Program Services

Expanish can provide for and tailor to your needs virtually any aspect of a customized partnership program in Buenos Aires. Program options include the following:

  • Development of print and web based marketing material
  • Application and registration process (hard copy or online)
  • Arrange convenient payment process
  • Full pre-arrival support
  • Pre-departure orientation/information session with partner program
  • Group flight arrangements
  • Contract, or assist in arranging, student health insurance
  • Assist in development of academic program
  • Interviewing, screening, hiring of local faculty
  • Full Expanish staff support (admissions, academic support, overall coordination, housing coordination, student coordination, etc)
  • Airport pick-up and transfer
  • Multiple-day orientation
  • Student housing placements(i.e. homestay or independent apartments)
  • Program excursions (i.e. greater Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, Salta, typical Estancia, ranch)
  • Tutorial and/or academic support services
  • Liason with Argentine university administration/faculty in Buenos
  • Promote/facilitate student activities, cultural outings, social events
  • Develop lecture/speaker series
  • Generate periodic program updates/reports for partner colleges
  • Transcript assistance
Expanish Students
Expanish Students
Expanish Students