Planning Guide

Expanish will provide personalized service to partner programs before, during and after the program is completed. The specific features and procedures developed for a given program will vary as these are highly customized programs designed around our partner’s needs.

Our staff works closely with our partner’s faculty and departmental and/or international program administrators to design an Expanish proposal that meets the requirements and preferences of each partner. Our staff collaborates closely with officials from the partner institution until all program components requested are met, whereby the partnership and program can be formalized.

Expanish takes great care in ensuring that all academic policies and practices of the partner institution are met, including any curricular questions, academic advisement, and the hiring of local faculty for program courses. Application and admissions guidelines, program fee structures, and payment procedures are likewise established after consultation with our partner and in light of their preferred practices and requests.

The following list can help guide institutions in considering important program items during the early program development phase. Our staff will work with you on helping to determine the best fits in these areas:

  • Length of Program (i.e. week session, full summer session, semester, January term)
  • Program dates
  • Academic Curriculum, including course faculty
  • On site academic support/advisement, including tutorial sessions, faculty office hours, etc.
  • Speaker/Lecture Series
  • Cultural outings – either course related or separate optional programming
  • Anticipated student enrollment
  • Student composition (exclusively partner program students or external students as well)
  • Housing preferences for students (and possibly faculty/coordinator)
  • Quantity and characteristics of included excursions
  • Program Price
  • Other additional program features

Planning Timeframe

Advance planning is essential for carrying out a successful program. We suggest the following chronology for best results, from the developing of recruitment and marketing material to post program assessment.

  1. Contact Expanish staff no less than 12 months in advance of program start date to discuss the design and features that you would like to have implemented.
  2. Complete program proposal and enter formalized agreement with Expanish 10 months before the program commences.
  3. Complete development of marketing/recruitment material (print/web) 9 months in advance. It is extremely important to be in a strong and advanced position to successfully recruit the required number of participating students in order to be able to offer the program. Based on our experience, we believe 9 months an optimal point to fully begin active program recruitment and marketing.
  4. Ideally, airline space for students in the event of a group flight option should be secured 6 months in advance. The filing of applications/registration process should also begin by this stage. All important academic program information should be resolved by the six month mark.
  5. Expanish will work with program partner faculty, administrators and/or staff to ensure that information sharing allows for comprehensive pre-program student advising from 2 to 6 months before program start date. We also recommend a pre-departure orientation (in which our staff can participate) no less than two months before program start date.