on to receive a Masters in Finance. After graduation, I worked on government research projects looking at public debt and for Price Waterhouse Coopers as an analyst. During this time I did some traveling abroad, and realized that being truly immersed in different cultures is an invaluable experience that profoundly changes the way we think, letting us view the world through a different lens.

Countries visited

Europe, USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Why I work for Expanish

We created Expanish with the hope of helping others realize the cultural immersion experience.

Agustin Vignale - Director

Agustin Vignale

I studied Business Economics at the Torcuato Di Tella University, during which time I also worked on fundraising and public relations for the Fundación Iniciativa, promoting youth participation in society. After graduation, I worked as a Business Consultant at Proguide, and then spent time working and traveling overseas, mainly in New Zealand and Southeast Asia, where I worked in Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and as a Coordinator at the Auckland City Council. I helped found Expanish after returning from my travels, and as a result of my experiences abroad.

Countries visited

Laos, New Zealand,Turkey, Vietnam, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Bolivia, Cambodia, Eastern Europe, United States, Peru, Costa Rica, among others.

Why I work for Expanish

My experience abroad helped me realize how important it is to be immersed in the culture surrounding a language, rather than just sitting in a classroom with fellow foreigners. Contact with locals, volunteer work, and hands-on activities are vital experiences while studying abroad, which we have tried to reflect in the organization mission.

Murphy Scott - General Manager

Murphy Scott

I am from Portland, Oregon and will always love the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington where I studied Foreign Languages and Literatures. During my junior year, I studied abroad here in Buenos Aires and, like many of my co-workers, fell in love with the city and people. After graduating, I moved back to work and live. I have now been here for almost 10 years working in international education.

Countries visited

Argentina, Canada, Croacia, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, France, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Chile and USA.

Why I work for Expanish

I believe that experiencing other cultures is a fundamentally important part of living in today's world. I hope to share my passion for Spanish, Buenos Aires and living abroad with students and help them to get the most out of their stay.

Kaleena Stroud - Admissions Advisor

Kaleena Stroud

I am from Clovis, California and graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Creative Writing. Traveling and cultural immersion has been a passion of mine and after working in technical writing, I ended up moving to Buenos Aires. After studying Spanish intensively at Expanish, I started working as a content marketer in the city before I returned to Expanish as an Admissions Advisor. I enjoy visiting new places, reading and being outside.

Countries visited

Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, England,, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and France.

Why I work for Expanish

I love being able to work in a place where people from all over the world come to visit. And in turn, I love helping them learn about Buenos Aires and Castellano!

Gabriel Aragona - Academic Director

Gabriel Aragona

I was born and raised in the beautiful City of Buenos Aires in Argentina. I studied at IES N°1 and graduated with a teaching degree in Spanish, Literature and Latin. Afterwards I went annually to various American Councils on teaching foreign languages. I received the International House Certificate in Teaching Spanish and I have been working in Spanish schools for 8 years. In my spare time I sing in a chorus or read a book.

Countries visited

Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain and Italy.

Why I work for Expanish

I really enjoy working at Expanish with the dynamic staff and professional Spanish teachers. My work at Expanish is a constant challenge which I enjoy. My aim is to maintain the quality standards with regards to the academic part of the school

Milva Santa Cruz - Student Services Coordinator

Milva Santa Cruz

I am an Interpreter and a Literary translator. I also “speak” Argentine Sign Language. I love communicating! I love meeting people, especially from different parts of the world, and learning about their countries and their cultures. In my spare time I enjoy musicals and family dinners

Countries visited

Mexico, USA, Brazil, Paraguay.

Why I work for Expanish

I enjoy working in such a friendly atmosphere

Lucía De Dominicis - Marketing Coordinator


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied Communication Science at Buenos Aires University and have always been interested in learning languages and getting to know different cultures from all over the world. I enjoy reading, watching movies and exploring my beautiful city.

Countries visited

Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, USA

Why I work for Expanish

I love working in an international environment because everyday I have the chance of learning something new from different cultural backgrounds.

Carina Ciapponi - Administrative Director

Carina Ciapponi

Born and raised in Bahía Blanca, Argentina, (southern coast below Buenos Aires) I was the youngest child of the family. I graduated from university with a degree in Industrial Organization, and I also took courses in Literature, Design, and Psychology. After I graduated university, I moved to Buenos Aires. I have extensive experience in administrative and accounting jobs working for different organizations such as banks, big and small businesses and NGOs (charity and educational foundation). I love learning languages, making handcrafts, spending time with friends and drinking "mate"

Countries visited

Argentina and Uruguay.

Why I work for Expanish

I love languages and I love to work in a multicultural environment. It's great to be in an organization that allows foreign people to live the experience of learning Spanish in the place where it is spoken

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