About Expanish

Expanish is a fast-growing International Education organization based in Buenos Aires, offering high quality Spanish educational programs, from weekly language courses to customized study abroad programs and volunteer placements in Argentina. Our mission is to provide thorough cultural immersion experiences in Spanish speaking countries with a central emphasis on excellence and innovation.

Our campus facility is in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires. The six floor building, an historic landmark that is protected by the city government, houses 24 classrooms, a library/reading room and a student lounge and recreation space. The full building interior was specially designed to support the specific needs of our educational mission. The modern design elements of our classrooms, social spaces and furnishings were hand selected to create a warm and inviting environment conducive to learning in a comfortable setting.

Our international staff is dedicated to providing high quality support services to our students and to our partner university faculty, administrators and support staff and, as experienced international travelers, as students and professionals, are well adept at understanding and meeting the needs of our university partners.


  • Brittany K., University of Washington, USA

    I had an excellent experience in Buenos Aires especially going through Expanish. It was nice that the program was very involved with everything and they helped out with everything we needed. The activities were very well planned out and enjoyable. The staff was very nice and personable. All in all the trip was amazing and a great decision to go through Expanish.
    Brittany K., University of Washington, USA

  • Josh O., University of California at Berkeley, USA

    When I came to Buenos Aires it was like a world of opportunities had opened up to me. Volunteering in a soup kitchen, taking classes at a university, exploring the city, traveling to amazing destinations in Argentina, receiving cooking lessons, meeting people from around the world and, of course, from the city itself; the list could go on forever. And all the while I was improving my Spanish!
    Josh O., University of California at Berkeley, USA

  • Ori B., University of California at Los Angeles, USA

    Expanish is more than a language school or study abroad program, it’s a family; a group of people who travel together, eat dinner together, and really enjoy being around one another. Once I felt more comfortable in Buenos Aires I started branching out and meeting different people, but having Expanish there served both as a great way to meet people (some of me best friends in Argentina I met through Expanish) and as a safety net to fall back on if anything was needed.
    Ori B., University of California at Los Angeles, USA

  • Molly G., University of Washington, USA

    Absolutely loved Argentina. I will be coming back, hopefully to live permanently. The people, the food, the shopping, the culture…absolutely amazing country and Expanish is the perfect size – very personal.
    Molly G., University of Washington, USA

  • Jessica S., University of Southern California, USA

    I feel so lucky to have found Expanish. From the moment I arrived in Buenos Aires, I felt so taken care of, so safe, and especially inspired to really get to know the city and people. The staff always made themselves accessible and helpful and were just such a pleasure to chat with. My classes were fantastic, and mixed with my immersion into Argentine life, I really feel not only my comprehension and speaking of the language has improved, but my understanding and connection with this special country and its people has developed into something really profound and unforgettable.
    Jessica S., University of Southern California, USA

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