Program Models

Expanish has developed and administered faculty led and group program models in Buenos Aires to meet the specific needs and requirements of faculty leaders, university partners and group coordinators.

These custom developed partnership programs can be used as existing templates for new partnerships or we can use the comprehensive range of program options we offer to construct new models that best serve our university partner’s preferences. This allows for a range of customized partnerships from week programs requiring relatively little logistical and administrative support to comprehensive semester or year programs that demand the full span of our services and infrastructure.

Group Model Example: University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)

University of California Education Abroad Program

We have partnered with the University of California’s Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) to assist in the operation of the UCEAP Buenos Aires program. We work directly with the UCEAP administrators, staff and students in offering a wide range of logistical and support services and, in this case, linked UCEAP with the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires where students from across the UC system enroll in Intensive Spanish courses for an academic semester at this local university.

Faculty-led Model Example: San Diego City College

San Diego City College

We developed a full academic semester program, condensed into 10 weeks, with San Diego City College. The faculty leader taught 3 courses while we arranged for six additional courses to be taught by local academics who live and teach in Buenos Aires. The courses were all conducted at our downtown campus where students also had access to a study room, computer lab, and a break area that was specifically reserved for this group.

Expanish Students
Expanish Students